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The Launch

Posted on Wed May 30th, 2012 @ 8:46pm by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Lieutenant JG Karin Bishop

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

Was command really her heart's calling? That same question had been filling the Vulcan's Commanders thoughts since the meeting with Admirals Varal and Necheyav despite the wholly emotional quality of the thought. She had attempted rest while the Discovery was prepared for her impending mission that could in turn lead to more death. The truth was, yes, she did want command but was this space station really the one for her. It was of vital importance to Starfleet in this area and the responsibility that came with it wasn't simply a cut and dry affair. Instead it was the lives of nearing seven thousand individuals and then the lives of those that lived on the planets nearby as well as the civilian traffic that frequented this area of space. She had sat in front of her console for three hours drafting letter after letter to Admiral Varal tendering her resignation or requesting reassignment yet each one had sounded more and more unacceptable to her ears. She had accepted the responsibility of this station and her own sensibility's would not allow her to just cast it aside and she had a job to do.

The bridge seemed to be well under control as she stepped from the turbolift. Commander Ra-Movraii was sitting in the command area of the bridge with several of the ships acting senior officers floating nearby.
"Status Commander?"

"In the short time we've had," the Efrosian officer replied gruffly, only offering T'Rena the briefest moment of deference before returning to the panel on his arm rest, "not bad. We're ready for departure on your mark." Ra-Movraii leant one arm purposely on one of the rests and set his eyes properly on his CO. Whilst official courtesy would lead him to relinquish the chair to T'Rena, his own stubborn pride and disdain for the young commander left him waiting for her to ask.

The Vulcan did not miss the rebuke of authority as she moved across the bridge. Instead she cocked an eyebrow at the Efrosian as she stepped up to him.
"Please continue with the launch Commander!"

"Artem," the Efrosian began, looking to the Russian security officer seated at the conn console. "Bring us out and take us to warp when we're clear. Notify the station and admiral." Ra-Movraii, although still curious as to the lieutenant's seemingly superior rank despite his younger age, he had come to trust him since the affair at Orias. Although inexperienced, he was a stalwart companion and kept his cool; he would have been a good marine.

He rose out of the CO's chair and offered it T'Rena with little more than a wave of his aged hand. "With Rihanoff on conn," Ra-Movraii said, walking towards another console, "we'll need someone with experience on tactical. It's your rig, Commander."

Feeling somewhat awkward with taking the command chair, T'Rena lowered herself down feeling out of her depth and drowning in responsibility, non of which she allowed to show beyond the veil of cool logic.

Artims hands flew over the controlled of the con, swiftly releasing the docking clamps and retracting the umbilicals connect ship to docking port.
"Umbilicals retracted, docking clamps released, bringing forward thrusters to one half".

Slowly the small stalwart ship pulled away from the station until it was far enough away that it could bank up and over the docking ring giving all on the bridge a look at the stations central core. Despite its origins, the station was a mix of deigns that was pleasing to look at yet distinctly different enough to denote its origins from outside of the Federation.

"Take us to warp Lieutenant once we are clear of the station".
T'Rena was trying hard to relax, or appear as relaxed as a Vulcan could get but felt she was falling far short, she also had no doubt that her Efrosian acting executive officer would read this on her and with luck would keep it to himself. Despite her station she had never been comfortable taking the command chair.

Emerging through a doorway, the grey collared officer looked a little hurried, holding three pads and barely managing to get her hair into a ponytail, "Apologies Ma'am." Quickly sat down at her station, it wasn't like she had been essential to the launch but she loved getting first hand information. Karin immediately unlocked the console and started pulling up different charts that she could keep an eye on with regards to the sensors.

T'Rena watched as the station disappeared over the top of the view screen, its docking pylon the last thing to vanish before being faced with open space. She had come from a position of First Officer and had no aspirations to have moved beyond that position but fate had conspired along with her farther to force her into Command. She would deal with the hand she had been dealt, but she did wish, if privately, that she could return to those days. Even now with her Command staff assembled she still felt alone and drifting.


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