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Posted on Sat May 5th, 2012 @ 6:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Helen Shire & Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The new ship had arrived as promised. She was small, underpowered but nimble and in the long run the mission she was about to take on was more about stealth than it was combat. She had seen her fair share of time in space having closed up more than a few thousand light years but at the same time she was durable and sturdy. She didn't have the same elegance of a Sovereign or Galaxy Class but she had enough of an air of usability and functionality than any other ship T'Rena had served on to this point.

"Commander Ra-Movarii, how does the ship fair?"
The first thing she had done was assign her Strategic Operations Officer to assessing the small craft and finding her flaws before they set sail, and she doubted the generally disgruntled Efrosian would be any more than frustrated with the small craft.

"It flies," he replied simply, as expected, appearing rather unimpressed with the Nova-class USS Discovery, just assigned to DS12. "And the science stations are bigger than the tactical and flight control stations combined, with no room for military or air support on board. During the Cardassian War, we had marine transports that were bigger than this." The lieutenant commander moved away the XO's chair, where he had been using the armrest's panel to interface with the diminutive starship.

"The weapons are out-of-date, its maximum speed is barely warp eight, its shields are substandard, and the quarters are more cramped than an enlisted crewmen's lounge." Xal Ra-Movraii stepped by T'Rena's side, placing worn but strong hands upon his hips as he surveyed the bridge. "But it'll do. She'll get you about, and Jrez's spots will light up with joy at the Discovery's sensors. She won't be winning any wars, though."

"We have no need for it to Commander", gracefully the Vulcan lowered herself down into the command chair wanting to try it on, so to speak, but it was this moment that Doctor Delrisa and Lieutenant Shire entered the bridge. T'Rena offered them a nod of the head waiting on the medical and security facilities break down.

Ra-Movraii gave his usual scowl, muttering about inexperienced and idealistic Vulcan commanders before stepping over to the mission operations panel. He paid no mind to the doctor as she arrived; he had had little time for Delrisa after the way she behaved on Orias, and would rather continue on with his duties.

Soraya walked briskly over to Commander T'Rena, padd in hand.

"Good day, Commander," she said with a smile. "You will be pleased to know that Sickbay is fully functional, if slightly spartan. We have sufficient supplies including a medical replicator," she added, handing the padd over to the CO.

Lieutenant Shire waited her turn to speak, wishing her report was equally glowing as Delrisa had made it however the security officer agreed with Ra-Movraii's opinion.
"By all accounts it sounds as if Sickbay is more equipped than any tactical aspect of the ship. I've seen toy models with more grunt than this." Shire said without much thought. "Apologies Sir's but I feel Starfleet has made fools of us by assigning the Discovery to Deep Space twelve en light of recent events - the attack of the USS Dartmoor and her survivors are just another indication of unrest among the Cardassian people. We'll facing only God knows what and we'll given a science ship with firecrackers instead of torpedoes- I cannot see the logic."

T'Rena cocked an eyebrow at the Lieutenants statement given the ship was actually loaded with photon torpedo's allbe it not as many as they all would have liked.
"T'Rena to Ulonova. Commander please have a relief crew assigned to Discovery and have them start preparing her for departure".

"Aye commander, I'll make sure it is taken care of." Leanne picked up a data padd and started typing in the information for the crews. The thought of her friends and crewmates going out into battle didn't sit well with her, even if this was going to be a smash and grab mission.

"Commander", she had now turned her eyes back to her Efrosian officer who she was still trying to get a beat from. "I am giving you the responsibility of preparing the ship. I would like to see improvements to her armaments as a priority".
She knew as well as him that those enhancements would be a far cry from a Defiant Class but if they ran into resistancee then anything would be better than nothing.

"Aye, Commander," came his grizzled voice, stroking one of his white moustachios as he continued to examine the mission operations panel, which actually displayed the Discovery's armaments. "I have already begun running simulations and test concerning improving the ship's combat efficiency." He finally looked to the Vulcan CO. "It will take many months before I can get it to its peak, installing more launchers to make this a more viable combatant, but until then, I can realign the phaser banks and targeting efficiency. We will be ready for the inevitable." Cold defiance gleamed in Ra-Movraii's eyes. The Nova-class would be a weapons platform before the commander knew it.

"Commander Ra-Movraii," Shire turned, "I would like to assist you in your effort."

He gave the human woman a long and displeased glare. "Very well," he said finally. "For now, work on realigning the phaser banks. They haven't been worked on in a long time, and certainly not since she was chucked our way." Ra-Movraii did not think to involve Shire in too much of the work, clearly. Too young with too many officer's pips; a qualification was all that made her ahead of someone thrice as experienced. "Don't use standard Starfleet protocols, either, if you can handle it. No need for us to be using the same as everyone else in the damn fleet."

With a final nod T'Rena made her escape from the bridge of the Discovery. It would be soon enough that she would be in place on the bridge of the small science vessel and until that time arrived she wanted to spend some time centering herself, basking in silence.


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