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Cardassian Hospitality

Posted on Sun Mar 4th, 2012 @ 7:00pm by Gul Keshac & Glin Lonar
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Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The room was dark but as she had no where to go it didn't really bother her, the thing that was really getting to her was the quietness, for almost two weeks all she had been left to was her own thoughts, broken by the seemingly random beatings of her Cardassian captors. Her uniform ripped and her spirit all but broken Sara sat in the corner of her cell as the door made a noise before the piercing white light shone upon her from outside. "Ah Lieutenant Commander, I'm glad to see you look so well rested" came the smug voice of her tormentor and torturer, "I have a treat for you today, my mistress wishes to see you, there will be questions which you shall answer or the consequences will be very grim indeed."

Struggling to her feet Lam looked up at the Cardassian Glin, "about time I talked to someone in charge" she replied, her bouncing harmlessly of his tough exterior but if it so much as niggled at him he didn't show it, Sara hoping it did and was perhaps a little victory for her.

"Come this way!" he bellowed as strode out of the cell, a pair of guards following Lam closely as she exited the confined space, the light still incredibly bright but as she walked along the smooth stone floor she could tell that wherever she was it hadn't been built by Cardassians.

Gul Keshac, the mind behind the plan to retake the Cardassian Union and reshape it into an Empire, one ruled by her from this large chamber once designed for a species that could take flight. The grand columns holding an intricate lattice work designed ceiling in place and giving enough lofty open area for anything with a wing span of more than eight meters enough room to be able to take flight and glide elegantly from the room and out into the open sky of the planet.

The view from the open side of the chamber was still breathtaking. The mountains in the distance all surrounded, as if by a halo with clouds and far below the forest that held nothing but wondrous creatures. This would be her ruling chamber with the view that every Empress should be entitled too.

The faint sound of heel on marble started to draw closer and she could only assume that Lonar had arrived with her 'Guest'. She turned to greet them with as gracious a smile as she could muster.
"Commander Lam. How are the accommodations?" she asked, completely ignoring the cuts and abrasions that clearly had been given to her in a less than friendly fashion.

"I doubt they'll win any awards!" she replied quickly only to be met by Lonar's back hand which sent her sprawling, as she dusted herself down Lam could see the wicked delight in the Cardassian woman's eyes, something about her very demeanour telling her that the woman was more than calling the shots, she seemed a little unhinged.

Keshac slid Lonar to one side gently with a wave of her hand before coming down to kneel in front of Lam, bringing their faces to within a few inches of each other.
"Now dear Commander, there is no need to be like that after all you're not taking into account the hospitality we've shown you!", she left the comment hanging as she gently cupped the beaten officers cheek in her hand in an almost paternal manner.

Not for the first time lam felt fear, cold terrifying fear at the cold touch of the Cardassian and of what she thought was acceptable treatment of prisoners, she knew the Cardassians were a tough people, the way they treated their own children to harden them were the subject of many tales at the Academy, but now as she knelt on the cold flag stones, she could tell that things were no doubt going to get far worse before they got better, or she was put out of her misery.

"Now Commander... Why don't you tell us what your ship picked up and what information you were able to transmit back to Starfleet before my ship was able to intercept you or I may have to let Lonar do what he wants with you". In every way Keshac was almost pleading for the Human to stay quiet as Lonar was a monster who enjoyed his work far more than he should. He also enjoyed taking advantage of female of other species as it was more than enough to break them given the chance to relive the experience with him over and over again.

"My ship, well I picked up a very strange debris pattern then your cruiser decided to apprehend me before I could investigate further." It was a risk, more importantly it was a lie and it there was one thing she knew Cardassians did well was spot lies but it was her only hope, she had to draw out the questioning as every minute increased the chances of somebody finding her probe and the valuable data it contained.

"Thank you Commander, you just made this a whole lot easier", again she smiled that bitter sweet smile before standing and moving to the back of the cell. "You may have your fun with her Lonar, until that is she decides to cooperate with us in every way".

"Of course Mistress." Lonar's smile showing both delight and wickedness at the same time, up to this point it had been simple mind games, wearing Lam down but now the Cardassian henchman was about to practice what many on Cardassia Prime would consider an art form, the use of applied physical and psychological pressure to collect information on behalf of ones master, a task that was to be completed like any other.


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