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Point of a Blade

Posted on Sun Jun 10th, 2012 @ 8:50pm by Gul Keshac

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

Keshac stole away into her private sanctum savoring the fact that she had finally succeeded. She had captured a high ranking Starfleet officer, and one of some importance and Starfleet had not seen fit to stop her not to mention the victory over the Starfleet capital ship that would be lending all of its collective knowledge to the downfall of the Federation along the Cardassian boarder.

The tall stemmed glass on the side board was inviting her to make use of it in celebration of the days many wins and she wanted nothing more than to taste the vintage Canar that sat next to it.

She would allow herself just a moment to celebrate before she launched her attack on Deep Space Nine and Deep Space Twelve simultaneously.
Gently she sipped at the syrup like liquid, allowing the warmth of the liquid to fill her but the moment was broken with a knock at the door.
"Enter", she called jovially, not wanting to break the mood.

Into the cavernous room strode Arjin, the Trill looking petite and pale against the Cardassian decor and dramatic rising sun framed in the window beside the desk where Keshac sat. But the scene of awe was missed on the former Starfleet officer as she cut directly through the room. "Keshac," she called with a sharp tone. "You're attempts at learning information have been thriftless: Commander Lam knows nothing that can help you and we've finally received information from the Dartmoor that you ordered attacked. Aside from spilling a quantity of blood we've gained nothing useful save how to kill efficiently."

"Isn't that enough!" the smile not once lifting from the deceptively beautiful Cardassian features of the women sitting observing the rising sun.

"Not for what you wish to acheive," Arjin's cool response sounded.

Keshac's head snapped round so fast that the momentum carried her body around in short time. Her hands crashed down onto the table top with so much force that the glass shattered in her hand.
"I have no compunction to explain myself to a Starfleet whore who sold out her own people because she was being over shadowed by those around her!"

The Doctor weather the insult, squared her shoulders, and raised her chin in defiance. Her voice was cold and hard, "And where would you have been without my help?"

"I no longer require your services. I have everything I wanted from you, you're weak, a pathetic excuse for a sentient!"
The venom oozed from the Cardassian's voice. This would be the moment that all outside influence was eradicated from the Cardassian Union.

Again the Trill stood stiffly to withstand the cutting insult but it was no doubt clear that the remarks were striking nerves. "Only in you're opinion," she replied candidly.

"And mine is the only opinion that counts". Keshac circled the desk her hands clutched behind her back to save her striking too soon. "You have been nothing more than a tool towards my goal and now that you have perfected the weapon I have no further use for you!"

The threats were increasingly clear Arjin knew as she continued to hold her ground, she knew that today could be her last. With an unpredictable monster such as Keshac is was always unclear which would be her last breath, it had been a dangerous game to play.

"You're words are no threat Keshac," Arjin spoke matching the same level of menace she'd endured moments ago. "I've seen your true colours, and we both know beneath that thick shell you wear there's a coward itching to escape. And she'll appear without a moments hesitation when the cards are dealt, you'll scaper faster than anything in exsitance. Then we'll see who's the pathetic excuse for a sentient!"

It was this moment that she struck, bringing her body up close to that of Arjin and then plunging the blade into the symbiont pouch up to the hilt. The feel of warm liquid caressing her hand was almost soothing and the smell of freshly spilled blood permeated the air.
"I am no coward!" a steely determination and resolve etching her tone and meaning. "Now you are the first casualty of that pathetic band of beings that you call the Federation. Each and every man, women and child will be eradicated from existence and I will be standing on the bodies enjoying everything your worlds have to offer!"

With a rasping sound Arjin gripped weakly at Keshac's shoulders as her blade penetrated deep. She could feel herself growing weaker by the moment, as her life force seeped from the red wound, her vision began to darken and her senses dim.

Then, with a groan, the pain that felt fierce eased and was replaced with a sense of peace having fallen, welcoming her into deaths arms where at last she could join her sister.

Arjin's lifeless corpse fell limply against the Cardassian women before being thrown aside, discarded, her usefulnesses truly outlived.

Keshac stood for a moment, the red blood of the Trill scientist staining the innocence of her gown from the white it had started. Now it was a testament to the lengths the Cardassian was willing to go, and never again would anyone be permitted to call her a coward.


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