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Through the looking glass

Posted on Tue Sep 4th, 2012 @ 3:35pm by

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Sickbay

Everything was happening so fast, images were still blurred and the lights so bright, in reality it was the various drugs coursing through her system to help her stave off the effects of malnutrition and sedatives to knock her out while her body was tended too, the broken ribs, the gash on her head, the bruising, it would all take time to heal but Sara, it still seemed like a dream, all she could catch were snippets of conversations, comments about her condition, the mission she had been on and what had been found, but none of it made any sense.

As she drifted off again and slept for the first time what seemed like weeks, she was able to confront the demons from what had been her reality, with the body of Lonar dead at her feet she ran along the smooth stoned corridors but she couldn't find a way out, then as if from nowhere, a group of Starfleet officers appeared in an attempt to rescue her, as Keshac began to activate her weapon of mass destruction she could see only one thing on the giant console, the spinning blue marble that could only be Earth, she tried to tell them but her voice was silent, was there rescue of her to the detriment of her home world. As all went silent there was a clarity and the world around her snapped into focus, she shouted and with her voice being heard clearly for the first time since the ordeal had started, the group of Starfleet officers stopped and turned, spotting Keshac and opening fire, knocking her to the ground before she set her diabolical plan in motion, the day had been saved, just.


Albright stood in sickbay looking down at the still form on the biobed, the Magellan had returned from patrol three days early when he had heard Lam had been found. Hearing the sound of footsteps he turned to the nurse who had entered the room, "I'm sorry Lieutenant, I best get out of your way."

"No need to apologise sir, I just need to check her vitals." It was common knowledge on the station that Lam and Albright had been involved in some way but to what extent, well nobody really knew, at least until that moment.

Gulping back the nervousness that had been swelling up inside him he decided to ask the question he knew he had too, "can I ask, what's her prognosis, will she be okay?"

Seeing the man trying to hold his world together she smiled and nodded, "she's one tough cookie Commander, she'll be fine in a few days."

Fighting back the tears all he could say was a barely audible, "thank you", before making his way to the exit, he was a starship captain and had seen people die, friends many of them, but this was totally different, the roller coaster of emotions was like nothing he had ever experienced before, there would be no more putting things off, once she was well again he had to tell her how he felt.


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