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Disatisfaction (BP)

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 8:41pm by Lieutenant Helen Shire & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Security

Haqtaj left a smear of purple on the door chime as it swung open to admit her to the Security Office on the Promenade. She grunted with effort as she stepped inside, limping her way to the front desk, dragging her grievances with her. A trail of rich purple blood followed her, flowing freely from her leg.

When she arrived at the desk She hefted the unconscious figure in her left hand onto the desk. At first appearance it appeared to be a Bolian, but the blood coming from a broken nose and bruising around the eyes were inconsistent.

Then with her right hand, and only a little more gently, she lifted a bloodied human in security officers uniform. she placed him on the counter sprawled over the first victim.

"Where's Mason?" she demanded.

Acting head of security Helen Shire eyed the bloody figure dumped unceremoniously upon her desk with wide eyes. "Ambassador, what...." she started before tracking back on the original question. "Commander Mason has been reassigned to Starbase 332."

Haqtaj nearly exploded, "She's WHAT! Qu'vatlh! It has taken me two years to teach HER how to deal with Klingons. What incompetent am I going to have to deal with next."

Shire's brown eyes narrowed at the comment: "That incompetent wretch happens to me, just be wary of how you phase your sentences in future Ambassador I'm not as forgoing as Mason with your interruptions."

This deflated Haqtaj. She realised she had stepped over the line and acted offensively. She backpedalled mentally, "I am sorry, Lieutenant. I meant nothing against you. I had informed Mason privately that there were a number of," she gestured to the pseudo-Bolian, "assassins coming to the station to try and kill me. I had trusted her to inform your security people, but it seems they are either uninformed, or incompetent. They are more likely to get themselves killed," she gestured to the Federation officer who was, thankfully, breathing shallowly, "than be any actual aid to me. What do you want to do with this pair?"

Helen's head tilted to one side as Haqtaj continued to insult: "Why ask me, surely its you who want to know who sent the assassins? Frankly I don't really care, just as long as there's no mess or monstrous scene made in the process. Naturally, he's going to the infirmary," Shire pointed to the uniformed officer.

Haqtaj grimaced, "Did Mason happen to mention before she left that she wanted more Klingons in your deputy force?"

"Thirty-five, though personally I can't think why, you've caused nothing but ear ache since arriving."

Haqtaj leant forward on the table and Shire's keen eye noticed she was trying to hide the pain she was in, "When they decide to appoint someone permanent to this position, send them to see me, so I can teach THEM how to deal with Klingons. Between you and me, Lieutenant, the role of Chief Security officer needs someone who is as much a diplomat as a warrior. I do not envy them in the role; I know what that is like!"

Shire folded her arms with her face set hard. "Perhaps then you should convince Command T'Rena to give you the position until said replacement is found since you've done nothing but criticise everything we've done."

Haqtaj smiled despite the pain in her leg, "You know. I think you might actually be able to do the job. Providence save us, if this station ever needs to appoint me as Chief of Security."

"I will leave that with you to do with as you will. I already know who has sent him. I believe you prefer your prisoners alive, but if you would prefer the matter to go away I can bring him back in a few minutes in a more... permanent state."

The Lieutenant's bottom lip curled: "I don't think that's quite necessary."

Haqtaj gripped the Starfleet officer and threw him over her shoulder. I will take this one to the infirmary for you. I am heading that way at any rate."

"Yes, try not to bleed on the carpet too much." Shire sneered returning to the remaining body wondering just what the hell happened.


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