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Seeking Wormholes

Posted on Sun Jun 17th, 2012 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant JG Karin Bishop & Lieutenant Helen Shire & Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart
Edited on on Sun Jun 17th, 2012 @ 10:39am

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The Briefing had been scheduled ahead of time that didn't mean that she'd had time to compile all of the information. Normally she would have given her report before departure but alas, they couldn't be certain who was fighting on which side. Secrecy, secrecy. That is why then, Karin was walking into the Ships briefing room with an armful of data pads, her dark brown hair, unusually not tied up into a regulation ponytail.

The Officer's eyes widened when she found herself in a room already full with officers. This wasn't exactly the start she had envisioned, she had hoped to be early so that she could whisk through the data and pick out the most relevant pieces. Of course, she had already read through the reports and that gave her a slight advantage. Maybe the Commanding Officer wouldn't ask her to go first? Quickly she took her seat glancing over to the commander and slipped a clip over her hair to escape rebuttal.

"It's not a big ship, Lieutenant," the burly Efrosian lieutenant commander commented dryly from his place next to the Vulcan CO, a padd gripped firmly in one white-knuckled hand. His uniform jacket was open, but he still retained a level of command, though much of it derived from his build and wizened but gruff look. "Get lost?" His green eyes barely glanced at Karin over the padd.

The Engineer, Eckhart hid a snicker at Ra-Movraii's off hand comment to the new comer. She couldn't help it, being part the crew of this space station and being able to witness first hand the events that defined she found herself spiralling off into a near day dream. That was the downside of having come from an alternate future reality - everything and everyone was the same to some extent just younger.

The steely face Vulcan Commander shot a cold stare at the excitable engineer having heard her exclamation of humor and not fully appreciating it at this current time.
"Did you have something you wish to add Lieutenant Eckhart?"

Eckhart jumped in her seat as if she'd been hit by a jolt of energy and instantly felt her face flush: "No no no not at this time Commander, maam, sir," she gushed suddenly, then feeling all eyes upon her she feel instantly silent and wished desperately she could sink beneath the table out of sight.

Bishop smiled reassuringly to the Engineer, she knew just how it felt to be picked on by an overly strict commander. The academy had its fair share after all.

T'Rena allowed her eyes to drift from the excitable Lieutenant before coming to take the room in. Surrounding the conference room table were the senior officers and acting senior officers with the exception of Lieutenant Rihanoff who had taken the con in the absence of Ra-Movarii and T'Rena.

"Report", she asked the room knowing that each department had been forced to fall into place with very little chance to think things through.

The Intelligence officer put down her pad that she had picked up to read again with an attention grabbing slap, "Let me start then. Intelligence has little to report we're still analysing most of the information. Though we have something on..." She glanced at her information because quite new to the role she was having to rely on the rest of the department for her information at the moment, "Neema Arjin... we have confirmed that they're Trill and is generally a scientist, though I need to confirm in which field." Scrolling to the bottom over things that didn't need to be reported exactly, Bishop continued, "Neema Arjin has also to our information stolen a type of Artificial Wormhole technology... although I think I'll leave our engineer to explain that one. There are also links to someone called Keshac but I've been unable to find as yet any concrete information on that just hearsay and gossip." Her gray eyes glanced over to Eckhart but then she switched to another pad. This one had a little more weight to it given what her department had been digging through.

"Our senior encryption specialists, have been going through Commander Lam's records recently to find out any useful information. This has only between myself and the specialist in question until now. We know that Lam had recently been on a field trip but not necessarily why. Well now we do. On the opposite side of the badlands are a set of readings that are deeply unusual and we're not sure why Commander Lam went instead of our Chief Science officer. What the information seems to show is disturbances in subspace...which might indicate Wormhole manipulation technology. Now this could just be a coincidence..." Not that she believed in coincidences.

"It's not," Eckhart interrupted suddenly. Instantly her face colour as eyes on the table turned upon her, "I'm sorry,"she blurted. "Its just, well, I've taken a ride on the Temporal Express bringing me here when I'm not kinda stuck.... this Neema Arjin was in Starfleet and Commander Lam has been ensnared in this experiment..." she licked her lips feeling the burning eyes bore into her flesh like hot knives. "I don't know why though!" she squeaked. "Not everything is same as I remembered."

T'Rena suddenly found herself racing to keep pace with the intel and engineering officers. She thought she had most of the information from the Admiral, but it turned out that it was the tip of the iceberg. "Could you elaborate more Lieutenants?"

"Quite." Ra-Movraii agreed, having well set his padd aside to let his eyes bore into both lieutenants, his green eyes flashing with deep interest and concern.

Doctor Delrisa put down the cup of coffee she had been holding to warm her hands. "So you are saying that somehow wormholes may be being tampered with? How is such a thing possible?"

Eckheart turned to the Doctor, "Yes, and in this case with dire consequences," she explained. "The tech Arjin has stolen will enable her to open an artificial wormhole, with a few tweaks here and there she's been able to convert the technology into a weapon of mass destruction. And by that I mean the total annihilate of a star system."

T'Rena, although a Vulcan, was not one to follow science and the applications of that field and thus found herself floundering with the technological talk.
"If I may Lieutenant. How do you apply artificial wormhole technology to the destruction of an entire star system?"

The engineer grimaced; "It's complicated enough to create a wormhole, which even in my time line a safe and stable one has eluded the brightest minds. Perhaps you could recall a Trill scientist Doctor Lenara Kahn whom in 2372 aided with a Starfleet vessel tested a working theory to create a wormhole?" she scoped the table to check they were following before continuing. "The experiment though didn't yield many positive results was continued in private at the Trill Science Ministry until disaster struck. Doctor Kahn's work was stolen and her research team working on the project were killed. A intense search identified the culprit - a follower of Kahn's work from a distance, a Starfleet officer by the name of Arjin."

The Lieutenant paused for breath. "I don't know exactly how Arjin has been able to use this technique on such a destructive scale, maybe it wasn't intended, perhaps it was. I really don't know, the technique Kahn developed involved generating a finely tuned subspace tensor matrix and a magneton pulse which when the two met created a subspace distortion. I can only guess the matrix wasn't fine turned at all," she shrugged.

It was interesting to hear more about the technology, perhaps the Engineer would talk to Karin about it later, coffee perhaps. The information that she had managed to obtain certainly agreed with her analysis. If the technology were so...valuable, then why did starfleet almost allow it to be taken. Instead however, she added onto the engineers assessment, "Mostly through the manipulation of frequencies would be the issue here, in particular subspace ones, far outside the normal frequencies that we use to communicate with and with a much more...violent methodology. Imagine a string, attach two cups, sound travels through solid objects right. Well this transfer is mostly due to vibration and different frequencies. Now, what would happen if you turned up the decibels to an ear damaging volume straight into the cup?" The lieutenant didn't look at the engineer, this was basic physics, "Without room for escape and with enough...sound in this case the Magneton Pulse, pressure is created and the base of the cup will pop out. The technology involved..." Another glance at the readings, "Seems to indicate that the sound is supposed to be directed around the string to make it more effective, to change the exit point by shoving down certain frequencies. Of course focus the Magneton Pulse to a different frequeny and...boom, well...depending on the frequency."

T'Rena stiffened her posture at the realization of the true destructive nature of the weapon Keshac had obtained.
"Your insinuation Lieutenants is this weapon could be turned on Earth, Vulcan or any of the core worlds and there is nothing we could prepare in defense!"

To the Intelligence Officer that wasn't quite what Karin had given, "Ma'am, with all due respect... Earth...Vulcan? They're just small time, specific targets. Eckhart said it best, 'Total annihilation of a star system.' To just put that into perspective, it would mean the entire Sol system. Mercury, Venus, the Luna Colonies...Jupiter Station... and that's if the Heliopause doesn't contain the explosive output." Though it was something that they really need to look at, "Eckhart might be able to tell you more about whether a particular Heliopause on any given star system would contain the blast zone, it's not my area of expertise." To be honest, that was the weight of the situation and it was why they had to bring this to a close as quickly as possible, this technology was...potentially threatening to the entire Federation. Karin speculated that the Starfleet command, aware of this situation were hoping that a small, elite team with the advantage of surprise would be much better than a fleet of ships.

With the new information the risk involved had just risen experientially and T'Rena could see that although most didn't fully understand the science, it was clear enough to give everyone pause.
"Thank you Lieutenants", she nodded at the two before turning to the Doctor. "Doctor Delrisa, what condition is the ships medical facility in as I fear we may have need of your services once we arrive at our destination".

"Sickbay is adequately stocked and equipped, Commander. I have three more doctors onboard as well, and I do hope that is all we'll need."

"I pray we have no need of your services Doctor however I know how Cardassian's treat their captives. I suspect Commander Lam will need medical care once we free her of captivity". Even Vulcan's had found it challenging to bear the torment that a Cardassian torturer could deal.

Next on her list was the final item, "Commander Ra-Movarii. Please schedule a series of combat drills ahead of our arrival. I have no doubt that Gul Keshac will have a patrol in the vicinity of the base".

"Already planned," Ra-Movraii said curtly, tapping the padd he had been reading earlier. "Shouldn't take too long to get everyone ready, given the size of the ship and crew."

Finally her eyes wandered the room, burning an image of each of the assembled officers into her mind. It was illogical, but a small part of her mind was telling her that the current mission could be increasingly dangerous and in all likelihood one or more of her officers may not return.
"Any final questions?"


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