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The Dragons Will Rise - Part Two

Posted on Sat Jul 14th, 2012 @ 8:21am by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The trek to the city center had taken longer than expected, but each of the assembled officers had kept one of either their tricorder or phaser drawn the whole time, as if waiting for the other shoe to drop. It had been silent so far, despite the open aspect to the city, with more than fifty meters between buildings, giving more than enough space between them or a runabout to land should the need arise.

The only thing that had been picked up on the tricorder other than the dampening field was a lower form of bipedal hominid. Could they have been the next form of sentient life on this planet if the Cardassian had not become entangled in this planets natural development?

T'Rena came to a halt as the team reached the outer edge of the field.
"Our objective is to rescue Commander Lam and uncover any information possible about the Cardassian presence in this system. I would suggest two teams. Eckhart and Bishop are with me. Doctor, Lieutenant Rihanoff, please accompany Commander Ra-Movarii". She looked to the head of the spire that was their intended destination. "Once in the complex we will split up to cover more ground. Who ever finds Commander Lam is to cover her escape and have her transported back to the Discovery at the first possible moment. Secondary to that is uncovering the Cardassian plans".

The bubbly, yet dippy engineer looked round the gathered group. They all appeared as depressed and run down as their surroundings. All expect herself, she was still living a dreamworld, the same one she'd been in since arriving in this time frame.

"Secondary to that is uncovering plans?" Ra-Movraii asked, scowling deeply as yet another rant could be seen growing within the Efrosian. "With all due respect, ma'am, a single officer's life is unimportant compared to the security of the Federation - or even the Cardassian Union. Commander Lam would want us to do the right thing."

"Commander Lam has a more deep understanding of the stations defensive capability than any one of us. The security of the station is at risk and given the Cardassian lust to reacquire the station I do not wish to allow them access to that knowledge", T'Rena shot back at the Efrosian. His constant argumentative stance starting to chap her otherwise cool and calm exterior.

With nothing to add, the group pressed forward, moving into the field once T'Rena had called up Shire on the Discovery and informing them of the situation. This was it, the final gambit, the end of the line. Now all she could do was pray that everything turned out right.


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