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Morning Air

Posted on Fri Jun 8th, 2012 @ 10:44pm by Gul Keshac & Glin Lonar

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

It was the start of a new day on this new Cardassian paradise. The world Keshac had selected as the new seat of power for the Cardassian Government. For a change she had switched out of her military uniform and had decided to wear a very loose garment that cling to her figure. Its white material airy and billowing gently as the morning breeze caught that material. She had also allowed her hair to fall loose, its once straight and uniformed pull into a pony tail abandoned as it fell into loose rings.

Once again she was imagining herself sitting at the head of the Empire that she would create and slowly crush the impudent Federation after they allowed her world and her people to fall under the rule of the ruthless Dominion. Although the Dominion had fired the shots that had plummeted her world into a near dark age she blamed Starfleet and the idiots at the head of the Federation council for allowing the situation to descend into the chaos that it had become.

Movement behind her stirred her to life and she brought her gaze back from the impressive sight the great hall allowed of the lush and picturesque world.
"Doctor Arjin", she nodded, still not trusting the insane Trill that had found her the ultimate weapon that would allow her to reclaim the glory of her people. "Just in time. Lonar is bringing our guest from her cell".

The Trill women's lips stretched into a grin at the delight that was shortly to greet them, every last ounce of her previous morality structured life long lost.

Dragging the dishevelled human behind him Lonar bowed slightly before speaking, "my apologies for the delay, our guest was most reluctant to join us this morning." A look of contempt flashed across his face as he looked at the battered woman, her uniform ripped, her hair a mess and a the signs of bruising on most of the visible skin that could be seen.

Keshac kept her back to the Starfleet officer that had now become a play thing for Lonar to enjoy so long as he got the information from her that she wanted.
"Isn't the sunrise glorious Commander", she started almost conversationally with the bound and beaten women. "I would go as far to say its a more elegant and beautiful sunrise than Cardassian Prime, wouldn't you?" she finally turned to view Lam. "I see your conversations with Lonar have been unproductive".

She had been making note of the swelling on Lam's lip and bruised form not to mention the ripped uniform exposing more of her frame than would normally be acceptable but at the same time giving Keshac pleasure in seeing yet more bruising.

Having lost all track of time Sara had no idea how many 'conversations' she had had with Lonar, it seemed like dozens but she knew the Cardassians were masters of playing tricks, she had no idea how much sleep she was getting and beyond the brief visits outside the cell she had no idea if it was day or night. Looking at Kashac there was no emotion, Lam was numb to the situation but as she considered what to say in reply she couldn't help but try to be witty, if anything to keep her spirits up, "he's a bad listener, perhaps you could teach him how to hold a conversation."

With complete calm Keshac approached the Starfleet Officer, gently holding the trailing edge of her dress to one side as she moved, her hips swaying as she fully relished the situation before lashing out with her free hand striking the Commander on her cheek knocking her to the ground. "I have no interest in your banter Commander. All I want is the information we have requested. If you supply it then you can go free!"

As she lay on the ground, with yet another wound or perhaps it was just an old one reopened, Sara looked Keshac square in the eyes, and as see saw nothing in the black oits of her eyes she drew herself up, "if you ask a question I know the answer too I'll do my best, until then I can't tell you things I don't know!"

"Come come Commander. You sell yourself short", the sickly sweet smile that barley held back the coiled viper returned as Keshac moved back over to the open side of the massive chamber, the Trill scientist in stark contrast to the striking beauty of the Cardassian women with her long dark hair tied short and wearing nothing more than a grey jump suit. "Doctor Arjin here seems to have found herself since joining me and my quest".

Again Keshac circled around the room after her brief stop near the Trill. Her arms went wide, pointing out the spectacle of this glorious world. "Look what you could help build Commander. You could be one of the founders of a bigger, better and stronger Cardassian Empire. All we need to know...", again she turned and started back over to Lam. "...Is the location of all Starfleet facilities and starships along the border".

"And as I told your lapdog I'm an engineer, not a command level officer, I don't know the location of our starships or any facilities beyond those on civilian star maps!" The sad thing was bar a few minor exceptions she was telling the truth, there were things she had seen and heard before leaving for Earth but it had been nearly two months and there was no of knowing if the few ships she knew of were even still on those assignments.

"Come come Commander. Someone of your rank, assigned to one of the more important Starfleet instillations in the region... I find it hard to belief that you of all people have no knowledge of the deployment orders!"
Keshac continued to circle the room but her eyes never once leaving the rising sun as it slowly ascended the crimson morning sky over the lush surroundings.

"If I had a third gold pip then you'd be on to something, starship movements are classified and I don't need to know, all I know is when they turn up and what repairs need to be done" the frustration in Lam's voice began to increase again, the fact they seemed to believe she knew more was something she was finding hard to comprehend as they had to know that not every officer knew everything just in case of this very scenario.

"Keshac," Arjin said lowly stepping closer to the pacing Cardassian. "Perhaps she is telling the truth. We'll have the data from the Dartmoor much as this treatment is entertaining it is fruitless."

"Your right of course Neema", Keshac had almost forgotten that the Trill had been present throughout this round of questions, or was it more sympathy that fact after all the Trill had, up until recently, worked for the same organization. "But then again it would be a shame to let such a toy as Commander Lam go before Lonar has finished with her".

Keshac circled once more until she stood in front of the only male in he room, gently placing her hand on his armor chest plate.
"I have no further use for her Lonar.You may do as you see fit with her" and then she started to leave the room. "If you will excuse me Commander but I have other business to see too".

Arjin watched her pace away and observed Lam, though beaten and bloody the Starfleet Commander was reseilent, the glint in her eyes indicated she'd never crumble.

Perhaps it was Keshac whom really was mad.


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