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End of the Line

Posted on Mon Sep 17th, 2012 @ 7:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Helen Shire

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

The transporter hummed to life and T'Rena stood tall again, the security team surrounding her all aiming their weapons at the chamber, waiting for the shimmer of crystal blue energy to disperse leaving Xal standing with the limp form of a Cardassian Woman slung over his shoulder.

"Commander?", the Vulcan asked as the door hissed open again as Doctor Delrisa entered again with a medical pack to tend to the multitude of smaller injuries sustained by the away team.

"One renegade Cardassian gul," Ra-Movraii grumbled, dropping Keshac into the care of the medical team, although not as lightly as he would have with a comrade or civilian. As Delrisa and the others moved to attend to her, the Efrosian finally caught his breath, and faced T'Rena. "There's a lot she can tell us," he said, with a level of anger in his voice, pointing to Keshac, "and I'm looking forward to hearing it."

The spite seemed to subside somewhat. "Whatever that machine in the planet was can wait," he said, knowing there must be more to the incident planetside. "How is Lieutenant Rihanoff?"

"He's doing well," Soraya said. "We are repairing the bone now, and once that's finished he will need a little time for the muscle structure to heal. You'll be able to see him soon."

"I'll see him when I can," Ra-Movraii promised, looking back to T'Rena. "Now, before we go any further, what in the name of the Endless Sky was that thing that caused the quake?" The Efrosian's question was said sharply, almost accusingly, to the Vulcan CO.

T'Rena started for the door, not wanting to discuss this within earshot of the other gathered. She strode with confidence into the corridor and continued on down the hallway towards the turbolift. "Lieutenant Eckhart is uploading out tricorder data now. We encountered an unusual and unknown species...", she didn't want to say the word Angel as she felt it was to emotional a reply. "Very elegant in appearance but with a very distinct violent nature. What happened during your encounter with the Cardassian?"

"She lost," Ra-Movraii stated without preamble, "but it was then we saw this unusual species you've mentioned, or at least their vessel - a massive marvel of engineering, but old." His voice became slightly edgier and more concerned. "The distraction let me get her, and put an end to whatever ridiculous conflict she sought to create, but that machine - it was not a far cry from the spire's material." In the quiet mood he had set for the pair of them, his green eyes showed the concern in his eyes. "The natives' old overlords, perhaps..."

The doors before them parted as both stepped into the small cab before it started its short journey to the bridge.
"Lieutenant Shire got a read on the vessel but soon lost its warp trail. The only information they were able to extract from the limited amount they had was the general direction. It seemed to be on a vague course to the unknown regions beyond Deep Space Twelve!", she allowed the comment to hang to emphasis her meaning: 'We may see them again'

"Has Starfleet been informed?" Ra-Movraii asked immediately, the pair now stepping out onto the bridge. "Given their introduction, I'm not inclined to believe they're looking for Federation membership." The statement was given in such a way it suggested the Efrosian was once again questioning T'Rena's command capacity, pushing the point of informing Starfleet immediately.

"Shire reported an unknown form of subspace interference that seemed to blanket the area. It has been dissipating since the departure of the unknown vessel".
She rounded the centre cordon of the bridge and came to rest in her Command chair, moving her gaze over to Eckhart and Shire at the Operations console. "Report Lieutenants".

The two women stiffened at the arrival of T'Rena and the First Officer. "The alien vessel has passed outside our sensor range with no course changes," Helen Shire reported with a grim expression. While the team had explored the surface she'd waited with limited patience, she'd played scenarios over in her mind, the sudden arrival and swift departure of the vast alien ship certainly hadn't been on her list. Though it had not presented a threat to the ship nor had it fired upon them she took a defencive yet weary stance.

They'd ignored all communication attempts and simply speed off at hight wrap. Leaving behind quite some mystery.

"There's no such record of race nor their ship in the database," Eckhart injected having scoured through reels of data hoping to find some sort of answer.

Only one question remained to be voiced, one that maybe she didn't want to know the answer to but it was one that needed to be asked.
"What heading?"

Shire's jaw tightened, "It's appears to be following our fading wrap trail back to the station..."


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