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Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2012 @ 5:33pm by Gul Keshac & Glin Lonar

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The world had seemed uninteresting and lush with green, living plants that seemed to tower above anything and everything that had once been constructed by humanoid life, or until evidence had been found in the mountainous regions that life had once existed in a very rare form. Towering spires that were part of the geothermal vents allowing the warm air to rise from the planets molten core had been carved and crafted into works of exquisite beauty by the Avian beings that had once been the dominant species on the planet. The apex of this once great race was the chamber that Gul Keshac now strode through her closest advisor's and battalion commanders also spread across the room.

Since the devastation that her new found pet had created, the federation born Trill mad women Neema Arjin, through the use of artificial wormholes she had started to see the joined symbiotic creature for what she truly was, insane. The look of pure joy still emblazoned in her mind as the vortex had ripped apart the last planet she had visited asunder. Yet she still needed her. She needed the raw power that this crazed women could offer her to rebuild the Cardassian Union and restore order to her people, something those blundering Federation fools could not do and something the Detapa Council were incapable of doing.

The chamber she now stood in would be the center sanctum of the new Cardassian Empire, the strong and worthy would be by her side and she could rid herself of the trouble Neema would pose but until then she would keep Doctor Arjin close but here beside these towering column's, the new senate chambers she vowed that she would not allow Arjin to endanger anyone or anything again, not even those bothersome federation.

"Lonar...", she called over her first officer, his features still weathering the same tidal force of emotions and worry that she was wrestling with even now. "I want you to place a watch on Arjin. I don't trust her anymore. Something about that women is worrying even to me!" Keshac's violet eyes not once breaking contact with the only Trill in the room.

"Of course Mistress, I will ensure her every movement is tracked." Lonar was ill at ease although the surroundings of the lush, verdant world were just as much of an issue than the crazed Trill who he could tell had finally crossed the line. Moving away he began to set things in motion, making him wish for the old days of the Obsidian Order, if only because they would have already been following the outsider.

"One more thing Lonar", Keshac's smile was cold as it illuminated her features. "How is our guest?"

"Our guest is" there was a long pause as a wicked smile crossed his face, "resting, my lady. I believe she will be ready to divulge what we wish to know once she awakes." Lonar had always been good at extracting information and there unwelcome guest had not only allowed him to practice his skills but increase his worth to his master, a truly fortunate turn of events.


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