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Getting to know you

Posted on Sun Mar 11th, 2012 @ 3:01am by Tiransor Mufan'se

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Promenade
Timeline: A few hours before Second Sitting

"As you can see, we've renovated most of the promenade, when we took command of this station, the Cardassians had severely gutted most of the infrastructure of the station. Right over these used to be a five meter hole in the outer hull of the station." Leanne was trying her best to keep the ambassador interests. "I've been here since first opened up operations so this is kind of my home away from home."

Tiransor watched in interest as he was guided down the Promenade, using his own eyes when possible, imager feeds when not. The Cardassian design was unfamiliar to him, and as alien as anything he had seen on Earth. But alien was exactly why he was here. "From what I have read about the Cardassians it is no surprise that they would try to prevent others from using their technology and installations. It must be a source of shame that they failed twice with their space stations. How long has the Federation had control of this place?"

Leanne stopped for a minute to think. "Coming up on two years now. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the reason the Cardassians have come knocking try and take back their property." Leanne smiled as several of the station personal made way for the ambassador. "Other than crashing on our deck did you have a nice trip in?"

"It was very relaxing actually. The warp drive may still be slower than our vortex generators but it is much smoother. I must admit though, I was not expecting the Council to send me to a deep space station. I was anticipating staying on Earth and learning about the Federation from its capital."

"There is some value to that I believe, Earth is a very unique and diverse place, maybe they thought that you could bring us a new insight out here that we hadn't considered. To be honest, I'm not too familiar with your species so I'm glad that you are stationed out here with us." Leanne smiled as they reached the end of the promenade and the cargo lifts. "We've cleared out and accessorized a large bay for you down three decks. Should give you enough room to be comfortable." She hit the call button. "I'll come down with you to make sure we get you settled."

"By all means Commander. While we travel is there anything you would like to know?"

"Well, my past career was as ships doctor, so there a plenty of questions that come to mind of a medical nature, but lets start with the basics." She smiled as the lift arrived. "Why did you want to experience humanity?"

"Some still try to deny it, but it was our encounter with humanity that was one of the defining moments in our modern history." Tiransor stated. "For years the Council dedicated everything to eliminating Earth and its inhabitants. Then humans showed us the truth about the Sphere Builders and ended up splitting the Council by accident. After such an upheaval it's understandable that we turned isolationist, but I felt it was past time to join the interstellar community."

"Understandable, one of the greatest things that we could have ever done was go out into the stars. The things that we've learned, and the species we've met, I feel that every interaction adds something to both races." Leanne smiled as the lift opened to the floor. "Sometimes I want to go back to Earth and stay there, but I always get the urge to come back out here."

"There is a lot out here, that is true." Tiransor stated as he was wheeled out of the turbolift. "It's too bad the Council is slow to reach outward. Now that we're completely surrounded by the Federation there's nowhere for us to go but to become a part of it, but they still look back to our encounter with Captain Archer."

"Well, hopefully with some good experiences you can report back to your council and hopefully open some minds to new experiences." Leanne stopped in front of a cargo bay and hit the button to the door, revealing a large expanse of water held back by a force field. "I hope this will be to your liking."

The Xindi ambassador squealed with delight at the sight of the room. "It looks perfect! Even the color of the water is correct." His home waters were more greenish than the usual terran blue so the fact that the station's personnel got that right was a welcome surprise. "I'm guessing the field will only hold back the water while allowing me access?"

"Correct, we've tried to approximate your homeworld as much as possible, short of shipping in some water I doubt that we'd get much closer." Leanne smiled at the ambassador. "We've also programmed the replicator for dishes from your world." She moved out of the way to give him room. "After you're settled and the conference I'd love to get to know you more."

"That would be most agreeable Commander Ulonova." Tiransor said with a smile. "Hopefully the conference will not take too long. I will make sure to bring some schematics with me, I have an idea for a modification to my suit, one that should make this anti-gravity interference a thing of the past." he added while he had the sled push him through the forcefield.

"Great, I'm sure that our engineers can accommodate any request. Is there anything else I can do for you before the meeting?" Leanne watched as the creature slid into the water if not I have some preparations to make before hand."

"Thank you, but no. You've done more than enough as it is. I shouldn't distract you from your regular duties any longer. I'm afraid I've already kept you far longer than I intended."

"Not a problem sir. If there is anything else I can do please feel free to contact me." Leanne smiled as she turned around and left the cargo bay to get ready for the meeting.


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