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First Contact

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2012 @ 2:53am by Jokiah Mhielson & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Current

Jokiah stepped into the turbo-lift headed towards Sick Bay. Since he was not a Star Fleet officer technically he didn't have to have a boarding physical. Still he thought it prudent to do especially since his wife Serena and twin brother Jehu were also coming to DS7 and they were Fleeters.

Xander stood quietly beside him a few feet away decalaring his independence even at age 3. His intense green eyes were darting all around taking in his new surroundings. His brother Xavier stood on the opposite side, very close to Jokiah holding his father's hand firmly It was not that Xander's twin was fearful or less curious than his brother, but he was more cautious.

When the turbo-lift doors opened Jokiah who was dressed in dark pants, polo shirt and a cloak, glided out and down the hall. His sterps were measured and like his young son he was taking in the surroundings and the people that he passed.

Several gave the trio curious glances. ~Daddy~, Xavier thought to him, ~Are we going to get shots today? Will it hurt?~

"I don't know about shots son," he replied verbally, easier for him than to try to communicate with him mentally. "but the shots don't hurt. Daddy promises."

"That's right Xavier," spoke Xander (speaking more for Jokiah's benefit than Xavier's) it not gonna hurt. Don't be a scardy cat."

"I am NOT as scardy cat," Savier replied.

"That's enough boys," Jokiah told them as they entered the Sick Bay, "Let's see if we can find a doctor around."

Soraya was eating an apple when she heard the boys talking. She left it on her desk and walked out of her office.

"Hello," she said with a smile. "What can I do for you?"

Jokiah looked over at her grateful for the interuption. "Good afternoon, doctor," he replied, "I am Jokiah Mihieson the newly arrived Ambassador to the station and these two little ones are my sons, Xander and Xavier. Since I'm new on board and its been awhile I thought I would get my physical done if you have the time that is."

"Oh, I think we can fit you in, Ambassador," Soraya said, gesturing to the empty Infirmary. "Do you have a medical record with Starfleet or will we need to do a complete work up today?" she asked, leading the family into a private room.

"My records should be on file I would suspect. I've been the Ambassador to the Federation for several years now and represented Romulus to Earth prior to that, and please call me Jokiiah. This is hardly a formal occassion. I appreciate your time Doctor."

"It's my pleasure," the doctor said as the door slid closed behind them. "I'm Soraya Delrisa, please make yourselves comfortable," she added, gesturing to three chairs. She sat at a terminal and accessed the Starfleet Medical Record system.

"We'll just upload the records from your transport ship, and there we are," she said, reading the record as it showed on her small screen. She thought she saw a puzzled look from the Ambassador.

"This former Cardassian station has suffered some damage over the past several months, which has in turn set back the upgrades scheduled for my Infirmary," the doctor explained with an apologetic smile. "I can assure you we have everything we need here."

Jokiah nodded his head in understanding.

"Well, who wants to get the leeches first?" she asked brightly, looking at the boys.

The twins reaction was immediate , though slightly out of character. Xavier, usually the more timid of the two but now facinated by bugs of sll types raised his small hand, Me first, me first, me first," he shouted excitedly, "I wants to see the leeches."

Xander grabbed hold of his father's leg and slid around behind him. Then he reached out with his mind checking out the doctor and released his grip and moved beside his brother.

"She's not serious Xavy, she's just being an dult."

"Xander means an adult," Jokiah explained to her.

"Medical humor, sorry," Soraya said with a chuckle. " Xander, lets start with you, shall we? Can you get up on the bed?"

"Sure pretty lady," he told her, "You know you're almost tracative as momma."

He climbed up onto the bio bed wearing a grin.

"Why thank you, Xander," Soraya said, touching his nose lightly. She pulled her tricorder from a pocket and scanned the boy's vital signs. "Can you lie back for me?" He complied, and Soraya ran a full-body scan.

"Excellent. Now it's Xavier's turn," she said, helping Xander sit up so he could hop off the biobed.

He hopped down with a wide grin while Xavier took his turn climbing onto the bio bed. "Xander's right you are pretty do you have a boy friend?"

Jokiah turned slightly green at his son's words, "Xavier that's none of our business son."

"Oh, sorry," Xavier said,"I should have been more circumspectful"

Soraya laughed at the precocious Xavier, reading his vitals. "That sounds like an offer, but I think I'm a bit old for you. I think my daughter Annabella would like a friend like you," she said. She instructed him to lie down like his brother had for the body scan.

"You were both very good," Soraya said, helping Xavier down. She checked the now updated medical record. "Now I need you both to hold out one arm," she stopped as they each held out an arm to her and she adjusted a hypospray. She smiled at Xander, holding his hand. When he looked in her eyes and smiled back she administered the hypo. She then released his hand and did the same to Xavier.

"Very brave," she said softly. "Now it's your father's turn," she added, turning to the intimidating Romulan. She swept her arm invitingly towards the biobed and the boys giggled.

Jokiah looked at his sons and arched a brow. He moved to the bio bed "Sorry about that Doctor, they have minds of their own." He lay back on the bed waiting for her to start with the scan.

"They're quite charming, Ambassador, that was the most male attention I've had in a while," she said with a laugh. "My Annabella is a three-year, I can only imagine how busy you are with two!" The body scan took a moment longer than for the children, then Soraya did a vital scan.

She watched as he sat up on the bed. "Have you or the children experienced any pain or discomfort lately, difficulty sleeping, or changes in appetite?" she asked.

He looked at her for several seconds deciding how forthcoming he should be. "The boys are fine," he responded finally. "I have been having some sleep issues. With the destruction of my homeworld I have been having some nightmares and sleep disruption." It was a half-truth, he had also been having nightmares about his captivity with the Cardassians, but he didn't think it was appropiate to make that known.

"That's to be expected," Soraya said softly, making a notation to the medical record. "I'm sure you will find the Romulan community here on Deep Space Seven to be very supportive, your position not withstanding. I can certainly prescribe a sleep aid for you if you would like, but counseling would be a better long-term option for you, and is available to you at any time you wish." She didn't press the point.

"I've given your sons the vaccinations which are currently required for children in Starfleet. Your vital signs and theirs are the same as the preflight results, I see no evidence of undue stress in the boys and only slight stress symptoms in your scans. Interstellar transport can have that effect, so there's probably nothing to worry about. But if you feel any dizzyness, abdominal pain, or loss of appetite you should come here straight away,"

He gave her a cool appraising look and nodded his head. "I don't believe my sleep issues are all that serious and I am sure when Serena, my wife comes on board things will settle down. Should I need medication or feel any ot the symptoms you mentioned, I will be sure to come back.

I don't think the counseling will be needed, but I will keep that in mind should things escalate. Also my brother Jehu should be arriving sometime today I will be sure to push him to come see you. He can be quite stubbron about those things sometimes."

Soraya smiled, "I'm sure you can be quite persuasive. Is there anything you would like me to address today, or any questions I can answer for you?"

"No, I think that will be it..."

"Dada are you going to tell her Unca Jehu's secret?" Xavier asked.

Xander turned to Soraya and said, "Our uncle doesn't like girls does he daddy?"

Despite his Romulan heritage and his years of training masking what he really thought Jokiah could not help truning slightly green at the boy's remarks.

The doctor knelt down so that she was eye level with the boys.

"I have a brother who doesn't like girls, and you know what?" she said softly. The twins came closer to hear her.

"I love him because he's my brother."

"That's what dad says, so we luv him too," said Xander.

Jokiah, looked over at her and arched a brow "Thank you Doctor. The rest of our family has disowned him because he umm doesn't like girls. He is still my brother and I love him regardless of who he chooses to love."

Soraya stood up, giving Jokiah an appraising look. "You are unlike the Romulans I have previously encountered, Ambassador," she said with a smile. "It is my honor to look after the health and well-being of you and your family."

Jokiah allowed a small smile to play at his lips. "Well there are Romulans and then there are Romulans. We don't all live up to the sterotype. I appreciate your understanding. I am looking forward to my time here on the station. Once again thank you Doctor. Perhaps when my wife arrives you can come and have dinner with us."

"I would love to dine with your family, Ambassador, thank you," the doctor replied.

"As soon as Serena arrives and settles in, I will extend an offical invitation.

"Excellent. I do hope to see you two soon, maybe in class with my daughter," Soraya said, addressing the children.

Ambassador Jokiah Mihileson
SB 7

Lieutenant Soraya Delrisa, M.D.


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