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Mutual Dislike

Posted on Fri Jun 22nd, 2012 @ 8:41am by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Lieutenant Helen Shire

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

This was the disadvantage of being on ship - in comparison to DS12 the Discovery was like living in a match box. Everything felt cramped, and Shire felt sure even the bed that occupied most of her quarters was smaller, at least it looked it from her quick inspection. And with the ships lack of size there was no escaping the other crew members especially if you valued personal space, or any kind of breathing space as a matter of fact. Consequently the ships small lounge was bustling with crew members immersing themselves in whatever drink they'd whipped up or semi warm food stuff.

Out of the dozen of so table squashed inside only one had a vacant seat to give Shire enough room as not to feel like she was sitting on someone else's lap, the table's lonely occupant was the Russian office Rihanoff. He was easy on the eyes but wet behind the ears, Shire shrugged, could have been worse company she concluded as she set her tray down opposite and offered him a nod of acknowledgement.

Rihanoff had spotted Shire as she had entered the lounge and regarded her with little more than the civility he thought she deserved. Since arriving on the station she had regarded him as being inexperienced, yet he knew nothing about her and she him. Never mind that he had served in the Dominion War on the front lines no less.
"Lieutenant!", he offered in greeting as she took the seat opposite him in silence. He continued to read the report from the Romulan front that held more and more reports and rumblings about an impending Nova in the Hobus System.

Shire ate in silence with the occasional glance at Rihanoff half expecting him to strike up a conversation, instead however his attention was focused upon whatever it was he was reading, and judging by the way it captured his entire concentration it was a good read.

She moved the food around her plate, her appetite waning giving way to a sense of loneliness that had settled upon the woman following the recent departure of her lover Viola. She couldn't understand where she'd gone wrong, they were so happy together, talked constantly about every conceivable topic keeping no secrets or stone unturned. Therefore it came as a surprise when Viola announced she was leaving both Helen and the station immediacy without further explanation. Hurt, Shire carried out her own investigation leading to the evidence that Viola had been hiding a secret man. Instantly she saw red, and if it hadn't been for Mason's quick thinking Helen would have taken a phaser to that scum's head in a flash.

Since then she'd thrown herself into her role with renewed gusto and simmering hatred of men.

Pushing aside her uneaten meal the security officer surveyed the room once more before resting her gaze on Rihnaoff, "Fascinating read?" she probed.

He did nothing more than allow his eyes to flash at the stubborn officer sat across from him before returning them to the reading they had been doing before hand.
"It is, and some what worrying as well!", he offered to her in a hushed and gentle tone which only seemed to strengthen his Russian accent all the more.

"So, not a love letter," Shire replied coldly uncertain where the venom came from.

"If it was it would be none of your business sir!"
The title carrying the venom he had wanted as he still did not understand how someone as inexperienced as Shire had achieved Assistant Chief on a station of this size.

Shire pulled a mocking face as Rihanoff looked away. She didn't care what he thought, the carpet had been pulled out from beneath her feet, her world imploded upon itself and she was angry at everyone for it. She stood abruptly, the hair scraping the floor harshly, seized the uneaten tray of food and stomped away.

"Nice speaking with you lieutenant", Rihanoff whispered under his breath as she left.


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