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Charging The Dark

Posted on Mon Dec 26th, 2011 @ 6:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: All Souls Descend. Season 2, Episode 6

"Please! Don't leave us here to die!"

Soraya heard them so clearly now even as she felt herself being dragged along the last few feet of the crawlspace and out of the hatch. She was startled by the loud cracks of the Marines blasting through the tons of rock which reverberated the panicked screams of the dying rebels on Akritiri. She could feel the corpsman choking in the dust at her side. In a moment she was looking into the stunned faces of the Away Team.

"We can't leave them here, we have to help them!" she cried. She tried to pull away from Commander Mason, who still held her by the wrist.

The Commander held on tightly and gave the Doctor a strong pull back toward her attempting to heave back back into the crawl space: "Doctor, there's no one here."

"But I can hear them," Soraya said plaintively. She only saw Commander Mason; in her eyes the rest of the team looked like the Federation Marines on Akritiri. "Commander, they need me!"

Sensing there was no way to persuade the Doctor otherwise Mason concluded that she accompany her into Operations. Although she was still leaning toward her second option - slapping the delusional Doctor across the cheek.

"Alright," she sighed. "Lead the way."

As the Doctor exited the hatchway into the cold, dark room of Operations Mason hung back slightly her nose twitching at the scent of something particular. Her eyes scanned the space looking for the source of the very distinctive masculine smell, "Zeek," she whispered out loud.

Desperate to clamp eyes on just a wisp of him since imagining his appearance upon Deep Space Seven Mason left the Doctor's side to scan the charred room, pausing to shiver at the discovery of the remains of the Orias stations crew still manning their stations until death took them.

She felt a gentle breeze ruffled her hair and caress her face affectionately, carrying his strengthening scent allowing the normally cold, abrupt security chief to be swept away in a most pleasant dream.

"Krissy," his disembodied baritone voice rumbled. "My love, you should not linger here."

Mason closed her eyes to envision him standing before her, the warm air that touched her palms where his own hands taking hers. "Zeek," she murmured in reply. "I've missed you,"

"I know, I watch over you, guiding you," his voice whispered. "But you must listen to me now." His tone turning more serious. "You must leave here. Something is coming, something terrible."

She felt something firm and warm press against her full bodied and the sensation of arms embracing her completely. Mason dared to open her eyes that stung with tears of sorrow half dreading what she'd see.

His face appeared before her, the same soft, affectionate face she'd dreamt, his gentle and shinning eyes just as she recalled. Her heart ached and without thought she returned his embrace, tears now of joy slipping down her cheeks. "Don't ever let me go," she said lowly into his ear.

His expression softened, and then without a word his cupped her chin with his hands and proceed to lower his lips to hers...

Feeling fit to burst Krissy allowed him to control her and waited with baited breath for the magic of their kiss to take wings.

Bitterly, however something else happened before the lovers could be reunited... something unpleasant as their very molecules of life were broken down and streamed away into nothingness...

Ra-Movraii settled himself into the controls of the shuttle, and immediately set about trying to locate the wayward officers still on Langley. Although dazed, Jrez had been successful in doing what he could to compensate for the natural disturbance making it almost impossible to detect anything, but the readings he was now getting for the two human women were scattered. Literally.

He found them, both distinct and separate signatures, but it was as if they were falling into one of Vulcan's canyons, into an endless pit of a deathly planetary core. It was these times that the Efrosian loathed; when he had to go outside the bounds of political intrigue and fighting enemies of the Federation.

"Finally!" He shouted in triumph as he activated the transporter. Xal knew how awkward the transport would be, and the disorientation Mason and Delrisa would experience as they were practically dragged from wherever they were into the shuttle. He also noted the console depicting the power levels reaching the extremes, straining what power remained their small vessel.

Soraya was transfixed by the voices begging for help; a split second later the voices stopped suddenly, leaving her feeling empty and alone. The Marines, the explosions, the calls of the medical team and the screams of the damned all gone in an instant.

She was left again with the realization that she had been of no use, she couldn't help them. The ghosts were gone, but the memory they had tapped was still there, and she felt the tears running down as she saw the final image of 47 men, women, and children lying dead in the deep cave. Her body shook as she cried for the lives lost, tears she hadn't wept when the bodies had to be identified and accounted. Tears she had never shed flowed freely now as she hugged herself on the cold floor.

Visibly shaken by the traumatic transport Mason slumped to the floor overwhelmed by her disorientated senses and human body that felt as if it had entered shock for the trembling her limbs had begun. Dazed she opened her eyes at take in her surroundings, and felt her stomach flip as realisations dawned on her.

She was on board the shuttle - they'd beamed her away! How dare they? She growled and staggered with little success to her feet: "No," she snapped. "Take me back, take me back!" With broken steps she fell into Ra-Movraii's arms who'd crossed over to help them both. "You had no right," she worked free of his grip and slumped back down again. "Send me back, you bastard."

Soraya wrapped an arm gently around the Commander and looked in her pained eyes. She shook her head slowly from side to side, unable to speak but understanding the woman's loss.


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