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Raining on the Washing

Posted on Tue Feb 14th, 2012 @ 11:59am by Rev. Julian Shay

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Deep Space Seven, Cargo Bay 3
Timeline: After "Tangled in the Wind"


Two of the Monks moved forward next to Shay. "We shall assist you with this matter."

Great, Ra-Movraii thought sarcastically to himself. "Great!" He said with fake enthusiasm through jagged Klingon teeth. "Your eyes big, and all that!"


"We're here for the Inert Cartosean Feed Grain," the apparently half-Klingon K'Tar said simply to the enlisted security officer at the cargo bay doors. "It's a shipment for the Brothers of the... Atom?" He threw an unsure look to the cybernetic beings accompanying him, trying to make his apparent inability and lack of intelligence.

The officer's brow knitted slightly at the hesitation of the party that had approached him who challenged them. He eyed them carefully drawing out the moments until he'd finally made a solid decision: "Very well," he said and length. "Carry on."

"Thank you friend." The monk in the lead nodded and headed into the cavernous room. "I am sure we will be able to find our contents here would you be so kind as to assist in securing the door?"

Ra-Movraii gave a grunt in response to the monk, and set about meddling with the controls. In actuality, he did nothing to secure the door. After all, should he seal it, it would make it far more complicated for Mason and her team to intervene.

Once the group had passed from ear shot the securty officer drummed him comm: "McShane to Commander Mason, they've gone inside."

"Understood, I'm on my way."

The first monk slowly moved around inspecting boxes before stopping at the designated packing crate. "I have located the equipment and I will secure it for transfer back to our facility." The monk called out to the Klingon. "Please assist me in latching the anti-gravity unit."

"Aye," the man they believed to be K'Tar replied as he moved over from the door to where the monk was meddling with the crate. It was large, and all of the dimensions and specifics scrawled across it made it clear that it was certainly not Cartosean grain. "So, uhh, why d'you need micro-fusion generators?" He asked, knowing full well what they were, but believed it was serve appearances to not.

"They assist in modular local network communications, advanced biorythmic processes and weapons power source." The monk smiled at K'Tar. "These are slated for the newest converts to the church."

Arriving in the cargo-bay promptly it didn't take long for Mason to locate Ra- Movraii in his disguise and shadowy associate. She felt a twinge of disappointment that Shay wasn't present, but at least with the evidence they had gathered during the operation they could at least charge him with something worthwhile. Personal she'd like to charge him with the business end of her phaser.

She moved in quickly eavesdropping into their conversation: "I thought the church persons were peaceful," she interrupted. "Not armed hooligans."

The two monks stood and pivoted to face the security officer who had entered. The lead monk focused its eyes on the woman. "Ms Mason, I would suggest that you leave the cargo bay post haste." The monk who had been fussing with the crate studied the officer and the surroundings, calculating points of attack, counterattack, and defensive positions.

"This is not the concern of station security, as a registered organization under the auspicious of Federation charter we are permitted to operate with immunity." The lead monk advanced slowly towards Kristina, its metallic legs clicking on the hard deck of storage bay.

She held her ground, "Then you have nothing to be concerned of my observation."

"We must not be interrupted." The monk that was in the rear raised its arm towards the security officer. With a quick servo motion a panel retracted revealing a micro phaser and fired it at the intruder.

By some miracle the shot missed its target by a whisker singing a hold in her uniform rather than striking flesh. Of course it could have been a deliberate to act as a warning short, though Mason strong doubted it as she faked injury giving her the opportunity to reach for her own weapon. Crouching to cradle her phantom wound she pulled her own phaser from its holster and blasted one of the monks robotic legs.

The energy round met the monks leg and knocked it to the floor temporarily, before leaping backwards onto one of the crates. It let loose another volley of energy towards Mason.

The lead monk moved with exquisite precision towards its Klingon companion. Dodging the fire that Mason was pouring out of her weapon "I would advise that you assist us in this troubling matter."

"You'd be so lucky," Ra-Movraii growled at the monk before throwing his full weight into the robotic being. He felt his own skin split beneath his sleeves as he did so, the strength and metal musculature that formed the monk making it near impossible to derail him, but the Efrosian was able to get the upper hand after a few seconds struggling, as well as a shot from the other monk that grazed both Ra-Movraii and his enemy, sending both to the floor.

Marginally quicker, the undercover officer reached for the monk's fallen weapon and was able to release a shot into its main bulk, but was nearly met by fire from the remaining hostile, who was trying to focus on both Mason and Ra-Movraii equally, its internal computer quicker than any organic brain.

The monk let out a wretched scream that sounded organic and mechanical at the same time as it writhed on the ground. The remaining monk focused on Ra-Movraii and fired indiscriminately trying to anticipate the mans moves as it bolted towards the door of the cargo bay and towards Mason.

This was quickly getting out of hand Mason noted darkly as she huddled for cover under the fire fight. She'd seen Ra-Movraii pull down his assailant and judging from her quick glances he'd done so with relative injury to himself. that was always a bonus especially for her - less paperwork to fill out.

Turning from her crate she laid down another wave of fire before her ears detected a patter of hurried metallic feet. One of the monks was making a break for it.

Not if she could help it.

Holstering her phaser she threw herself at it as the robot sprinted past.

Landing with a thud on the ground the monk hit the ground hard, it hadn't anticipated the move made by the security officer. It tried to pull itself, but it had damaged one of the servos in its leg. The monk began to claw its way out of the bay, away from the security officer who had taken it out of action.

"Just where do you think you're going?" Mason stood over the damaged monk as it attempted to sliver away. Then, before she received an answer she unclipped a set of cuffs from her belt and binded its hands together. "I wouldn't even think about going any further if I were you. There's a small army waiting in the corridor should you attempt to leave, they'll have you torn limb from limb in an instant. Understood?"

"I will comply Miss Mason." replied the monk with no emotion in its robotic voice. The monk ceased to struggle and remained motionless. "You should evaluate the brother on the floor."

"Don't give me ideas," Mason muttered rising to feet and moved back to Ra-Movraii and his quarry.

"Reckon this is enough to finally nab Shay?" Lieutenant Commander Ra-Movraii asked, looking over at the smouldering remains of the being he had slain. Under his smuggler's disguise, he could feel blood seeping from the wound the scuffle had given him. "At the very least, he's smuggling. Might be able to get him on brainwashing people and forcing them into this... new form of being." He gave the remaining monk a derisive look. "Who is to say he doesn't have some profound control over them because of their various components that he installed?"

"Its possible, certainly worth investigating. At least we have something solid to pin on him at last." Mason nodded. "All the same I don't think he'll come quietly."

"Never know," he responded with a satisfied grin. "He might have an accident or two resisting arrest."

"That Commander," Mason smirked. "Would be my pleausre."


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