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The Dragons Will Rise - Part Three

Posted on Thu Aug 2nd, 2012 @ 6:30am by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The golden glow of the solar system's star continued to increasingly light up the way of the Starfleet officers. All around them, as they pressed further into the ancient and abandoned city, great shadows were stretching further out, as if hoping to grasp the team, being cast by the peculiar spires that stood tall all about them.

Ra-Movraii continued to scowl as they moved. The large majority of the buildings were typical of humanoid life forms. They did not indicate origins from a particularly advanced civilisation, potentially even a pre-warp one, but they were certainly numerous and efficient. Although only giving them passing inspections, the Efrosian lieutenant commander could not help but notice the differences in architecture from the general square-shaped and traditional buildings, as compared to the daunting spires that towered over them.

The spires themselves appeared to be made of a material not unlike obsidian, or at least a dense black susbtance, and multiple holes had been burrowed into them - more the higher you went. The base of the spires seemed to have no entrance in the typical sense, whereas the common buildings were the usual sandy masonry colour expected of such a people that once resided here.

They had doorways, windows and all about were the usual amenities of a settlement; wells, abandoned devices for manual labour and the like, but definitely alien to the spires.

"This isn't right," Ra-Movraii declared, walking beside Commander T'Rena. "Look." He pointed a weathered finger at one of the nearest hovels. All across its roof were faded marks. Some might have deduced they were a design of the culture, but closer inspection showed it to be damage. "The climate's preserved it pretty well," he added, "but the people who lived here did not leave by choice." As he said the words, the Efrosian's green eyes wandered towards the largest spire - the one they were marching towards.

It was by far the tallest, widest, and arguably the darkest. Its shadow stretched further than the rest, and the holes were larger and more plentiful. Also, unlike its smaller counterparts, it had a hole burrowed at the base, so humanoids could enter.

Ra-Movraii looked to T'Rena again. "Are there any records for this sector of space going back prior to the Federation?"

T'Rena had been busy studying her tricorder readouts, trying to make some sense from the readings that were coming back through the soup of interference the dampening field was spitting out around them. Her cool and logical mind wanting to focus on cold hard fact over the meandering of ones thoughts as the eyes took in the surroundings. It also never occurred to her that something of interest could also be derived from the simple gut instinct.

"I have no prior knowledge Commander. I did not consider consulting the ships records before transporting down". Finally she looked up, taking in not only the beauty of the golden sun but also the level of devastation and mismatch of architecture as well as the obvious difference in building technique that seemed to be opposed between the smaller surrounding buildings against the large and imposing obsidian obelisks situated towards the center of the town. "Your thoughts Commander?"

"The obvious." His words were simple and straight to the point, and a darkness seem to grow over his eyes before he cast them to the Vulcan. "There wasn't a battle here; there was a slaughter. Someone invaded, and I'd wager that someone won." Ra-Movraii cast his eyes towards the holes at the bases of the most alien structures. "And enslaved the natives."

The trek through the devastation was a short one, as each row of houses closer to the centre cluster of obsidian towers seemed to have fallen to some form of attack. Slowly they progressed forward until finally they were outside of the main tower, sheltered from sight by a wall that had partially collapsed.

Two guards, both Cardassian, stood sentry at the opening with rifles slung over their shoulders as well as standard hand held phaser pistols holstered on their hip.
"Everyone fan out. Set phasers to heavy stun. Fire on my mark!"

Crouched to remain hidden from view Eckheart skidded further down the damaged wall attempted to be as quite as possible. She keyed the settling on the phaser she'd pulled from the holster and held it steady awaiting T'Rena's signal.

The few officers assembled in different positions around the opening, still remaining under cover and with a simple flick of her wrist they all opened fire. T'Rena's shot went wide penning the Cardassian closest to Delrisa and her down giving the Doctor the shot she needed to take him down while the others took down the other guard.

Ra-Movraii only fired a couple of shots, squeezing the beams into a single guard but assuring his defeat and the rest of the team's collective success. He was the first to come out of cover, and darted over to where T'Rena was, seeing if he could goad any more hostiles to fire. When nothing happened, he nodded to the rest of the team.

"It's clear," he stated. He looked to the commander. "Maybe they're undermanned?" Given how scarce intelligence was, they had no idea was sort of strength the enemy had, or even how well organised they were. Based on how easy this first engagement was, it was possible they had not expected an attack.

"Doctor, can you pick up any life signs", gently the Vulcan held Xal in place, not wanting him to move before they could ascertain as much information as possible.

Soraya frowned at her tricorder, then adjusted for distance.

"I'm reading something, not quite life signs though," she said thoughtfully.

"Maintain a continuous active scan of the area, she ordered the Doctor before turning back to Xal. "Let us proceed but with caution."


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