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Winding the Wayward Road

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2011 @ 8:48am by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Diplomatic Conference Room 2
Timeline: Mission Day 01, 0900 Hours

From beneath her upper lip, the Cardassian ran her tongue along the pearly whites that were her teeth. Her patience beneath the outer layers of her thick facade trembled with annoyance. She stood with her body poised sideways between the display screen and eight foot long table, keeping a short gaze out beyond the window to the vast darkness. For having such withered patience at present, her exterior was most difficult to read.

Nauket was practiced at the political dance between Cardassia and the Federation, a strong polar difference from the early years of her career. The aberration was a natural, albeit unusual predicament, but nonetheless the immediate visitation between two peas of different pods was much more tricky dance than one might assume.

"I can imagine the distress caused by the unrest in Lakat," she said finally, turning away completely from the large display screen on the wall at the head of the table. Her right fingertips grazed the reflective surface, two inches beneath three perfectly spaced padds. For a brief moment, Nauket lifted the gaze of her eyes up to her left where, in black Starfleet issue uniform, a blonde Bajoran sat, facing the screen. They exchanged an awkward glance, and in the nearly empty room the bizarre gathering seemed more significant to something of a much larger caliber, but instead their significance was of an unrelated matter to where they came from, and how they arrived where they were.

"But I can not do much about the requests filed by the Cardassian government in the matter, within the time frame outlined," she paused once more, picking up the right most padd and turning to face the screen once more, "You will have to wait until I have extended the Tribunal's grievances through the proper channels-"

Displeased, the proud Cardassian before her shifted forward half an inch in exasperation, "Use your bought time wisely, Lieutenant, but I assure you the Chief Archon will not be pleased. With a record as colorful as yours, I'm sure you can come up with something in half the time you were hoping to gain from this ceremonial exchange of politics. Bare in mind that it has been a long time since you have been to Cardassia. I should hear from you again soon with good news."

In a matter of moments their communication was ended, leaving Nauket with an awful taste in her mouth. Equally as displeased, and more due to the insulting demeanor of which her meeting had ended, she gripped both wrists behind her back and turned to her Bajoran counterpart. Perhaps it was more the delusion that the shady character, along with the rest of Cardassia, was fully aware of her "record".

Sitting straighter, the Bajoran woman shifted in her chair, and uncrossed her legs, turning her own attention from the screen and to Nauket herself. She could see the gentle grinding of her teeth briefly, and in turn Yania took a small nervous breath. "He refrained from anything useful," she spat out in an attempt to drown out the silence in the conference room.

"Erkon is a moron," Nauket replied unusually blatant. "I doubt he even knows what it is the transmissions stated himself."

Yania remained quiet thereafter, shifting her sight down to the padd she had been working with during the transmission. Among the things that she had been assigned to during her tour reassignment to Deep Space Seven, the most left field partition to her work load was the seemingly assistant duties to the station's Cardassian-Federation liaison. Her own curiosity was greatly aggravated at the idea of such a personnel officer with ties to Earth and it's corporation of Fleet being reassigned to the station as well.

She was sure, at least, that they were far different reasons than her own.

Nauket knew the girl's strange carry of character before they even met one another. Deep down, admitting her concern for the girl was her greatest factor in to the decision for choosing to make special operations for Yania was almost a physical impossibility. That itself barely scratched the surface in to the psychological reasoning for the entire situation, and more importantly to the outside world, what mattered most was exactly what they were doing; their jobs, no matter how odd the combination looked.

"Coordinate between the Commanding Officer and Diplomatic Chief's schedules and request a meeting between the three of us, at the soonest appropriate time plausible" she dictated, stacking the padd she had behind her back atop on on the table nearby, and then again atop the last. "Use word of mouth only, Cadet."

"Understood," the Bajoran replied nonchalantly, finding a rare moment for her eyes to confidently meet another.

Nauket, uncharacteristically of most of Starfleet officers, preferred a cut and dry swing of things, and simply nodded once in recognition of the command. Her slender, built frame twisted as if each movement were perfectly poised, turning herself away from Yania and marching onward towards the doorway of the conference room.


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