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Reporting In

Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2012 @ 3:21pm by Crewman Gabriel Erik Ensure

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Commander's Ready Room
Timeline: Before "The First Day"

Sporting a pair of giant puffy earmuffs and an unreasonable amount of luggage, Crewman Erik Ensure made his way from the airlock in section three down the crowded area of the promenade. In one arm he had a piece of luggage stored under his arm, and a maliroth plant held tightly in his hands. In the other, he was wheeling another piece of luggage and all in all, looking rather weighed down. Eventually, Erik found his way to the quarters assigned to him by the station's quartermaster, and deposited his luggage on the floor.

He gently set the maliroth down, before turning and walking out of the room backwards.

Roark Nor was the largest place Erik could ever remember being. The structure was vast and sweeping, though it didn't look very welcoming or friendly from the runabout he'd just got off of. Sharp edges, pointed, jagged, Roark Nor looked like it was built to hurt. From what Starfleet had done with the inside of it, though, it was obviously repurposed. Bright, calm, social, exuberant. The energy of the station and its occupants pulsed through Erik even with his cortical implant as he tried to follow along with his map to make his way to the station commander's ready room.

After a long while of aimlessly wandering and having to be pointed in the right direction by several people, Erik finally emerged through the doors of T'Rena's ready room as he had been requested to meet with her, and came to an awkward, graceless halt in front of her desk. He folded his hands in front of him and let them rest at his stomach, looking down at the top of the Vulcan commander's head with fascination. Realizing he was still sporting a pair of fluffy pink earmuffs, he sheepishly pushed them off of his ears and let the brightly colored spots hang around his neck.

He opened his mouth, taking a breath before delivering lines that had been obviously practiced, though they came out a little nervously and quickly. "Hello, Commander T'Rena. I am Crewman Ensure, reporting for duty. I am the new station translation specialist, and you ordered me to meet you, sir." He had hoped that with a Vulcan, he could attempt to modify his speech to sound a little bit more intelligent and logical. Obviously trying to impress (and failing), he tapped his fingers against the tops of his hands slightly, looking a little bugeyed. Despite the earmuffs around his neck, he had made sure to change into his uniform which was free of any defects or even a wrinkle.

He frowned, and added, "And I am sorry about the earmuffs. The lady on the runabout gave them to me. The noise was frightening. I forgot to take them off." Erik smiled quickly, before his expression dissolved almost immediately back into normal.

Like a scientist examining some form of bacteria in a test tube she carefully took in what she saw. It wasn't standard practice for a Commanding Officer to meet all new officers and crew but in this case, a very special case, she had been inclined to meet the miraculous person face to face.

"Crewman, welcome to Deep Space Seven and please be seated!"

He was a standard Betazoid with one very little difference in his biological make up. His telepathic ability, instead of developing at puberty had been switched on from the time he was born and thus had developed a rather unusual person. T'Rena was only aware of one other that had entered Starfleet Service, one Tam Elbrun who had ended up absconding with a creature called Gomtu. For a being such as this to apply to Starfleet and even survive several years service was miraculous in and of itself and she was proud to say she would be overseeing his time on Deep Space Seven.

"It is not standard practice for me to meet with new crew members however given your status I thought it wise to meet with you and discuss any requirements you may have."

Erik gave the commander another shy, fleeting smile through the fingers he had been tapping against his lips. He nodded at her, arching his eyebrows. "Just a quiet," he said enigmatically. He looked around the office for a moment, staring at a chair that had been laid out for him as though it might bite. Warily, he approached it, before folding himself into it like a spider trying to fit all its limbs every which way. Erik certainly wasn't lacking in height, and even in his seated position he was centimeters taller than the commander. "Quiet quarters... quiet room... quiet lab... quiet people." Erik shrugged. "I like quiet," he said, looking up with amusement. After that, he fell silent again, as if trapped in his own little reverie.

"I can appreciate your desire Crewman. I know that Commander Lam had been making preparations for your arrival before her departure. A specialist lab has been assembled within the quieter section of the docking ring. It is in a little used section so as to cater to your quiet requirements".
She knew all to well just how busy things could get in the central core or even the habitat ring where the science labs were all located.

The Vulcan took a moment to consider the specialist before her, taking in his appearance and the signs that he may have been giving off. She had never been one to read into psychology, but in this instance it did have its uses. He seemed to be awkward in his dealings with T'Rena and she wondered if his dealings with the rest of the crew would be a heightened state of that same awkwardness. She would be radiating very little emotion because of her Vulcan training but some of the crew, Commander Mason and Commander Ra-Movraii especially had emotion very close to the surface. It could easily bombard the sensitive Betazoid and cause issues down the line. Having said that both were Starfleet Officers and they would conduct themselves with some decorum it would just mean she would have a meeting with both in regards of the unique addition.

"Do you have any further requirements?"

Looking a little bug-eyed and tapping his hands in a slight nervousness, the Betazoid translation specialist simply looked about the room rather than responding. It was as though the walls, instead of the commander in front of him, held some sort of answer that he was looking for. As though they could speak rather than him. Moments of this went by, before it seemed as though Erik finally recognized that he was bidden to respond to the person in front of him. Blinking those large, depthless black eyes toward her, he simply shook his head no, giving another one of those shy-quick smiles. Entirely quiet, Erik, while large in stature, attempted to make himself as little-noticed nor attention-needing as possible. As such, the response was delivered silently - a mere shake of his head in negative. As if to say nope, nothing else here, sir!

If she had been anything but Vulcan the moment would have seemed more than just uncomfortable. Instead she again cocked her eyebrows up towards her hairline still considering how this more than unique being would find settling into a community such as Deep Space Seven. Even she found the amount of noise to be undesirable and some times unbearable.

"In which case Crewman, I will not hold your time any longer. welcome to Deep Space Seven!"

Erik at this time, unfolding all of his spider-limbs, stood up, once more towering over the Vulcan commander. He gave her yet another quick-shy smile, and a twitch of his head to the side, his eyes unfocused slightly before he turned and nodded, giving her a thumbs-up signal and a shy, "Goodbye, Comman'er T'Rena. Thank y'for the welcome." His voice was deep-ochre quiet, and spoken with a humble thick-honey southern accent - a product of his many years growing up in the fields of Georgia.

Command: Commanding Officer
DS7: Roark Nor

CWMN Erik Ensure
Diplomatic Detachment: Translation Specialist
DS7: Roark Nor


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