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The Cunning In The Group

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2012 @ 8:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Nauket Kulvher & Jokiah Mhielson

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

Again the thought of being trapped came back to T'Rena's mind. In the last few days she had either been chained to her desk plowing through the mountain of reports and other paperwork that came with being the Governor of a Starfleet instillation or alternatively she had been standing in the corridors by the airlocks waiting to greet the new dignitaries that seemed to be flooding to the station. This one would prove to be an interesting addition as he was working on behalf of the legitimate Romulan Government and representing their interests and brokering with other governments for aid with the rebuilding efforts after the Hobus Star disaster, although being Romulan would that be all he was out to achieve?

Once again she found herself wearing the less than comfortable white dress uniform with grey panel running the length of her front along with the other officers standing around her.

"All I can say is that I'm glad that I worked out while on leave.. I never looked good in the dress uniforms and I have to say that I still look awful." Leanne looked at the rest of the assembled.

Jokiah bent down and adjusted the twin's clothing for perhaps the hundredth time. He loved the boys dearly but they were trying his paitence. They both missed their mother, a sentiment he could agree with and were nervous and fidgety. He would of course have preferred to have Serena by his side but with all the uncertainty and chaos because of the recent destruction of Romulus he had insisted that both Serena and Jehu take different transports. He was looking forward to having his family on board the station and could deal with the minor headaches until they were all together.

"Boys," he told them, "You need to be on your best behavior, can you do that for daddy?"

Xavier nodded his head and both boys replied in unison, "Yes dada, we'll be good, we promised." This time the boys were replying in standard and he hoped they would continue. The boys were equally(though limited) fluent in Romulan, Betazed and Standard and were just as likely to blurt out a sentenence in each or sometimes a combintion of their three languages.

"Ambassador, it's time now, everyone is waiting." said a petite Ensign. who had been appointed to "babysit" the trio for the past several days. He adjuted his own clothing, making sure the collar of his cloak was properly fastened and he stepped out into the hall where the Star Fleet personnel were waiting.

Commander T'Rena, the head of the small gathering stepped forward offering the Vulcan salute of greeting.
"Peace and long life Ambassador. Welcome to Deep Space Seven!"
Her blood was starting to boil at the sight of the Romulan sporting the Uniform of those she had hated for many years. One of those beings in the same Uniform had raped and eventually killed her mother after she had been born of the violent act and now she had been ordered to play nice and make one of them feel welcomed. It took more effort than anything she had done to berrie the feelings than she had expended before in the same act.

Jokiah returned the greeting, it was not foreign to him, after all his mother had been an Ambassador to Vulcan. He was not telepathic by any means (though he could speak in his mind to his wife and kids who were)but he was a keen observer of people and it was not difficult to see the pain in the woman's eyes, nor did he fail to recognize that the woman had Romulan blood in her. Her face may have been tranquil and impassive but he could tell it was not her real face.

Knowing the history of his people he could guess at her underlying hostility, but there was no way for him to know if his assumptions were real or simply a product of his imagantion.

"Long life and prosper to you as well Commander. Thank you for welcoming me to your station. I look forward to working with you and the Federation. When my wife and brother arrive, I hope that you have dinner with us."

"I would be honored Ambassador", she offered keeping her tone flat as a tear of worry appeared over the Romulan culinary preferences. "If you would care to follow me I will escort you to your quarters".

"Thank you," Jokiah replied, "My boys are tired and ready for bed. I appreciate your going to such lengths to show us hospitailty. You are the station Commander you could have had someone else perfrom this task."

He felt something tugging on his leg and he looked down to see Xavier holding up both hands. He reached down and picked up the boy who clung to his neck. As if on cue Xaander in a loud stage whisper said,"Dada I gotta go to the bathroom. NOW!"

T'Rena simply raised an eyebrow at the statement made by the child finding it fascinating how no matter what species children always seemed to be the same no matter the racial difference.
"Your quarters are a short distance Ambassador!"

"Thank you Commander," he replied,"Perhaps we can continue with the pomp and circumstance some other time, I believe that an expeditioius journey to those quarters might be a wise idea at this time."

Leanne watched the events unfold before her without much to say or add. They seemed nice enough but something about the whole situation didn't sit right with her and she didn't trust them. She kept her mouth shut waiting for this all to be over.


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