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The Race Is On

Posted on Thu Mar 29th, 2012 @ 7:32pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Master Chief Petty Officer Daniel Brooke & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Helen Shire
Edited on on Sat Mar 31st, 2012 @ 2:21pm

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Operations
Timeline: Current


Rubbing her throbbing fist from punching Ambassador Haqtaj Commander Mason strode back into Ops and moved toward Lieutenant DeVuor attempting to ignore the similarities between him and Beverly whom she missed dearly. "Check long range scanners for the Klingon ship F'Tang," she said. "Ambassador Haqtaj has assured me it is in the area and would be useful to in this matter."

With a deft hand Stewart ran the scan from his console before turning back to his God Mother. "I have them sir. Three light years out heading back towards the badlands".

The badlands, fantastic. Mason sighed, knowing their Captain wouldn't be in the best of moods at turning back. "Hail them," she ordered.

'. This is Mongral, first officer of the F'Tang. What do you want? We're busy about business for the Empire.'. The voice on the other end sounded decidedly unimpressed with the call.

"I am Luietenant Commander Kristina Mason from Deep Space twelve, I'm in need of your ship's haste for a rescue operation."

"Ops to Lieutenant Shire," Mason moved away slightly. "I need to put your piloting skills to the test. Prep a runabout in shuttle bay two for immediate departure."

If the security officer was surprised by the call she didn't sound it: "Of course sir."

Satisfied Mason tapped the comm again, "Ops to Doctor Delrisa and Cheif Jrez, please report of Landing Pad C immediately to aid is a rescue mission."

"On my way, Commander," Soraya replied. She grabbed her medical kit and left the Infirmary.

Jrez carefully placed a test-tube back in a rack. "Five minutes, Commander. I have to secure an experiment."

"Five minuets chief not a moment longer," Mason repeated.

"Petty Officer Vartog, while I understand your loyalty to Ambassador Haqtaj, your assistance may be required." Mason continued rounding toward the Klingon.

Vartog strode over to the Comms panel and punched open a link. "Mongral, this is Vartog of House Rahg, aide to Ambassador Haqtaj of House Matlh. You will treat all requests from Commander Mason as orders coming from Madame Ambassador herself."

There was a grumble from the other side of the Comms, and Vartog thought he heard snatches of angry Klingonese. He put it down to Mangrel telling the Ambassador what he thought of being ordered about by Starfleet. Vartag was about to issue a stern rebuke; he fully expected the name of House Matlh to command immediate co-operation from Klingons of other Houses. He bit back his words as he noticed the line was still open.

"Thank you," Mason said lowly to Vartog before raising her voice to the F'Tang: "With received a distress signal from a Federation shuttle, an escaping vessel from the USS Dartmoor reporting an unprovoked attack by a Cardassian force. The shuttle carrying officers and civilians has lost power, drifting with the Cardassian ship bearing down upon them. You're our nearest ally, the USS Crazy Horse and our runabout will not reach the stranded shuttle before the Cardassians do. Please, I employ to you rescue them before more lives are lost." She knew from her tone she sounded most un-Klingon-like, pleading like a desperate helpless soul but sometimes you simply had to suck up.

Mongral's voice came back, somewhat amused.
,'. So, all you want is us to engage a hostile ship, twice our size, to save a bunch of defenceless DIvI'Hom? Why didn't you say so earlier? We thought you wanted us to do a delivery of Medical supplies or some other QaQbe' mission. A battle against odds, now THAT's a mission! We are setting an intercept course. ,'.

Mason smiled, "My thanks, a runabout has ready to launch and the Crazy Horse has acknowledge our hail to give you backup and extra fire power should you need it."

The line cut without ceremony.

Master Chief Petty Officer Daniel Brooke had arrived on DS 12 he went to introduce himself to Commander Mason " Commander Mason Master chief petty officer Daniel Brooke reporting for duty," he said.

The stern faced Commander turned at the sound of her name being called and fixed the new comer with a searching gaze. "Welcome aboard Mister Brooke, forgive my tardiness we're in the middle of something: what position are you reporting in for?"

"I am reporting in for the strategic ops Officer, Commander" Daniel said.

"I see," she responded dead pan, another crew member taking on the role she'd once been lumber with. Good luck to him. "I hope you're up to the challenge, you'll certainly need it. Take up your station, you'll be receiving orders from Lieutenant DeVuor temporarily until I return."

"Aye Commander" Daniel said.

"Vartog, I want to see you in my office afterwards to clear up some matters," Mason continued moving across the room smoothly."

"M'am", Vartog acknowledged without pause from what he was doing.

"I'm heading out on the shuttle craft, you have Ops Lieutenant DeVuor," the Commander continued pausing long enough to equip herself with a fresh phaser from the locker.

The young Lieutenant looked wide eyed at the Commander as she geared up but dutifully moved across Ops once his relief had assumed his post. "Yes ma'am"


If it had been a full Galor or Keldon Cruiser at it's prime the story would have been brief, but this was a salvaged craft with stolen and refitted equipment scavenged from battle fields. By the time Mason's Runabout arrived she could see it was not in the best condition. The K'Vort was running skipping raids, dropping out of cloak to attack a specific weapons cluster and then disappearing again before the Cardassians could bring another weapon array to bear.

Things hadn't been going all the Klingon's way, however, and the Federation runabout was leaking drive plasma and loosing life support. The Crazy Horse was still on its way, and should arrive any moment.

"Number of life-signs on the shuttle?" Mason enquired feeling her racing heart beat a fraction more having gazed over the scans from the stricken vessel.

"Three humanoids, Commander, two adults and one juvenile," the doctor replied. "Vital signs low for one adult and the juvenile, slightly stronger for the second adult, and all three are weakening," she added.

The Commander licked her lips at the news, "Alright Lieutenant Shire raise shield, bring weapons on line, Chief Jrez take the helm - fly us true I don't want to die today."

You're not on your own there, Jrez thought. There's seven of us here thinking exactly the same thing! He steadied his hands on the controls. It was a bit like falling off a bike really: once you'd learned how to do it once you never forgot. He could feel the response of the engines, sense the guidance systems coming into and out of line as he manipulated various buttons. He eased in behind an asteroid, using it as a shield until he could get closer to the shuttle.

"Preparing to break clear", he warned Shire. "Now, Lieutenant!"

The spunky security officer didn't need telling twice as she nimbly launched the runabout front weapons raking a scotch mark upon the Cardassian ship's bow.

Aboard the stricken Federation vessel Lieutenant O'Reily struggled to do the simply things such as blinking and breathing let alone nursing the small crafts dwindling life support. Through fluttering eyelids he'd seen another ship arrive to their aid and muttered incoherently to his passengers before falling backward, slumping heavily into his seat unconscious.


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