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Making an Entrance

Posted on Thu Feb 9th, 2012 @ 8:38am by Tiransor Mufan'se

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

Ambassador Mufan'se floated down the docking hatch, quickly spotting what had to be the greeting party. He was already starting towards them and vocalizing a greeting when a warning flashed on his display. Before he could react, the anti-gravity system cut out and he crashed to the deck with a large metallic thud.

T'Rena watched, trying to remain impassive but at the sight of the large beings sudden and abrupt descent to the deck she couldn't but help move forward along with the rest of the officers donning their dress uniforms. Something must have gone wrong with the antigrav units and then it came back to her. Cardassian design did not sit well with any form of antigrav equipment. Most of the docking and cargo loading had to be done manually and it was obviously the same way for the Ambassadors equipment.
"Ambassador...", the greetings completely abandoned. "How can we assist?"

Leanne moved over to the control panel on the antigrav and resisted the urge to smack it with her fist. She'd seen the engineers do that once or twice. The being that was in front of her looked like, for lack of a better definition a beached whale. "Ulonova to Engineering, I need someone up here now."

Tiransor was already recovering from the shock of the impact, the sudden drop bouncing him on the top and bottom of his hardsuit. The sudden failure of the anti-gravity system was a surprise, but one he wasn't totally unprepared for having been warned of the station's incompatibilities with anti-gravs. He just didn't think he would have a failure until later. "Thank you Commander." he sung, glancing at her rank pips. A small status screen on the edge of the visor was already showing the results of a diagnostic. "I believe the only assistance I would require at the moment would be some sort of cart." A moment later his suit shook with Aquatic laughter. "I must apologize Commander T'Rena, I believe my arrival may have damaged the floor of your docking area."

The half Vulcan cocked a eyebrow at the absurd comment trying to figure out if he was being serious. "With respect Ambassador, the deck plating can be repaired. I am more concerned about your well being".

Leanne couldn't help but laugh internally at the thought of the being in front of her beached on the bulkhead. She was still trying to figure out the specific workings of the grav unit. "Are you alright?"

"I am uninjured. A drop of a meter is hardly enough to leave even a bruise. And my suit is undamaged. The Insectoids can be quite rough in their dealings that our landsuits were made to handle such encounters. As for the anti-gravity generators it would appear that something on the station is producing an energy field that prevents the formation of the anti-graviton field underneath me." His small screen showed that the generator was in working order, except for the rapid dissolution of the anti-graviton beams.

T'Rena was at a loss as she stood allowing the small engineering team that had arrived with a larger Cargo roll frame to help the Ambassador around the station.
"Ambassador we have a meeting planned with a Cardassian delegation within the next two hours. You are more than welcome to partake and sit witness to the events."

"I would be happy to attend, thank you Commander T'Rena. I'll make sure to arrive, even if it has to be via your wonderful transporter." He looked towards the gathered engineers. "It looks like I'm in your hands. Hopefully I'm not too heavy for your equipment."

"Ambassador, if there is anything I can do for you in the long term I am more than willing to accommodate you. In the short term may I escort you to your quarters?" Leanne smiled at the ambassador through the holes in what she could only equate to as a reverse diving suit.

"Of course you may Commander. We can spend the time discussing the station. Shall we get started?"

"Sounds like a wonderful plan, I'll get you briefed on the current situation here on the station." Leanne nodded to her commanding officer. "I'll make sure that the ambassador is all settled in."


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