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Splash and Dash

Posted on Mon Apr 16th, 2012 @ 1:35pm by Lieutenant Helen Shire & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Timeline: Current

"Preparing to break clear", Jrez warned Shire. "Now, Lieutenant!"

The spunky security officer didn't need telling twice as she nimbly launched the runabout front weapons raking a scotch mark upon the Cardassian ship's bow.

Aboard the stricken Federation vessel Lieutenant O'Reily struggled to do the simply things such as blinking and breathing let alone nursing the small crafts dwindling life support. Through fluttering eyelids he'd seen another ship arrive to their aid and muttered incoherently to his passengers before falling backward, slumping heavily into his seat unconscious.

The already bruised Cardassian vessel seemed to shudder under the firepower of newly arrived Federation runabout and altered its targeting to pepper both the Klingon Bird of Prey, Mason's runabout and the damaged shuttle with renewed vigour.

While Jrez and Shire worked together to maintain steady sheet of offence fire Mason worked to balance the waining power supply as the shuttle took blows, meanwhile Doctor Delrisa kept a keen eye on the inhabitants in the damaged ship grim faced.

"Doctor, hail the Cardassian ship," Mason nodded.

"Aye, Commander," Soraya said. "Hailing frequency open."

"Unknown Cardassian ship, this is Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason of Deep Space Twelve." she began, "By firing upon Federation vessels you are directly breaking a peace treaty."

Nothing, not even acknowledge of her hail save for the continuous rain of fire.

Mason felt herself clamp up at the utter intolerance of the Cardassian's: "Chief, move us to protect the shuttle, they'll losing structure integrity, we need to beam them to safety."

Jrez swung the ship hard round. "We can't drop shields and beam them aboard. But...." ^=^Chief Jrez to Klingon ship....^=^ Damned if he could remember its name! ^=^We'll cover you. Get between us and the runabout and beam any survivors over to you.^=^

Soraya's eyes went wide; Klingons were formidable warriors with a complex culture, but they had little interest in medicine or healing. To make matters worse the survivors' vital signs were still dropping. She turned to Commander Mason.

"Commander, I have to treat the survivors immediately," she said. "They have minutes, maybe less. I have to get to them."

"What other choice do we have right now Doctor?" Mason shot back feeling their ship tremble under the new bombardment.

"If we cannot get them here, send me to the F'Tang," Soraya said.

There was a sudden flash as the other runabout exploded in a ball of flame. The Cardassians, having completed their primary objective turned their attention on Mason's craft. At that moment the Crazy Horse appeared weapons armed and hot. The Cardassians knew this was a fight they may not win and, satisfied their initial objective was destroyed, they turned tail and fled at high Warp.

At that point the F'Tang contacted the two ships. ,'. We have your wounded, but we lack the facilities to care for them. If one of your ships will lower their shields we will return the refugees to you. ,'.

Mason blew out a sigh of relief having founder herself staring down the barrels of the Cardassian ship wondering for a moment if she and her crew would become star dust.

"Thank you F'Tang," said another voice presuming from the USS Crazy Horse we'll take them from here, Commander Mason we'll bring your runabout into the hanger bay we'll return you to Deep Space twelve. Standby for tractor beam."

"What about the Cardassian ship?" Mason snapped her head forward to where their enemy recently stood.

"Leave that with us Commander," came a rather cryptic response.

"Understood," Mason nodded, closed the channel and assessed the damage to her vessel. "Glad that's over, I don't think we could have lasted much longer."

The runabout shook slightly as the tractor beam reeled them in. Clapping Jrez on the shoulder Mason shuffled across to Doctor Delrisa, "I'm sorry if I sounded sharp a moment ago Soyara. I know protective you are of those in need I felt as frustrated as you throughout that. At least now they'll in good hands."

"You have nothing to apologise for, Commander," the Doctor said with a smile. "You have your job to do, and I have mine."

"Indeed," Mason replied as a deep darkness flooded the craft as they were bought into the shadow of the Crazy Horse and landed softly a moment later.

The Commander returned to the forward section as the landing gear were deployed and the small craft was power down.

They were safe, the survivors in the hands of highly trained staff marking the end of the danger but the beginning of a far greater mystery.


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