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Shanghai-ed (BP)

Posted on Sun Jun 24th, 2012 @ 11:26am by Lieutenant Helen Shire

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

Harrison sat down in the seat allocated to him on the transport. He was early but he saw no point in waiting around in a departure lounge. Being on the transport was one step closer to being off this benighted station.

He'd proved difficult to find, but Lieutenant Shire had been adamant, their earlier encounter left her feeling unbalanced and feeling the need to settle a debt.

"Commander Harrison," she called striding onto the transport cutting a direct line. "You're presence is required in Ops."

Harrison scowled. "What now?" he mumbled. He rose, grabbing the small bag he'd brought on board with him. He glared at Shire. "Now, or do I have time to attend to my luggage?"

The Lieutenant shrugged, "Since Commander T'Rena is waiting, the sooner the better."

Commander's Office: Ops

Harrison stood waiting. He'd pressed the chime and now he waited to be granted admittance. Even in his present mood, even he was not so stupid as to press it again...and again...and again....

He wanted to: oh, how he wanted to press it and press it until this jumped up Vulcan woman deigned to acknowledge his presence. Then he could get whatever this was over with and get out of here. Not for the first time he checked his watch. Even now he could still catch the transport if she was quick.

Yet again fate seemed to be conspiring to disallow the Vulcan the chance to complete any form of task or job while in her office. She had stopped in to collect the few handfuls of paperwork that she could be able to look over on the Discovery's journey out to the Cardassian Dissident movement stronghold.

"Enter," she called, but her emotions again seemed to be turning the command into a bark.


"My title is Commander!", she added with an eyebrow once again lifted. "I have received an order from Admiral Necheyav's office informing me that you have been assigned as a tactical consultant on Deep Space Twelve".

The puzzling thing about it was his rank and the fact he was being assigned to a junior officer position, not to mention that the order came directly from one of the senior Admirals in the fleet.

“What I would like to ask is why it is so imperative that I remain here? I mean, why me?”

"I do not presume to interpret the Admiral's thought process."

Harrison considered. So this is where they're going to dump me. Out here where no-one's watching. Then again.... He took a very big mental step backwards. This is probably the best chance I'm going to get. Not that that's saying a lot but it certainly beats playing messenger boy. No-one's watching so...why not? He drew himself up to his full height – erect, shoulders straight, head held high. “Commander....” He paused through a long drawn breath. “I accept."

He seemed to be taking the order as a request rather than a direct command from a senior officer within Starfleet. "As per your orders, Commander, you have no choice".

Harrison noticed the look of...confusion?...on T'Rena's face. "I have only ever wanted to serve Starfleet," he stated bluntly. "Believe it or not as you wish, but it is so.” He drew another deep breath. “I was raised to be Starfleet and I have always tried to live up to that. I do not wish to go into why I have singularly failed to achieve that goal; suffice to say that you can find it all in my records. I will not argue the toss over what is written in them. You will also see repeated references to an 'attitude problem'. Yes, I do not suffer fools lightly. All I can say is, give me a job that's worthy of my skills and I will do it to the best of my ability. On the other hand, consign me to menial tasks and I won't answer for the consequences but they will not be pretty. I have long passed the stage in my so-called career where I particularly care what anyone thinks of me."

"I have no interest in your hopes and goals, Commander. All I am interested in is your ability to perform your duty!" Had she managed to get of on the wrong foot with yet another officer under her Command? It seemed to be a running theme at the moment what with Commander Ra-Movarii as well.

"Dismissed Commander!


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