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An unexpected twist

Posted on Fri Mar 9th, 2012 @ 9:53am by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Starfleet Command, San Francisco, Earth

"I understand that Admiral but if she is alive we need to send a ship to the region and you know how the Cardassians work, if we send one they send three, our only choice is to send a small task force to the area, if the Cardassians query it then we can tell them they are carrying out a wargames exercise!" Nielsen was losing patience with Varal like he had done so with three other Admirals already, he was bordering on insubordination and had no doubt damaged his career by his outspoken and somewhat gung ho approach to the situation.

"I will remind you Commodore Nielsen that one of the primary duties of Starfleet is to ensure the safety of the Federation and its citizens, which in this case means we do not move until we have proof Commander Lam is alive." As a Vulcan Varal had remained completely impassive to Nielsen's ranting although a communique from the head of Starfleet Tactical had already let him know others were far from happy with the erstwhile Commodore.

"So what you're saying is that the life of one Starfleet officer isn't worth taking a risk over, don't tell me, it's the logical thing to do!" Nielsen's voice was raised, his anger at Starfleet's inaction was getting to the point where he was almost being forced to divulge everything he knew about Lam's ill fated voyage.

Raising an eyebrow in response to Nielsen's cutting remark he thought it best not to reply with the classic Vulcan response about the needs of the few, Nielsen had known him too long and knew he was driven by pure logic, "I would not insult you by telling you what you already know to be true, the decision is logical and while you're heart tells you to rescue your friend, my mind tells me that preserving the peace with the Cardassians is of paramount importance, this issue has been raised with Central Command by Starfleet and the Presidents Office." Shifting in his chair slightly Varal looked at his fellow gold shirted flag officer, they were few and far between but he could tell the man was taking more than a professional interest in the Commanders loss.

"I know but that could take weeks, months even before we see her if she's even alive, in the meantime..." Before Nielsen could continue he was interrupted mid sentence by Varal, "in the meantime Commodore we go about our duties, we plan and we organise after all we are Starfleet Operations."

There was a pause for a moment as Nielsen thought about what he meant by that, was he inferring something, perhaps he could arrange for certain ships to make supply runs, to transport personnel or other menial tasks that would normally be left to the old workhorses of the fleet, "very well Admiral, I best get back to my duties, I have quite a few manifests to complete."

"I trust you do Commodore, carry on with your duties." Returning to his seat Varal was certain Nielsen would read between the lines, as for him, he issued no order and as such could continue with his duties knowing full well that if he were challenged on the subject he could quite truthfully state he did not order any ships to the area. Securing the door from the console on his desk Varal accessed the secure communications network, he knew of only one person who might have the answers he was looking for, "open a priority one channel to Commander T'Rena, Deep Space Twelve."


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