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Keeping Up With the Cardassians

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2012 @ 8:47pm by Legate Vadrek & Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Docking Port, DS7


Councillor Vadrek could not help but smile as the door from the airlock to the station beyond rolled away to one side to reveal the Starfleet delegation that had arrived to greet him and his fellow Cardassian officials. The whole station was, of course, highly reminiscent of the many he had served on, stayed in and docked at during various points of career, and it was pleasant to see one kept in such good condition.

"My compliments, Commander T'Rena," he said, stepping forth first to greet the Vulcan he had discovered was the commanding officer of the installation. "You have done a fine job keeping this place in the condition she deserves to be in." With a kind smile, he added: "Roark Nor could not have asked for better masters in these dark times."

"Peace and long life Councilor!", the slight Vulcan officer stepped towards the Cardassian allowing her fingers to fall into the Vulcan greeting before nodding her head towards the assembled aids. "I would just take the opportunity to correct you. This station is still under the designation Deep Space Seven until the negotiations are agreed upon!"

She had no intention of getting into a pissing match with the Cardassian as she knew he would be more than skilled at twisting her words into a form that would cause her agitation. "I would also take this opportunity to apologies for the lack of welcome. Most of my officers are returning from an away mission or are otherwise engaged with duties".

"No offence meant, dear Commander," he replied, waving a hand dismissively, "and it is no trouble about your officers. I trust they are well, however?"

How much could she really give him in the way of information. The treaty said everything but a Cardassian Official would always be looking for a footing that could come in helpful to gain their end down the line. Truthfully she had no choice, the information would eventually be provided to the Cardassian Detapa council. "My officers are returning from the Orias Science Station. Unfortunately it was destroyed by one of our runabouts in an attempt to halt an experimental form of technology that would have destroyed subspace upto a distance of three light years in every direction."

"Marvellous!" Vadrek beamed, before noticing the Cardassian woman also present, clad in one of the less common colours of the Federation Starfleet. "And this must be Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Will you be having any involvement in these meetings?"

Nodding once in recognition of the greeting, Nauket came out of her gaze upon the pale skinned brethren before her. It was like seeing a cousin one had lost touch with. Surely it had been a long time since Nauket stood face to face with another Cardassian from within the Union, but she failed to falter in her actions. "I can assure you that I am present at all times, everywhere on this station, Councillor -as I'm sure you can appreciate," she replied, tilting her head slightly, but keeping her hands clasped tightly behind her, as per the norm. Her reply may have struck an unsettling perception from her crew (or perhaps not) but her main objective was to instill the knowledge that she in fact was as she said, everywhere. "It is part of my duty," she added, to ease any stir.

She barely wasted time watching her colleagues, however. Instead, she made a point of inspecting the rest of the arrivals. "Of course the rest of my duties include tending to the well-being and outreach of yourself, your associates, as well as any Cardassian relation to the Station and Federation through this outlet," she informed, as if making a disclaimer. She followed her statement by unhooking her hands and lifting the right one to indicate the station itself very briefly. "As I'm sure you are aware," she ended.

And for the first time since arriving on Deep Space 7 (which to her fault she commonly chose to perceive as Roark Nor, a similarity between herself and visitors at present) Nauket sounded like a liaison. It was for the time being, no different than her mannerisms with Starfleet personnel in Fleet headquarters. They sure did love their formalities.

Under the keen eye of Commander Kulvher and T'Rena to name but a few came, dressed predominately in the grey hues of the military, Subcommander Malvet of the Romulan Empire. Or more accurately what remained having been scattered upon the stars after the Hobus event.

Malvet's sharp eyes darted around the docking ring, quick to drink in the the straight lined Cardassian features and the heavy Federation presence that now occupied the station. It made his lips curl with displeasure.

"Ah, Subcommander!" Vadrek announced as he sighted the man he had plenty of discourse with in preparations for this meeting. "I presume the Federation has been treating you well in your time of need? I assure you that the Cardassian Union, should we inherit the responsibility of this grand station, will continue to cater for your people's every need and whim!" The former legate offered a kind smile - but perhaps 'stretched' smile - to the Romulan. "We share in your suffering over recent events. It's only in the last five years that the Union has truly made any recovery." He looked to the Starfleet officers. "In no small part due to the kindness of our Federation friends." Vadrek's eyes returned to Malvet. "I have every faith that the Star Empire shall reclaim its former glory."

The Romulan's gaze and face made no indication that he'd been in anyway moved by Vadrek's claim. "Thank you Councillor," he said deliberately without compassion or praise. "That too is a future hope I share, although as we stand that is nothing more than a distant dream."

Nauket took a rather Vulcan approach to the outburst of humble gratitude and serenity by raising a brow. It seemed as if there was a grand joke underlining each passing word and had she the opportunity, she probably would have chuckled. She was still a Cardassian, and she knew better than anyone else on the Federation front lines of this seemingly first contact poise of formalities about the humor and sarcastic exchange of another Cardassian. To her fault, she crossed her arms across the lower part of her chest and pointed her gaze to the floor beneath them with a brief grin.

In another time, and another place every word might have been extremely relevant, and perhaps that was what made it all the more satirical. Then again it might have just been the audacity of presumable way of words. Either way, Nauket's sort of humor was certainly a one of a kind feature, something she was fully already aware of.

"Well," the Cardassian then said, not appearing to pay full attention to the Romulan, although his eyes appeared to betray some inner feeling, just for a fleeting moment, "let us not dwell on such upsetting matters, and make our way to our destination." He looked to the Cardassian liaison officer. "If you would, Miss Kulvher?"

T'Rena would admit that she found judging character a difficult and challenging task even at the best of times as it came down to reading emotions and subtext. Something about this Legate though, something very insidious in texture seemed to be pulling at her and making a very illogical feeling rise within her, dislike.
"With all due respect Legate, you are acting as if the outcome of these discussions is a foregone conclusion!"

"Please," Vadrek replied, smiling kindly and raising a hand. "Call me 'Councillor', and I do not mean to presume too much, or to offend you, after you have allowed us safe passage and care for us so on this fine station. It is simply that I have many assurances from your government to our government that they will be doing all they can to help restore the Union to prosperous position. After all, the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2386 clearly specifies Cardassia is not to have the power to wage a military war, and the United Federation of Planets will support it militarily, whilst we govern ourselves politically. Should Deep Space Seven be returned to its forebears, it will still always be a welcoming halfway house to our esteemed protectors, as well as serving as the vanguard for the new Cardassian Union's enterprises." Offering a quick smile to the Romulan present, he also added: "And a safe haven for our troubled Romulan friends, also."

"Legate", T'Rena continued still the veiled implications not really registering within her logical exterior. "We have spent a considerable time retrofitting this station with Federation equipment, defenses and offensive systems. If we acquiesced to this request then the Federation would be violating the very treaty it agreed to with the Cardassian's".

Brianna had stood quietly taking in the information and the players until now. Alex had taught her that, so did the court room when she was a JAG officer on the Triton Seabase. "Perhaps we could move to a conference room where everyone would be more comfortable." She suggested, trying to diffuse the situation before it became a public display to unwanted eyes.

"Indeed!" The Detapa Council representative said, beaming at the young, petite human woman, and he made a notably extended examination of her violet collar, which he promptly gave an exaggerated nod and another smile. "And, Commander T'Rena, you'll find the most recent official Federation-Cardassian literature specifies that Starfleet is to provide much of the Union's defence, as well as complimenting our own local security force, which means, quite naturally, we primarily rely on Federation technology." As they continued on their journey, they reached a pair of larger doors, that parted to reveal a sizeable room with a large table and many chairs. "Is this it?"

"But it also states Legate that the Cardassian will not develop or purchase the capability to wage any form of military campaign. This station is now fully equipped as a military base."
Her tone stayed flat and cool but her Romulan half was almost screaming at the arrogance of the unwanted party.

"You truly are a dour sort, Commander!" The former legate announced to T'Rena, still smiling and seemingly un-offended. "And it seems your mind is as made up as you believe mine to be." Vadrek stepped into the conference room and took a good look around. "Very Starfleet," he muttered, as he noticed the style of dcor that had been implemented. "Mayhaps you should not be so quick to cite the finer print of these treaties, Miss T'Rena, when it is the very Federation representatives who signed them that encouraged this very meeting. Now please, if you can't remain impartial and logical, send for an alternative line officer to attend to this conference."


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