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Was it you?

Posted on Thu Oct 18th, 2012 @ 5:04am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Starfleet Command - Intelligence Division

Jamieson looked the Vulcan up and down. "I see your fingerprints all over this affair. There is no reason anything about that experiment should have gone wrong."

The Vulcan's face was impassive as ever. It was infuriating, especially since it was very unlikely that the person on the other end was Vulcan.

"You don't appear to be asking me a question, Mr Jamieson," the hologram said simply.

"Just wondering out loud. Wondering whether you sabotaged it."

The Vulcan blinked once, "Perhaps if you could be less obtuse, I would be better able to respond. Which experiment, precisely are we referring to?"

“Orias Station,” Jamieson replied, not at all impressed by the Vulcan’s tone. “Top secret experiments were being conducted there into the nature of the universe; or, more precisely, the multi-verse. You are aware of various incidents where people from a parallel universe managed to enter ours. So far, such incidents have been sporadic and random. They have also occurred with no deliberate manipulation of time or space on our part. The work on Orias Station was designed to open a permanent gateway into other universes.”

The Vulcan nodded, "Ah yes. Such a promising undertaking. I agree that this... situation does have many inconsistencies that are common with my work. You are to be commended for identifying them, since most would not have."

Jamieson noticed the man neither denied, nor accepted responsibility, "Tell me, Mr Jamieson, why this matter has become so important that you have felt the need to contact me to question my activities? Is it impacting on yours? Is there grounds for concern we may be unaware of?"

"No? Then let me assure you that, to the best of my knowledge, the situation is well in hand. We have arranged for the removal of the incumbent CO of DS12. Such a troublesome individual. I think you will find the replacement far more... tractable. Was there anything further, Mr Jamieson?"

“Because, once again, DS12 has entered the picture. There is a large ship nearing the station. They can give us no idea of who or what it is. Certainly it is not on any of our databases. We have contacted the Klingon High Council and they deny knowledge of it. As usual, the Romulans aren’t talking but it’s unlike any design of theirs.

“Speculation is that something came through from another universe: that before the...accident...which lead to abandonment of the station a gateway actually was opened. If so, we need to return to Orias to find out what went wrong and rectify it. We need to close that gateway. Who knows what else could slip through? We are ill equipped to deal with anything major in that sector. And if the Depata Council gets wind of this it will set negotiations back years.”

The Vulcan's face was impassive, but Jamieson could see he was thinking.

“I have read the report from Captain T’Rena. At the time, I thought it overly melodramatic. Now I am not so sure. Then I would have advised blasting the station out of space. If the speculation is correct – and it is an entirely feasible proposition – then that would just leave us with a gateway we can’t close. I repeat, we need to return to the station and ascertain for ourselves just what is going on. And we must do so with the utmost secrecy.”

The Vulcan drummed his finger on his desk just once, "Allright, I agree. I will cover the smoke campaign against the Depata and various Empires. You organise a team to go back to the station and shut the gate. Try and use people we won't miss."

"Do I ever do otherwise?"

"Good. I do so enjoy our little chats," the Vulcan intoned. "Oh, and, Mr Jamieson. If there is ever anything else about which you wish to speculate on aloud..."


"Don't!" With that the line went dead.


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