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Jagged Edge

Posted on Mon Jan 2nd, 2012 @ 10:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: USS Crazy Horse

Admiral Alynna Nechayev had been pacing back and forth as the hours had passed by with increasing alacrity. Her own ship the old Excelsior Class USS Crazy Horse had been traveling under full warp towards Deep Space Seven when a call had come through requesting assistance from one of the two station runabouts as they had been fleeing the Orias System when a large antimatter explosion had been picked up on the periphery of the ships sensors. It was large enough to blind the Crazy Horse for some moments but it could very well have been the one thing that the aging head of Starfleet had feared. Rumblings had been heard at HQ that a Cardassian subversive group had started picking away at the stability of the Detapa Council and made several attempts that had not been fully averted in crushing what little support Starfleet and the Federation had gained with the surviving populace of the Cardassian Union.

The shuttlebay doors parted allowing her and the detachment of medical and security officer access to the now docked and battered advanced scout ship.
Her first sight of the occupants was a white haired male stumbling from the cockpit of the ship dragging an older male who seemed near unconsciousness behind him while from the other hatch a large Human male in appearance helped to lift down a blond women as a darker haired women hopped down from the same entry she had been guiding the injured women.

"Commander", she dispensed with the pleasantries as she spotted the white haired male was the ranking officer. "Report... what the hell happened?"

Ra-Movraii gave a cursory glance to the petite and ageing flag officer approaching the away team from Roark Nor. Of course, he recognised her immediately, and she was possible the single officer in the admiralty that he did not have a great disdain for. Nechayev had earned every pip on her red collar.

"Admiral," he replied, not stiffening as he brought Jrez out and safe, effectively handing him over to the medical officers. "You wouldn't believe me if you had seen it yourself," he said gruffly, thinking back to the dead eyes of his departed family, the cold, outstretched hands of squadmates long dead. "Something had happened on Orias Station. You can read the darker details in my official report." Ra-Movraii didn't care to go into details now as his aged eyes watched the joined Trill being taken away. "An experiment, dabbling with things they shouldn't have been, caused ghosts to try and claim our souls to join them."

He almost spat as he said it. "Destroying the station appears to have st-" The Efrosian caught himself before continuing. "And why are you out this way? No admiralty is scheduled to be sent this way for months." Ra-Movraii knew, as being the strategic operations officer and acting XO had allowed him those minor reports.

"I do not wish to discuss this matter in the open Commander", her bitter sweet voice seemingly all honey carried with it a weight that could only come with bad news. "we may have a situation brewing within the Cardassian Union. I'm on my way to meet with Commander T'Rena regarding the situation and a development that you may find of interest!"
The slightly older women slipped a data chip into the hands of the Efrosian man seeing that he was nothing if not a straight shooter. "Read that report Commander but get yourself and your officers down to sickbay. We arrive at Deep Space Seven in under an hour".
Once finished she turned on her heel leaving the Medical and Security personnel dealing with the Runabout and its occupants.

Artem, the one officer who seemed to have come away unscathed from the whole situation slipped up beside the Commander.
"It cannot be good sir... Admiral Nechayev doesn't do anything unless it has some substance to it!"

"Yeah," Ra-Movraii grunted disapprovingly, annoyed at Artem's obvious point. "Y'don't say." He inserted the data chip into a padd taken from atop one of the many crates in the shuttlebay, and immediately began skim-reading the information presented. Most of it was certainly old news to him: the Federation working closely with the Cardassian government to assist in rebuilding the Union; Bajorans still demanding reparations; Romulan refugee crisis, but he didn't anticipate the final point, with a glaring image of Roark Nor glaring right back at Ra-Movraii's concerned green eyes.

They're giving DS7 to the Cardassians!?

Had she have known, Korina Ruket's reaction would have been much the same. I have to report this, she thought. She slipped quietly off the bridge, hurried down to her quarters and activated a device she had been given. A coded signal arced across space. Without waiting to see if it had been received, she went back to her post.


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