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Marching Orders

Posted on Sat May 5th, 2012 @ 6:48pm by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The bomb shell that Nechayev had just dropped on T'Rena was one that she didn't need, not on top of the Cardassian trying to take the station at the same time. Now she was forced to make a choice and it was limited. The Admiral sitting in front of her was known to be hard and unyielding but T'Rena found that a welcome change from the emotional beats of the crew around her.
"I will assemble a team immediately Admiral".

"Is your first officer capable of taking over the negotiations being from a medical profession?" The Admiral asked with her usual cool tones.

"More than capable Admiral".
It had been a small break in the negotiations that had drawn T'Rena and the Admiral away from the ward room and now she was being faced with rescuing one of her officers.

"Rihanoff to T'Rena. We have a call coming through from Starfleet for you sir", the burly Russian was in command of Ops with the absence of most of the others due to the talks or the rescue mission already in progress by Mason.

"Put it through Lieutenant".
The small square monitor to the side of her large black polished desk came to life with the seal of Starfleet Command before a Vulcan in Admirals pips was sitting before her. "Farther. It is agreeable to see you again".

"Indeed, your mother and brother send their regards, sadly this communication is not of a social nature, what do you know of Commander Lam's recent return trip to your station?" Varal completely unaware of his daughters visitor.

"As much as you I suspect sir!"
T'Rena stepped aside to allow Admiral Nechayev to be seen by her farther. "Admiral Necheyav has requested I look into the matter further..." Something seemed too convenient. Within a matter of hours two of the higher ranking Starfleet Officers assigned to this area had contacted her regarding one of her officers and she hoped that her farther was going to be more forthcoming with information than the shorter cherry blonde Admiral was being.

"My apologies Admiral, I have just learned of the Commanders predicament, Starfleet Command is moving assets to the area, I believe you will receive the details within the hour." Varal knew Necheyav from the first Cardassian War, her actions back then had marked her out for greatness but now as Starfleet's Commander in Chief on a tour of the outlying border areas she was somewhat out of the loop, it was her first trip outside of core defence perimeter in several years and now as events threatened to spiral out of control she was almost an onlooker.

"Admiral Varal, a pleasure as always", Nechayev was smiling at her old companion but it lasted no more than a few seconds as her mind dipped back into the matter at hand. "Would you be able to find a ship for Commander T'Rena and her crew for long term assignment to the station?"

"Of course Admiral, resources in that area are relatively sparse, the starship Discovery is available at the moment, anything larger will involve pulling something from drydock." Varal knew the small ship was fully functional with a somewhat unremarkable service record, just right for a station's support ship.

"I would prefer something with a little more bit", Nechayev conceded "But I understand that available ships are at a premium. Send her on through and if you can get Starfleet Intelligence involved in this matter... We could do with all the information we can get".

It was now that T'Rena realised that one other member of her senior staff needed to be in on this conversation. "T'Rena to Ulonova. Please join us in my office". The Vulcan had tapped her com badge knowing that she would now need her XO to take over the talks with very little notice, but at the same time she should also know of the situation that would be pulling her away from the station.

Leanne was just about to take a bite of her soup when the call came across. "On my way." She set her spoon down and headed towards the office of her commander. A moment later, she was standing outside of the office and hit the chime. She wasn't quite sure what was needed of her, maybe a tongue lashing for speaking up at the previous meeting.

"Enter", the Vulcans voice could be heard on the other side as it called out to the voice activated command interface. The door parted but before they had finished the Commander spoke up. "Commander, please join us. The Admirals have just been bringing me up to date on a matter of some urgency!"

"How can I be of service ma'am?" Leanne moved in towards the desk and stood in front of her commanding officer unsre of what was about to come. "Who's door we kicking down?"

"Well Commander we hope it won't come to that". Necheyav stepped out from the shadows behind the first officer having gone unnoticed. "We will however be infiltrating Cardassian Space to rescue one of your Officers".

Leanne looked at the fleet admiral standing before her. "What can I do to help the situation?" The commander tried to stand a little taller in front of an officer that could on a whim send her to the far reaches of the galaxy. "I'm more than happy to do my part in any way that is needed."

"Commander Ulonova", T'Rena spoke up now taking the effort of informing the stations first officer that she was being left behind on this mission. "The Admiral has ordered us to enter Cardassian Space and seek answer to the questions Commander Lam was already seeking but we also need a Command level officer here on station attempting to clear up this issue with ownership of the station. That officer will be you Commander".

"I should be able to keep the locals under control. ETA on how long the staff will be away?" Leanne was taking mental notes of everything, the station was pretty self sufficient, for the most part it would just be baby sitting, and making sure the Klingons didn't burn the place down.

"Unknown at this time Commander", it was T'Rena's turn again to speak up. "Sufficed to say it could be an extended mission or it could be a return within hours. Regardless we will be needing someone of importance pushing the talks in the right direction as well as preparing the station for battle should we be pursued on our return".

"I'm more than happy to lead the efforts and baby sit the ambassadors in the proceedings, it would be an honor to do so." The commander looked at her commanding officer who was going off to rescue their fellow officers. "If that is all commander, I'll make sure to get ready for the second half of the summit."

"Good", Admiral Nechayev again pitched in. "You all have your orders".


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