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Folding the wash (Back Post)

Posted on Tue Apr 24th, 2012 @ 5:06pm by Rev. Julian Shay

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Chuch of the Photon

"We have been betrayed my friends, for no less than 30 pieces of silver!" Shay had picked up a disrupter and began to check the charge. "Activate the transporter dirupter, no doubt the Romans will try to remove us from Masada! We will not let them!" Shay was yelling to the dozen monks that had assembled in the cloister.

"We will defend our temple." One of the monks nodded to Shay.

With Ra-Movraii held in Sickbay following the injury he picked up during the scuffle in the cargo hold Commander Mason had been briefing her officers on the assault ahead of them using the information she'd been able to extract from the android monk.

"Under no circumstances allow their charade to fool you," she said. "They are heavy armed, some have already flashed up on the system and trained and wanted men - they are far from the gentle monks they appear to be. A web of crime, smuggling and various other illegal actives fan out from Shay and his group all of which have been made smoothly covered and concealed. Our aim is to gain control of their facilities of operation and apprehend all persons on site, ideally without bloodshed. A tall order I know."

"I hear those Monks don't feel pain... is that true commander?" One of the security members was checking his phaser while waiting to storm the temple.

"Several of the monks are androids, they don't feel anything especially not righteousness or compassion." Mason responded checking her own weapon. "Alright, lets move out."'

Inside the cloister the monks had taken up positions along the doorway and had prepared themselves for the onslaught of the security. One of the monks headed out into the lobby where the security personal would be entering and waited for them hoping to pre-emptively remove a few from combat.

Though a woman of action Commander Mason took no pleasure in taking a life no matter who's and would if the situation allowed it settle the matter in a more calming manner. All false pretences of carrying this out in this situation quickly turned sour as her lead party came under fire, herself too had to seek for cover as weapons fire chased her fleeting heels.

Twisting slightly the Commander winced as she saw two member of the squad succumb to the onslaught and fell heavily, "Someone shoot that sniper." she cursed.

"Got him" one of the security officers fired on full setting at the monk who was firing at anything that moved. As the beam hit it, the monk let out a wretched scream and fell to the ground lifeless.

"YOU WILL NEVER TAKE US!" Shay yelled out from behind a crate and threw a plasma grenade towards the positions that the fleet personnel had taken up.

With the sniper taken down Mason's team pushed forward only to be met with further resistance, even Shay himself could be heard among the battle.

"Grenade!" someone shouted, "Take cover!"

Mason cursed as she rolled for cover feeling the hot lance of phaser fire skim her hair, moments later a wave of blistering flame licked through the lobby leaving behind a heavy cloud of choking smoke - a perfect escape cover.

Coughing upon the thick cloud Mason was quickly on her feet again with her rifle tucked securely under her arm she stormed, solely into the enemy encampment.

Shay watched as a phaser blast took out two of the monks standing next to him. He knew the end was near as the intrepid Mason stormed through the smoke. "Hold it right there or I'll let loose a fire that which has not been seen since the purging of Sodom and Gomorrah!" Shay trained a disrupter on her. All around lay the squirming, screaming monks, their software prisons breaking down, and the inner conscious crying to be set free.

The Commander, taking precaution dived to take shelter just in case Shay followed through with his threat. "I don't think you have it in you!" She bellowed. "You're still that spineless creep who takes pleasure in others suffering."

"It is all about those that wish to follow the light my friend, all about those who only are in it for themselves." Shay looked at one of the monks who was pleading to be ended. The Revered fired one blast into the monks head, instantly disintegrating it. "I giveth and taketh away my lovely."

"What do you take me for? I'm not some gullible fool you can trick to do your dirty work." Mason shot back. "If you're so righteous why the weapons?"

"Even the angles sent from heaven wielded swords of power." Shay fired another round at the security officer. "Like Lazarus, if you strike me down I will be risen." Shay fired over his head and advanced quickly on the security officer.

Mason shrank back from the firepower and glanced around herself. She was cut off from the rest of her team whom where still locked in battle with Shay's blind followers and androids, but that wasn't going to stop her. "I'd like to see you try," she called.

Shay saw his opportunity and moved in trying to get a clean shot on Mason, ending the long history between the two of them. The reverend aimed his disrupter at the head of his opponent and was about to pull the trigger when he was distracted by the screaming of one of the monks.

The scream started Mason too, she turned aburtly looking for the source of the sound and instead found herself staring down the disrupter barrel of Shay himself.

Her mouth went instantly dry, her nostrils and eyes widening in surprise but otherwise her reflexes remained true as she raised her weapon quickly to face her opponent.

Now it was a test of whom could fire first and strike the other down. She didn't miss a beat as her forefinger flinched squeezing the phaser rifle into life.

The phaser round struck Shay in the face, and with an electronic scream, the flesh melted off his face, revealing the shiny metal reminiscent of the monks. The avatar fell to the ground, screaming in agony before finally falling silent in a heap.

Mason sat back against the barrier that had protected her and stared at the burned face of her enemy that bore his face. She wanted to feel relief that he was dead but she couldn't find it even as the sound of fighting began to die out. This android wasn't made of flesh and blood just mechanics that fathomed her intelligence thus giving her no satisfaction for her efforts and that of her team.

Instead it left her pondering the cold thought: Where is he now, and was he still at large hounding the weak and helpless? Was it really over? Would it ever be?

She lifted her eyes to the smoking room and her bloodied team struggling to find the strength to maintain her brave facade and stiff upper lip as they looked toward her for guidance.

"Place the survivors into custody, have medical staff met you in the brig to tend to any injuries. Good work everyone."


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