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The Dragons Will Rise - Part Four

Posted on Fri Aug 10th, 2012 @ 4:58am by Lieutenant Artem Rihanoff & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Helen Shire

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Spire
Timeline: Following "The Dragons Will Rise - Part Three"

The assumption Xal Ra-Movraii had made before they entered proved to be relatively true: the Cardassians were seemingly undermanned, and had left much of the entryway unguarded, although they were getting mixed readings from their tricorders. The interior of the spire was as ghastly as its exterior.

All about them, the obsidian-esque material that made up the structure looked as if it had been shaped by some form of erosion, akin to that of an insect nest. Much of the path was scratched and bumpy, a stark contrast to the sleekness of the curved walls and ceiling, which were wide and spacious, but painfully dark.

The away team had to turn on the lights on their rifles and phasers to see the way, but the Cardassians had installed some very basic yellowish lights along the path to light up the way. Some small generators were littered about, but a good few were in poor condition, furthering the opinion that this particular renegade organisation was not as well prepared as they had feared.

Ra-Movraii began to wonder if the True Way and its affiliate anti-Federation Cardassian organisations had lost support in recent years, and was close to smiling at the consideration. He had had enough of war with their Union - or anyone's nation, for that matter.

As they stepped a bit further forward, they reached a crossroads, curving around in two separate directions. Also, the ceiling gave way to a hole above them, leading beyond where their eyes could see, and out of reach of any of the team, a clear four metres above them.

He looked to Commander T'Rena. "Must be where the overlords once lived," he said, nodding above them. He lowered his rifle. "Where to, then?"

"To cover more ground I would suggest splitting into two smaller mobile units", T'Rena snapped her own tricorder closed knowing that Doctor Delrisa was already on the case, trying to make sense of the soup being fed back to her from its advanced scanners. "One group to investigate the dampening field. We may be able to deactivate the field to make our escape more expedient. The other will attempt to track down Commander Lam...", she paused wondering if this was one of those moments she had been mulling over in her mind back on the ship. "Thoughts?" she opened to the group.

Lieutenant Eckhart still hadn't adjusted to being addressed so in formally especially by T'Rena whom by all outward appearances was as Vulcan as you could. Obviously somewhere in her blood something else was mixing in, thinning out the cold, stoic edge Jenny had expected to see. "I'd like to volunteer to head for the dampening field," she stated. "From what I can tell the field only covers a pocket of the city, though if I were Keshac that's where I'll be based to avoid an incomming assult."

Soraya had wandered over to a nearby wall, touching it lightly as she watched the tricorder in her hand. The readings changed with every step she took.

"May I use your tricorder, Commander?" she asked T'Rena. Silently the woman placed the tool in the doctor's hand.

"It's the same," Soraya said, looking back and forth between the instruments. She looked up at the team, as if only just noticing they were there.

"I'm reading low levels of ionizing radiation but the readings are in flux. But there are also unusual concentrations of carbon-14 and methane," she said.

"I am no scientist Doctor... You will have to elaborate".
The Vulcan shifted on her feet,concerned the doctor had found something else to worry about.

"The radiation I'm reading is coming from the same area as the carbon-14 and methane, which indicate the presence of lifeforms, but this type of radiation is very damaging to DNA based life. Naturally occuring radiation tends to be a steady and even flow of charged particles, these readings are varying in strength. I can't use the tricorder to pinpoint the sources of the readings."

Soraya held out the Commander's tricorder for her to take back.

"My best guess is that the lifeforms and the radiation are close together, but the lifeforms must be heavily shielded. It will be dangerous to go near the source of so many charged particles."

"Are you able to verify the species Doctor?"
If it was a large gathering of Cardassians then it would must likely be the location of Keshac, and with luck not to far away would be Commander Lam. However, if they were some unknown then it would add an extra player to the game. Would they be the people that lived here before the Cardassians arrived?

"No, Commander. If we can get closer I may be able to read some other molecules and give you a best-guess, but we will have to monitor the radiation levels precisely," Soraya replied.

Excellent, Eckhart thought darkly recalling how they'd all have to follow the quarantine procedures when back on the station provinging the radition didn't have a speedy affect upon their DNA.

"We will continue as indicated. Lieutenant Eckhart you are with me. We will find the dampening field control and deactivate it. Commander Ra-Movraii will command the second team. Find Commander Lam".
With her final words, they moved into the tower, the next leg of their journey now clear and the final gambit soon to be played.


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