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Let's Get Physical

Posted on Sun Feb 5th, 2012 @ 8:34pm by Crewman Gabriel Erik Ensure & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After "The First Day"

Having forgotten the Ferengi drink he'd needed to procure, Erik was saddened. But, more urgently, he was also severely lost. Deep Space Seven was big. Really big. It was almost inconceivable for Erik to fathom just how truly, impossibly big Deep Space Seven was. That is, until he was stuck in his fifth turbolift on the way to sickbay. Still on the hunt for a Ferengi willing to sell him some alcohol for his plant, the young Betazoid translation specialist had received a communication from one of the station's medical officers ordering him to the sickbay for his physical.

Yes, of course. Being that his file was rather urgent in that he needed most of his medications, he had no doubt that they would have called him up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the gigantic sweeping layout of the Cardassian station was proving antithetical to Erik's chances of navigating the hellish hallways to find the dang place. Obnoxiously, horrifically late, the twig-like overarching figure of the crewman eventually ducked through the sliding doors to the station's sickbay.

Only an hour or so late. That wasn't bad, right? Erik made a noise of distress that could only be heard by him, and pressed the palm of his hand against his right eye. No good, it was simply no good. "Why couldn't DS7 be small?" Erik intoned to himself in his quiet southern lilt, frowning bemusedly before spotting the silhouette of the station's CMO flitting about her workspace. He approached her skittishly, almost like a nervous cat, and tapped his fingers against the biobed she was standing near. He cleared his throat softly, alerting her to his presence without offering anything by way of greeting.

He did, however, manage to give her a slight wave of hello.

Soraya turned at the sound, tilting her head back until she saw a face.

"Yes?" she asked the tall man.

Blinking owlishly down at her, the Betazoid did nothing except fold one of his hands over his arms, and use the other to push a pair of clear glasses up onto his nose more securely. The two came to an impasse as Erik seemed to have interrupted her just to stand there and look mildly perturbed, and a bit distracted. Fortunately, before the CMO could potentially get tired of waiting for an answer, Erik responded slowly. "Crewman Ensure," he said, pointing at himself. "I need medication and to be pronounced fit for duty, one of the officers said so." Erik arched his eyebrows and glanced over at the only other medical personnel in the room. One of them had likely called him here.

"Ah," she said, arching a brow. "Lucky for you a have a light workload today. We can talk in here," she added, walking into an exam room, then turned and waited for him.

Erik traipsed in along after her, standing near the corner of the room to examine a life-sized model of the Vulcan brain that was sat on top of a desk near the bio-bed, his attention momentarily distracted by the structure. He traced over it, jumping a little when he turned back to meet the doctor as if he just recalled she was there. He pulled out a PADD from the inside of his uniform and awkwardly thrust it out at her. On it was a laundry list of medications, including an antipsychotic, an analgesic, a tissue regenerative, and anti-anxiety medication.

Soraya took the padd and sat down, motioning for him to do the same. She accessed his medical file on the terminal.

"Mr. Ensure, I'm Doctor Delrisa," she said, looking over his record. "You were scheduled to come in over an hour ago," she added, then glanced again at the list of medications. She smiled to reassure him.

"No matter, you're here now. Your pre-flight checked out just fine, so today I'm going to run the same scans and compare the results so we can know if you suffered any stress during transport to the station."

Not waiting for a response, she pulled a tricorder from her pocket and walked over to the crewman.

Stammering slightly, Erik lowered his head and flipped his hand over palm-up, in his version of a shrug. "I got lost," he told the wall, anti-climactic, looking a little bit embarrassed. It wasn't his fault the station was so freaking huge, was it? As Soraya sat down, Erik slowly turned from the wall and slid into his chair, moving a little like a spider with too-long legs. The beeping of the tri-corder hummed around him as the doctor waved it over him, and distracted Erik from his thoughts. He liked the tri-corder noise, it was soothing.

As she scanned him, he covertly peeked at her while she was busy transcribing notes and looking at files, watching her scurry about.

Human... with a bond to a Betazoid. Husband? Child? Erik ran through the possibilities in his head, zoning out a little and staring unfocused at the wall. Doctor, wife, kids... mild-irritation-lateness. Erik rose one of his hands, tapping a finger against the air like he was using an invisible interface of some kind, though really it was more a tic. The appointment continued in relative silence, before Erik supplied helpfully, "I had earmuffs. It made the stress go away."

Soraya frowned at the tricorder, looking up when Erik spoke.

"You wore earmuffs during transport?" she asked, then adjusted the instrument and scanned his head. "I'm not detecting any aural disability."

The taller man had long since tuned out as Soraya continued her scans, and only looked up several minutes later to nod. "No disability," he confirmed. He tapped his ear a little. "Loud noises, shrill, shrieky little things. Tap, tap, tap. On th'mind fishbowl, with slinky constant-thoughts all around 'em," Erik elucidated, though it was not very lucid at all. As he spoke for longer than a few seconds, his natural thick southern lilt blanketed the words to a haze, barely understandable as he tended to mumble quite a lot. For a Betazoid, it was a rather unusual mix of Earth accenting Betazoid vocal physiology. He tilted his head toward the side, leaning forward slightly and turning away as she drew closer.

Then she caught his eye and looked at him thoughtfully for a moment until he turned away.

"Are you uncomfortable, Mr. Ensure?" she said softly, reaching out to touch his arm.

Almost immediately, though his actions were slow and disorganized before, the reaching out prompted Erik to flinch away. He composed himself, dropping his feet back to the ground and resting his hands on his lap respectfully. "A little," he nodded sharply twice. He looked over at her computer. "My medications need to be ordered, and when I don'have them, then the world gets," Erik shrugged, his fingers moving in an almost chorea of their own, "Twitchy," he settled on. He spoke forcefully, like he was making himself push out every word. "I need Ferengi alcohol," Erik blurted out again, though the request was seemingly unrelated to his medications.

"Of course," the doctor said, "I'll just need you to lie down on the biobed for me," she motioned towards it as she spoke, "So that I can run the final scans for your physical. I'll have the necessary medications replicated for you in the meantime."

Pushing himself to his feet, Erik stood up, towering over the human doctor as he rose to his full height before folding himself up and onto the indicated bio-bed. He stretched his legs, his feet moving sporadically against one another as he lied down. He drew his legs up slightly, not enjoying the position at all. The life-signs were mostly within the normal range, aside from his blood pressure which was a bit on the low side and the spikes that were due to pain from the lack of medication he'd had in the last few days.

Soraya walked back to the biobed carrying a pill dispenser. She read the scan results that now appeared on the terminal, and noticed the tense posture of her patient.

"Mr. Ensure, you may sit up now. Have a seat back in the chair if you like," she said, moving her chair closer and sitting back down.

Eagerly, Erik stood back up on his feet, very much pleased not to be lying prone any longer. He eyed the pill dispenser in her hand almost warily, though, he truly did know he couldn't function without being medicated. Even after the short while off of the medications, he'd slipped a bit enough to have people question his competence. The translation specialist arched his thick eyebrows, pushing his clear classes up on his nose again. "Thank you," he told the doctor simply.

"I have your medications," she began, handing him the dispenser. "Your scan results look fine, transport suited you," she said with a smile, trying to put him at ease. It didn't seem to be working.

"Your antipsychotic, Pravozithil, has some strong side effects. Recent studies have shown it can cause hallucinations in Betazoid people. Have you experienced this?"

Erik tapped his fingers against his lips, looking a little perplexed (an often usual state for Erik). He thought for a while, before shaking his head slowly. "Restlessness," he finally supplied. He held up his hand. "Hands shake lots." He frowned and gave her another shrug.

She made a notation, nodding her head. "We'll keep you on your current medications for now, but I would like to see you regularly, lets say weekly for now. We may want to consider adding therapy to the mix, and see if we can start backing you off the anxiety drug. Have you been in therapy before?"

The Betazoid crewman shook his head more, this time much quicker, looking a little more uneasy. The mess of floppy brown hair on his head fell about his eyes slightly with the motion. "Just those who were in the facility I was located. They helped me with school."

"That's very good. I believe it would be a help to you, Mr. Ensure. You are cleared for duty, is there anything else I can do for you today?"

Offering her a light smile, Erik shook his head before standing up once again. He never seemed to stay in one position for very long, always fidgeting and moving about. Clutching the medications he'd been handed, he guarded them almost protectively. "No, Dr. Delrisa," he confirmed after a long moment of silence and a vacant blink. He looked toward the door as if eager to escape the small office, and waited for her command for dismissal.

"I will see you in seven days, Mr. Ensure. Do please be on time," Soraya said with teasing smile.

Hopping up once again, Erik flashed her a quick, shy smile before moving out of the sliding doors to her office.


Lieutenant Soraya Delrisa
Medical/counseling: Chief Medical Officer
DS7: Roark Nor

Crewman Erik Ensure
Diplomacy: Translation Specialist,
DS7: Roark Nor


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