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Disturbing news

Posted on Mon Jan 16th, 2012 @ 8:04pm by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Starfleet Command, San Francisco, Earth

Taking in the view over the San Francisco Bay, Rear Admiral Varal could appreciate the aesthetic merit of the area but as he prepared to meet several of the senior fleet staff in central operations, overlooking the iconic Golden Gate bridge, Commodore Nielsen entered with a rather concerned look on his face. "Sorry to disturb you Admiral, I know you have a meeting shortly however I thought you should see this" he said handing Varal a Padd and waiting a moment for him to activate it and scan the contents, "it would appear that a runabout crossed the border, the intelligence drone was picked up by the Excelsior this morning, it would appear that Lieutenant Commander Sara Lam from Deep Space Seven was the only crew member, her flight plan was listed as a transit flight from Earth to DS7."

It took Varal only a matter of moments to assimilate the data on the Padd, "the Commander seemed to be scanning the system for some time, have you cross referenced her findings with known astrometric data?" There was clearly a reason for Lam to cross the border and risk confrontation with the Cardassians and he wanted to know why.

Nodding in acknowledgement Nielsen continued, "I've passed the data to Astrometrics, at present all data has been classified at level nine with an eyes only advisory for flag officers in the region." Nielsen was trying his hardest to stay focused on the task in hand, the horror that a mission he allowed to happen, more through inaction than anything else, had gone so wrong and that he knew much more than he could say without risking his entire career, as far as worst case scenarios went Nielsen was struggling to think how it could get much worse.

"Very good, keep me informed as the results become available, upload data to my Padd, if something major arises you have permission to interrupt our staff meeting." Returning the Padd, Varal grabbed his small case containing some of the fleets most sensitive operational data as well as his secure Padd but before departing he paused for a moment, "have the sensor data checked for life signs, I want to know if our officer survived the explosion."

"Of course Admiral" with a deferential bow the Commodore left his superior to carry on with his duties, he had assumed Sara had destroyed her craft to avoid her and its capture by the Cardassians, if she was alive however then there was still hope, he just prayed the issue didn't become the purview of the diplomats for all of their sakes.


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