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The Dragons Will Rise - Part One

Posted on Thu Jul 5th, 2012 @ 9:46am by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Transporter Room/Planet Surface

The walk to the transporter room was a short one, but as per her life since joining this crew it was far from uneventful. Commander Ra-Movarii had caught her as she had left her quarters and started the usual battle that seemed to have been her mantel when she had been a first officer.
"Commander, I understand your objections but my orders are very specific".

"Like your order to command DS12?" He asked, not as aggressively as usual, but certainly with a level of sternness. "Being in command isn't about always doing what you're commanded to do. Arrogant they might be, but Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko... They didn't become what they were or do what they did kissing every admiral's ass."

The Vulcan determination set against the Efrosian stubbornness could have been a fight worthy of any Klingon, and it was not a clear cut decider as both could emerge the victor in this battle. One thing though did seem to be changing between the two, something which had not bee present only days ago, respect. It was almost as if the conversation they had shared only hours before had somehow changed the dynamic between them, shifted it in a very fundamental way.
"I intend to transport to the surface with you and the rest of the away team Commander!"

"And who is the away team?" The lieutenant commander asked as they stood by the entrance to the transporter room. The doors parted, as if in answer to what he said, revealing Doctor Delrisa, Lieutenants Bishop, Eckheart and Rihanoff. "Wonderful," he remarked dryly. "All of the senior officers."

"I thought I was coming because I make a great pineapple margarita," Soraya said, adjusting the med kit over her shoulder.

T'Rena's mouth opened as if to reply to commander Ra-Movarii but no words came out as the Doctors snap reply sank into her thought process bringing her head around to land her eyes on the Doctor ad raising an eyebrow.
"I fail to see how your ability to make an intoxicating beverage would aid in this mission Doctor!"

"Tough crowd," Soraya said with a sigh as she moved into the room towards the pad.

"Don't worry," Jenny said lowly to the Doctor. "I'll try one of those marga thingy any day...whatever it is." Soraya smiled warmly towards the young woman.

Again her eyes came back round to Ra-Movarii, understanding his concern. "My orders are to take my trusted officers to avert a war Commander... You fit that category!"

"You're the commander, Commander," the Efrosian relented, scowling all the while. "Is everyone else ready?" His green eyes flitted from each member of the team to the next. There was no doubt that of all of those gathered, none wanted a war with the Cardassians less than Xal Ra-Movraii, but in the same nasty, ironic vein, he was also the most capable and prepared for one.

The engineer shrugged her shoulders not really sure what Ra-Movraii was getting at with T'Rena but regardless they were ready to leave the ship and jump into the unknown.

Commander T'Rena took her place on the transporter platform with Ra-Movarii standing next to her and the others clustered on pads around the platform.
"Energize", she ordered of the young blond women manning the controls.

The soft hum of the transporter caught them up and a gentle blue shimmer cascaded down upon them slowly blinding the view of the stark room for a second before releasing and showing the immense landscape of a partially ruined city. The sun was rising in the east casting a golden glow across everything in sight and catching the peeks of the long abandoned buildings that could be seen in the center of the city.

T'Rena pulled her tricorder from its holster and started a passive scan looking for the tell tale signatures of Cardassian and Humans.
"I am detecting some form of interference field two miles in that direction!", she flicked a hand in an easterly direction. "Apart from the planetary flora and fauna I am not detecting anything of interest!"

Eckhart had also drawn her tricorder, the planet was remarkably dull in her opinion, it lacked natural minerals, substances and interesting environments. Indeed the interference field was the only thing that was remotely interesting. "I think that might be the place we need to go."

With little more to go on, T'Rena started of in the direction of the dampening field. The field itself was immense enough to encompass most of the city center, large enough to fit the Discovery within it six times over. It also seemed to extend high enough to cover the tallest of the spires and if she was reading her tricorder correctly, that same spire was the center or the eye of the field.


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