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Posted on Thu Jan 12th, 2012 @ 9:09pm by Tiransor Mufan'se

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Docking Ring

Tiransor watched the warp streaks go by the window of the transport, intrigued by them. Since his people didn't use a warp drive to travel through space they were an unfamiliar sight. It was too bad that the Xindi ship that took him to Earth was unable to remain, he would have arrived at his destination by now.

A little while later one of the pilots stepped into the passenger compartment with a smile. "We'll be arriving at Deep Space 7 in just a few minutes Ambassador."

He acknowledged the news with a pleasant tone and turned back to the window. The streaks shrank and disappeared, leaving only the starfield. Soon enough a tug drifted into his view as the ship passed it. Sadly, the transport's course and orientation prevented him from getting a view of the station as they docked.

Once the ship was docked and powered down Tiransor glided towards the hatch, the antigravity generators holding him off of the floor and acting as his main mode of transportation. It wasn't too much different than swimming in the ocean, only missing the full 3D movement he was used to.

The Starfleet pilots were both all smiles as they said their goodbyes to the Xindi ambassador when he disembarked, something that he found humorous. It had been over 200 years since Captain Archer had proved them false, but Xindi children were still told stories of human boogymen at night. Thankfully they were mostly taken in jest and known to be fictional, but every now and again some were convinced that humans really were dangerous. That was why he was here now, to prove once and for all that the Xindi have nothing to fear from the Federation.

Ambassador Mufan'se floated down the docking hatch, quickly spotting what had to be the greeting party. He was already starting towards them and vocalizing a greeting when a warning flashed on his display. Before he could react, the anti-gravity system cut out and he crashed to the deck with a large metallic thud.


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