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The First Day

Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2012 @ 11:49pm by Crewman Gabriel Erik Ensure & Jokiah Mhielson & Ensign Jehu Mihieson

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Malor Lounge
Timeline: 0700 hours.

This would not do. It would not do at all. The maliroth plant he'd acquired just before leaving Starfleet headquarters was starting to die, and Erik couldn't find a single problem in any of its structures.

In his quarters, Crewman Erik Ensure was highly agitated at this news. He tapped two fingers of his hand against the top of his other palm, tilting his head slightly toward the side and grimacing. They were dying, he could feel it. Overly distraught by this news, Erik let out a slight noise of discomfort from the back of his throat, his pacing increasing slightly. "It is going to die," Erik repeated to himself. "The plant is going to die, then it is my fault. Life," Erik waved a hand about, as if he were talking to someone in the vicinity, which he wasn't.

The computer on the wall beeped and a slow, calming voice jetted out in measured words, "Do you require assistance, Crewman Ensure?" Wrapping his hands about his skinny arms (not even the Starfleet uniform could make him look more toned, his meekness in stature showing in his tall gangly limbs and obnoxiously intrusive height), Erik rocked slightly on his heels, kneeling down and pressing himself into the wall.

"It is going to die, commander computer. It will die. Life is valuable, God teaches us -" Erik started, abruptly stopping to pull out from his uniform inside pocket a small Holy Bible. He flipped through the pages and pointed at a highlighted passage. "He teaches us, look - life is sacred. It is sacred. We cannot kill, it is forbidden, we are responsible for life and every life is sacrosanct and of the divine. You see it grows?" Erik held the bible up to the quarters as if to show the computer. "It grows with natural rhythm, it grows, 1.61803398874989... toward the light of the sun, it grows, perfect mathematical synchronicity, perfect proportions, designed..."

By himself, Erik seemed to talk quite a lot more than he had to anyone on the shuttle ride over to DS7: Roark Nor, to his commanding officer, to the quartermaster, to the instructor leaving him behind, or to anyone who deigned to say anything at all to him. Erik could sometimes be a brick wall, but now it seemed like he had regained an inner loquaciousness whilst alone. The computer gave him a puzzled chime, before requesting once again, "Crewman Ensure, according to all computational sensor data, the maliroth is suffering from a lack of fireniael, an essential nutrient found commonly in Ferengi yeast spores."

Erik focused his dark, pitch-black eyes on the plant in front of him, twisting his finger gently around one of the leaves, looking quite forlorn. When the computer spoke again, he jolted and jumped to his feet. "Fireniael, yes. Computer, fireniael!" He pointed at the replicator that was requisitioned for his quarters by the station quartermaster, but nothing came of his request. "...Computer?"

A brief pause, before it answered back, "We do not yet contain a replicator program for fireniael aboard the station."

Throwing his hands in the air, Erik hit his head against the wall repeatedly. Nothing could be done. Unless... yeast spores. That meant yeast, and that might mean alcohol. "Computer, where is the nearest -" Erik cleared his throat, looking a bit uncomfortable, "Bar?"

"The nearest drinking establishment is located off of subsection six on the promenade, called the Malor Lounge." The schematics for the station appeared overhead of the replicator, and Erik bent down to study them before he picked up his plant, placed it on the table and tucked the bible he had been reading out of back in his uniform inner pocket. The Malor Lounge looked like it was getting a new customer.

Once outside of his quarters, Erik seemed to change almost immediately. He shrunk back into himself, avoiding eye contact with anyone, his hands stuffed under his arms and his shoulders and back hunched to avoid calling attention to himself. He was shaking and flapping his hands slightly by his sides as he made his way to the Malor Lounge and slipped in. With its dimmer crowd of people and darker, seedier atmosphere, Erik relaxed a minute amount before walking up to the bartender.

"Ex-ex, uh," Erik stuttered, blinking rapidly as some of the psi input from everyone around him began to filter even through his cortical implant. The noise was a bit deafening and Erik looked a little sick. "Ex-cuse me?" he finally stumbled out, and a rather mean looking Ferengi turned and bared his teeth, glaring at Erik, who jumped and blinked a little more. "Canihaveadrink?" he blurted out, all as one word.

"Slow down, kid. What? Are you even old enough to be in here?" The Ferengi was losing patience.

"A Ferengi drink," Erik told the bartender quietly. Having enough of the foolish Betazoid, the bartender poured Erik some sort of concoction and handed it to him. Erik stepped off the stool and started to head off, eager as ever to get out of there and back to the safety of his quarters. It wasn't soon after he made his way out, however, that he suddenly found himself shoulder-to-chest with another patron, his drink going flying. Erik's feet twisted slightly and he fell forward into them, having only enough time to realize that they were a Romulan before he was on the floor on his stomach with what might be an angry Romulan standing over him.

Erik did what any person might do in that situation, and covered his head with his hands.

Jokiah who had found a nurse from Sick Bay to watch the twins was relaxing, or trying to relax at any rate.He was dressed casually in tan khakis and an olive polo shirt. He had been busy most of the day taking care of all the things one usually has to take care of after a move from half a galaxy away.

At least here in the bar no one recognized him or called him Ambassador. He could just be himself. Just be Jokiah. Jehu was late which was not like him. Jehu was many things but he was hardly if ever tardy and although he would never show it he was starting to feel a little anxious.

He sat down his drink, a daiquiri, rum was so much smoother than Romulan Ale, and stood up to look for his twin. He heard a commotion beside him, but it was too late to avoid the almost frail human that collided with him.

The human took it far worse than him and Jokiah could feel the man's embarrassment. "It's okay," he said as he reached down to help the man up. "No harm no foul, as you Humans would say."

As Erik was stood back up on his feet, his obvious inhumanity could be seen when he turned luminous black eyes on the Romulan in front of him. More out of surprise than anything, his eyes were wide with a mixture of fear, anger and disappointment, before he quickly looked back at his feet. Erik began to speak in a string of almost perfect Romulan, save for the accent which couldn't be helped by his vocal physiology.

"I apologize, Ambassador," he said, as the man's thoughts had flitted about the air revealing his status to the powerful telempath in front of him. Looking a bit forlorn at the empty glass at his feet, Erik sighed. He grabbed the PADD that had also fallen out of his hands off of the floor lest it be stepped on, and clutched it close to his chest, looking a bit like a fish out of water surrounded by Jokiah and the larger group around them. He started flicking his fingers against one another, and pressed a palm into his eye.

Jokiah smiled reassuringly at the man~Its okay~ he thought ~My wife is Betazoid. She has taught me a few tricks~ Then in Romulan he said, "Please don't think anything of it. Why don't we sit over there," he paused and pointed to a table in the corner of the room away from the growing crowd, "I'm just waiting for my brother. I'm going to grab some dinner and another drink. Can I get you anything?"

Completely ignoring everyone and everything, Erik followed the Romulan to another table, looking a bit stunned. He folded his arms in on himself again as he slid into the chair, pulling his feet up to rest his chin on his knees. "I lost my drink," Erik finally said softly, looking as if it took all the willpower in the world just to mumble out a sentence. His words in Standard were given with a thick southern accent, which made it sound more like a lilt. He looked up slightly, peering at Jokiah out from under his knees.

While he was wearing a Starfleet uniform, the positively bizarre Betazoid in front of Jokiah hardly seemed fit for duty, even by Federation standards. Yet, here he was, crewman plate attached to his purple diplomatic issue uniform. He poked his finger against the PADD still clutched in his hand, drawing up a diagram of a common Ferengi drink. He tipped the PADD toward Jokiah, showing him what he meant. With a tilt of his head, Erik turned to scan the door, watching the exit and the people milling about behind him.

Jokiah tried to keep his thoughts a neutral as possible. The young man sitting in front of him was... a very different type of Fleeter and while some might have seen him as strange Jokiah had trained himself to look beyond the obvious. If the Federation allowed him to wear the uniform, there must be a good reason.

As diverse as the Federation was they were not stupid. He reached out a hand and laid it gently on the other man's shoulder. "That's a pretty powerful drink, are you sure that's what you want?"

Reacting as if he was being scalded with acid, Erik jerked violently at the touch and shook Jokiah's hand off of him almost immediately, stuttering, "It's for my plant!" like he was revealing the answer after a long and arduous interrogation. He dialed it down a little. Grimacing awkwardly, his facial features screwed up like they were a radio dial just trying to hit the right frequency and not quite making it, he told Jokiah more quietly, "The - fireniael, for the plant," he said, tipping his hand palm-up as if to demonstrate that somehow. "Nutrients. I don't drink," he said, rather vehemently at that.

"My plant is dying," he finished lamely, arching an eyebrow and quirking his lips downward. He observed the Romulan ambassador when he thought the other man wasn't looking, and noticed, amidst all of the chaos in his mind, that the Romulan was being rather nice to him. The eyebrow quirked back down into a furrow. Interesting.

Jokiah pulled his hand back. He had hesitated before reaching out to the other man. Though he was not a doctor he had a pretty good idea of his condition. He tried not to think about it not wanting to offend him, especially if he were wrong.

"So tell me about the plants. You obvioiusly care for them."

Jehu finally made it down to meet his brother, like always he had needed to meet up with him. He was late which was unusual for him, but the transport had been delayed. Jehu needed his brother and knew he would be there for him. He walked into the lounge and looked for the man who looked all like him.

"Hey Jokiah, Sorry I'm late!" he said.

Jokiah looked up and offered Jehu a seat as he continued to wait for the other Star Fleet Officer to respond.

As Jehu made his way toward their table, Erik had seemed to tune out the ambassador in favor of examining the clear lines of his PADD, running his fingers over the glass edges rhythmically. He looked up, as if suddenly realizing he were being tasked to answer. "Maliroth," he intoned simply. "The Ferengi owner abandoned it. It was sad," he said, as if that explanation made any real sense. He looked up at Jehu, who sat down beside him, and seemed to shrink into his chair a little more. He spoke a quick Romulan greeting at the new arrival, his proficiency in the grammatical structure and vocabulary evident. "His transport was delayed," Erik said at random, shrugging.

"You okay Jehu?" Jokiah asked.

Jehu took a sit next to his brother. he noticed the guy on the table. He studied him twice before raising a brow and turning his attention to the bar. "I don't like when people snoop inside my head." Jehu said. "it makes bad conversation."

The Betazoid crewman shut his eyes, pressing the PADD in his hands against his face, but otherwise didn't comment at Jehu's offense at all. Jokiah shook his head minutely, and looked Jehu in the eye. "It's okay just relax he means no harm by it."

Nodding suddenly behind his PADD, Erik spoke methodically, "No harm," he agreed with a frown.

"I'm just messing with you. If you really want to know what I'm thinking you can join me in my quarters tonight." Jehu said.

"Oh my God, "Jokiah said rolling his eyes. "Really Jehu, you've been aboard the station ten minutes and you're already hitting on guys?"

Erik popped his eyes open. With the onslaught of constant telempathic activity surrounding them even with his cortical implant, Erik gathered the meaning and implication easily. He shook his head repeatedly, firmly, but couldn't quite manage to get himself to speak. His commbadge beeped at his chest and Erik tapped it, blinking idly. The voice of one of his superiors at the diplomatic labs filtered through easily.

"Crewman Ensure, your lab is ready whenever you want. The computer has just been outfitted with a new translation matrix which should be satisfactory."

Erik shook his head again and tapped his commbadge off. "Computers," he tapped his head. "Replacing us, in our minds. We need our minds."

"Would you like us to come with you Crewman Ensure?" Jokiah queried.

Once again falling into a lapse of silence, Erik didn't respond, favoring tapping through his PADD idly. He looked lost in thought, like he didn't know what was happening around him. He seemed to prefer the innerworld in his mind to the one out there. He was starting to get antsy and his fingers moved and grabbed and pulled at the fabric of his uniform slacks. Socialization always did a big number on him, and he was looking more and more restless as time went on, especially with Jehu eying him. He didn't know why he would need them to come with him, but he didn't want to potentially mistake following an order. "It's not interesting," he finally replied, his voice nearly lost amidst the din of the bar.

"If I insulted you by saying what I said I'm sorry." Jehu said putting a smile on his face.

Once again, Erik shook his head, and gave a quick, almost expressionless smile. It looked plastered and fake, like he was trying to figure out how to respond properly. "No insult," he confirmed mildly. "No quarters, but no insult. You are both interested in my lab? It is dull. I think it's interesting, but most people think I am a nerd." The smile seemed to relax slightly at that, like he found that sort of amusing.

'I find languages fascinating Crewman Ensure and I can tell you have a knack for them. I would enjoy seeing your lab. What about you Jehu?"

Looking at the Romulan ambassador as he spoke, Erik shrugged and stood up. He tapped a map out on his PADD and showed it to the two, as if silently communicating where his lab was. He glanced down at the both of them, his superior height rather obnoxiously outmatching them. If he had any sort of muscle mass at all, he might have been intimidating. As such, he was sort of reminiscent of an Earth stickbug.

"We'll meet you there." Jokiah said.

Translation Laboratory - Diplomatic Detachment

Having never before seen the translation laboratory, Erik managed to spin them in a bit of a circle before stumbling onto a turbolift haphazardly and making their way down to the diplomatic detachment unit. Erik keyed open the door, shuffling inside and ducking underneath to avoid hitting his head.

The computers were barely unpacked, but a miniature holographic study came to life as Erik sat down and started exploring the controls. Ancient runes of almost lost civilizations appeared on a miniature holographic display, while Erik waved his hand through the image idly, mumbling their meanings under his breath. Jumping and clearing his throat, Erik remembered he had visitors. He quirked an eyebrow at the door where they were standing, gesturing toward the interior of the lab silently.

Jokiah and Jehu walked in unison into the lab and began looking around. Jehu looked around the lab. "This is... nice," he said. he walked over to the holographic display that Erik was looking at. "So, what language is this?" he said pointing to the display.

Smiling a little, the bizarre Betazoid shrugged. "Ancient," he said, spreading his fingers apart at the tips. He traced over a few of the runes once again. "Atlas, axis, cervical, C-1, C-2, C-3," he recited, arching an eyebrow. "Spinal column," he translated finally after a few minutes. He took a deep breath, and pushed a pair of square glasses perched on his nose up, the glass reflecting the room in his eyes. In a practiced monotone, he eyed the two Romulans. "What do you want to see? It can show you many cultures." Erik frowned. "I think."

"Why don't we start with your favorite. I've found that is usually the best." Jokiah said.

With a mild sigh, Erik pursed his lips and tapped a button on the side. Out from the middle of nowhere, an entire scene with scrolling elliptical script and patterning erupted from the miniature holographic core. Trees, various foliage, some sort of strange avian creature, and humanoids with dark black eyes could be seen walking around in the image. "Most favorites are not yours," Erik explained, turning his hand palm-up in another of those strange gestures.

"Mine is not mine, so it interests me. Earth is mine. Yours is Romulus." With a wave of his hand, the scenery changed once again to that of the Romulan empire. "Is Romulus your favorite?" Erik blurted out suddenly, looking between both Jehu and Jokiah, speaking a little more now that he was in the safety of his lab around people who seemingly didn't want to hurt him. "Why are you on the station?" he asked again, boldly, though his breathing was shaky and his hands were curled in on themselves, like to merely ask a question was testing his bravery.

Jokiah gave the man a long look. A Romulan, even ones like himself and Jehu who truly wanted a closer relationship between Romulus and the Federation, had some ulterior motive. They were not all about altruism. They were Romulans after all and there was always an angle to play. Using the tricks Serena had taught him he kept his thoughts away from just what that angle might have been and only hoped Jehu would do the same. "As you already picked up on, I am the Ambassador of the legitimate Romulan authorities here to make sure that our interest are protected and to better relations between our two people. My brother is a Star Fleet officer working in Intelligence. He is probably better at giving his reason for being here than I can."

While Jokiah was skilled at shielding his mind, Erik's constant psionic input managed to filter a few whispers of just-beneath-currents, though, with all of the other nonsense floating around in his head, as well as his inability to really make sense of most of it, luckily for Jokiah, it was entirely lost on the Betazoid telepath in front of him. Most of the information that came into Erik's mind stayed there and floated around, merging and melding with everything else until none of it really made any sense. With that, he only blinked in reply, pushing his glasses up on his nose again nervously, spinning around idly in the stool chair he sat perched on while looking at Jehu inquisitively.

Jehu took a breath, he had to give the kid credit for speaking up. "I'm here because I fell in love. I use to be a dark person. My duty from the time that i could talk let alone walk was to the Romulan Star Empire and her interests. Like my brother I am also hopeful to bring relations between our two Governments."

Continuing to kick his feet toward the ground, turning the stool chair this way and that, Erik hummed and hawed at the answer, tapping his fingers against his jaw meticulously. Opening his mouth as if to say something profound, Erik paused for a moment before finally convalescing in a quietly vocalized, "Hm." Tapping steadily against his jawbone, Erik mumbled under his breath.

"Sargon's people, millions of years, the war. Then, split." He broke his hands apart to indicate a split. "Debrune, Rigelian, Vulcan, Romulan... Romulans are not Rigelians," he confirmed with a tilt of his head and a raise of his eyebrows. As he spoke, he keyed through some of the schematics on each of the races he named. With a shrug, Erik finally concluded with another question, "Ambassador, are you my boss?"

"I am a guest of the Federation. Technically I don't work for them. However you are a man of unqiue skills if you would like to work with me then I will speak to Commander T' Rena on your behalf. I believe you would make a great asset."

At that, Erik gave a quick, shy smile. "Yes, sir," he agreed with a nod.

Ensign Jehu Mihieson
Intelligences: Infiltration Specialist,
DS7: Roark Nor
Crewman Erik Ensure
Diplomacy: Translation Specialist,
DS7: Roark Nor
Ambassador Jokiah Mihielson
Diplomacy: Romulan Ambassador,
DS7: Roark Nor


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