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The Dragons Will Rise - Part Five

Posted on Wed Aug 29th, 2012 @ 8:01pm by Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The two groups had separated at the first fork in the road, Xal moving away with Artim and Soraya while T'Rena moved off with the over excitable Eckhart. The Vulcan had been silent, paying little attention to the younger womens activities or emotional state. Instead she had been examining the architecture around them. The erosion that seemed to be peeling away flakes of the Obsidian walls seemed to be fading away, as if the elements had not reached down this far into the structure. Something else had changed though. The atmosphere around them had stilled, as if they were not walking through a structure in an atmosphere, but rather a filtered air control system like that of a starship life support system.

The floor below them had also gone from the soft click of heel on ground, or other natural materials to that of heel on metal plating, all of it still the same Obsidian black.
"What are you reading Lieutenant?"

The engineer checked the scanner with a frown: "This is strange," she announced. "Its a void, there's no natural minerals anywhere not in the air, the ground, nothing not even the sunshine penetrates here. However, its not the dampening field or anything we've previously scanned..." She turned her face to the Vulcan. "It might be a testing area or something for a weapon, but honestly Commander I'm stumped."

The two women continued on down the silent, dark and intrusively peaceful corridor which seemed to be leading them away from the tower now, still somewhere near the tower but perhaps a subterranean cavern. The corridor seemed to stretch on forever, down into nothingness but eventually the endless march gave way to steel gangways and what looked to be a massive cargo-bay of some form.

The cargo-bay walls were covered with small pods, each one glowing with a white brilliance that seemed to give the entire room a sterile and clinical look.
"What are they?" T'Rena asked more of herself than Eckhart but still gave her the chance to reply.

"Fascinating," Jenny murmured consulting the scanner again. "Commander, I'm picking up a functioning life support system and a gravity field. With this maintained and powered section clearly this space is occupied by a life form, but I still can't pick anything up."

Cogs started to turn in her Vulcan mind, remembering something from her time at the Academy and one of the obscure classes she had taken a a filler to her curriculum.
"Could they be stasis pods... I thought they had to be maintained in a controlled environment for the most part. Artificial gravity and lifesupport would pay weight to that hypothesis".

Eckhart gave the pods a sharp fearful look, "Its a possiblity..." she voiced, "That would explain why we can't read them on the tricorder...I wonder who they are?"

"Let us continue Lieutenant", T'Rena advised as she indicated what looked to be a terminal interface room just further along the gangway they had entered. "We may find more answers in the instillations database".

Mixed with fear and curiosity Eckhart turned to the terminal T'Rena had indicated to. Like everything else it had the same clinical appearance and blinked slowly with life. None of the details on the miniature screens that glowed at her gentle touch made any sense, nor did the alien symbols beneath. "I've never seen a language like this have you Commander?" she asked.

It had similar structure to the Xindi formats, but the pictograph behind the language was far from what was common among that multi vector species.
"Nothing that I am familiar with".

"I can't even find anything similar in our records," she waved the tircorder across the terminal. "Ooohh this is exciting we may have discovered something unique!" She rejoiced accidentally hitting various controls on the interface with her over exciting hands.

Somewhere in the deep something responded.

"Lieutenant?" T'Rena asked the question as a rumble emanated from deep within the chamber they now occupied.

"Umm..." Eckhart glanced quickly at the console that now flashed brightly. "Somethings happened..." a hiss close-by made her jump a full three inches in the air. "The pods!" she screeched pointing with an extended finger. "They're activating!"

T'Rena arched an eyebrow as she allowed herself to marvel at the approach to the situation by the Engineer.
"As the pods are already powered Lieutenant, I think you may find your statement needs adjustment. The pods are activating the reanimation protocols", her eyes not shifting from the closest and what appeared to be the most elaborately decorated pod roughly one hundred meters from the platform they both now stood on. The red blinking light slowly increasing in speed ahead of those around it until finally it became a constant.

A soft clicking noise.

The pods upper platform started to lift from the middle, parting like the sea parted for Moses.

A single, elegant hand with skin of a golden hugh rose from the innards, a second almost directly behind it with feathers or some other similar covering rising up the bare flesh of the beings forearm.

Skittish Eckhart yelped at the movement, threw herself from the instrument panel toward Commander T'Rena for protection.

Gently the being pulled itself into a sitting position, its exposed back, again covered with the feather like coverings, but most of the bare golden flesh exposed. It was so similar to Human or Vulcan skin but it radiated an aura. T'Rena half expected to see feathers or a non Humanoid face as the head turned, but what she saw was just like any other Human face, only this male, or so it seemed to be, was exquisite to look at. A sky blue makeup pulling from his upper eye lids to his hair line, piercing crystal blue eyes gazing at the women.

The crashing waves of fear ebbed away as Jenny gazed upon the hansom face that greeted them, she instead stared with unbridled attention, open mouthed in wonder and awe.

He stood, his torso exposed to the elements, his muscular form kept at an impeccable level of fitness, but the most impressive aspect to this being was the angel like feathered wings that protruded from his shoulder blades. The wing span reaching nearly twelve feet. The only word she could use to describe this being was perfect, as if from the Earth biblical text 'The Bible'. This being was the personification of an Angel.

"I am Commander T'Rena, a representative of the United Federation of Planets... Do you understand my words?"

The being cocked his head to one side before open his mouth as if to speak but instead a cry of blood lust ripped from his lips and in seconds he had flicked open his wings displaying the browns and whites of his plumage as he wheeled a concealed weapon around on the two women. He fired.

Before chaos broke the Engineer continued to stare captured by his apparent beauty as he stood before them both, unclothed and perfect. His folded wings harboured a romantic fantasy often document in fiction coupled along with those rippling muscles Jenny could feel herself go weak at the knees and pondered briefly how his baritone voice would vibrate thought the space in response to T'Rena's dull question.

That was until her short lived day dream was shattered like glass. This creature of beauty screeched like nothing she'd ever heard before, instantly she covered her ears to block out the sound, ducking slightly as she did. The move save her life as in a flash he'd pulled a strange weapon from the depths of the plumage and discharged it.

While no energy bolt stuck the two women they were still sent sprawling backward hit by an unforeseen force presumably from the weapon. Winded by the fall Eckhart scrambled upright as quickly as she could, sought of the phaser still located on the belt and mouthed to T'Rena: "I don't think we should stay here!"

"Agreed", and before the Vulcan had finished the simple one word reply to the Engineers statement she was already on the move her legs pumping hard with the sting of pain that accompanied excessive exertion.

The two women took to flight almost as soon as the effects of the concussive blast had warn enough for them to find footing and run. The clang of the metal grid work gave way after several seconds to the thud of earth and dirt as it had been hen they entered the complex. T'Rena stopped, and flattened herself up against an outcropping before steeling a look around it at the opening into the cavern.

"He does not seem to be following", the Vulcan offered, but no sooner had her words been said before a massive pressure door slammed down at the entrance and a deep rumbling could be heard from deep within the sealed of area.

Something else was happening!


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