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Talking tactics

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Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: The Promenade


Harrison had nothing to do and no-one to do it with. He thought about renting out a holosuite but nothing on the program took his fancy.

For want of better, he wandered off to get something to eat.

As he crossed the Promenade he saw the Romulan civilian heading towards him. D’Traal turned into a restaurant. Harrison hadn’t known exactly where he was going to eat: that made his mind up.

He ordered his food then approached D’Traal’s table.

D'Traal had taken a break from overseeing the remodeling of the commercial unit he had leased on the Promenade. The unit's replicator was not yet working and so he strolled down to one of the eateries a few doors away. Unsurprisingly they did not serve Romulan cuisine, they did however offer freshly cooked food, rather than replicated. After a quick perusal of the menu he selected a Cardassian spiced stew, with a side of bread sticks. He found himself a table and browsed through a padd of the remodeling, while he awaited his lunch.

He heard footsteps approach, set down his padd and looked up. Instead of a server with his meal it was a Starfleet Officer who stood there. It was a human male and wearing the color of their operations engineering security and tactical division. Their rankings and departments seemed very confusing to his Romulan mind.

D'Traal had wondered how long it would be before Starfleet started sniffing around. Although the Stations Commander was away, the Junior Lieutenant he had met on his first arrival had no doubt given a full report and while this was the first approach since then, D'Traal had no doubt the humans and their allies had been taking a keen interest in him. He glanced at the humans collar insignia. A sub command grade, a Junior Commander was it? No, Lieutenant Commander, that was it. It seemed they had now sent a more senior rank to talk to him.

“May I?” he said, indicating the spare chair.

D'Traal smiled thinly "Please do, Lieutenant Commander" and waved the human to a chair.

“You are – or you were – a tactical officer in the Romulan fleet,” Harrison said. “I too am a tactical officer. I wonder if you’d like to talk tactics.”

So, it seemed Starfleet had been doing their school work and found out who he was, or rather who he had once been, D'Traal mused. He briefly wondered is this was some form of test, then replied.

"Were... not is. Or rather I was a junior tactical officer, as part of my Imperial Service." He explained "That was a few years ago now

“For me it was a few years ago, too. I held the rank of captain for a brief while but I, for my sins, am back to being a tactical officer. That is, if I can find anyone on this station to officially assign me to the post.”

D'Traal raised an eyebrow quizzically, was this human saying that he had to wait for somebody to tell him his duties? He wondered vaguely how Starfleet functioned with any level of efficiency if their officers had to be told what to do all the time...  And did this one say he had been demoted? How did he live with shame of that?! Clearly the Star Empire system was superior, but then all Romulans knew that anyway.
"I see" He murmured "That must be... difficult for you"  

“I’m also by way of being a biologist. I suppose I can pass the time doing that until something more meaningful happens.”

"A Biologist, really. How fascinating..." D'Traal wondered what the human was up to. It was very strange to listen to somebody talk like this, it really was rather fascinating.
The server arrived with his stew and bread and placed it down on the table. It looked and smelled appetizing enough, even if it was only Cardassian food. He dipped in his spoon and took a tentative taste. It wasn't bad he supposed.
"And so, as a newly arrived, yet to be assigned, Tactical Officer. How do you sum up the tactical situation in the vicinity of the station?" D'Traal asked. He might as well find out as much as he could about the region and it was possible that Starfleet knew things that were missing from his own analysis of the area.

“Frankly, I’ve barely had time to settle in yet. Most of my time has been spent going over reports in the Science Department. I was hoping you might have some insights to offer.”
"Ahhhh " D'Traal stalled and was interupted by voice from Harrison's commbadge

-^- All command staff reports to Ops immediately -^-

"I believe that must mean you Commander...." he concluded with a trace of a grin.


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