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Shuttles and Undergarments

Posted on Tue Sep 11th, 2012 @ 9:55am by Carrie Dalton

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: DS12
Timeline: Current

It was easy to forget where in the scale of things one sat.

Space, an utter endless sea of stars, planets, moons and countless other stellar objects never looked the same when viewed from her quarters or from the workstation of her store. The small glimpses lacked the scope Carrie Dalton could see now as the shuttle circled the Federation station: Deep Space twelve on its final approach.

Though originally built by the Cardassian's this outpost had a certain air a beauty about it, one that wasn't shared by many of the shuttles occupants. Its sharp edges connected to a great sweeping circle seeming protected, by the jutting uprights that stood proud above the stations beating heart like a guardian.

A far cry from the sleek Jupiter station of DS14 where Miss Dalton her been previous; an outpost named too dangerous for civilians following the recent actives from the dominion forces located close by. Beside the pressing danger her friends she'd made there had also been relocated or reassigned while counsellor Brell whom she'd taken a particular liking to had handed in his pips, married Rachel his sweetheart and settle on Earth. Perhaps the joined Trill had finally seen enough warfare after nine former lifetimes.

Carrie sighed watching her blond, narrow faced reflection huff resignation at past events. She wasn't here to reminisce, she was here to prove her politician father that his bimbo daughter could continue her success in providing the uptight people of the Federation a slice of historic fashion. Daddy had been overbearing at first, extreme caution wouldn't cover the description of his tone on her departure and the regular comms proved he still thought of her regularly. Some would say it was touching but to Carrie is was becoming increasingly annoying, she loved her father dearly but as the product of a lonely child James Dalton had trouble letting his little girl thrive on her own.

The shuttle swept around the stations great ring, inching closer toward the flashing docking beacon, the shuttle's occupants were gathering their personal affects and talked with mixed emotions of excitement and utter dismay. Obviously others found arriving here nothing more than a chore, a necessary to their working lives, while for Carrie it marked the start of a new adventure.

She struggled to gather the number of cases she'd bought with her, the pilot hadn't allowed her a bring more and promised with sincerity the remaining items including garments from her boutique would arrive presently. Regardless the petite blond manhandled the three cases, tucking the smallest under her arm and gripped the remaining tightly, needless to say she cut a wide berth among the passengers as she waddled to the airlock.

Busy smiling or ushering the regular apologies for bumping into someone Carrie followed the line though the lock and onto the station. However, her escape was cut short with a sudden jolting halt.

Her heavy leaded load had caused her to become wedged in the narrow doorway.

Dalton twisted herself, sensing the backlog of waiting persons behind her in an attempt to free herself she could have sworn someone was pushing her out of pure impatience. With a grunt she twisted free with the speed of a flying champagne cork she scurried out, headlong into another knot of people on the promenade having tripped of the raised ledge around the outer door.

With a muffled "Owff," Carrie landed with a crash knocking pass a-byers left, right and centre, then in the ensuring chaos she felt a flutter briefly before something covered her face blocking out the scene she'd caused. One of the cases she'd been holding had come open, well, exploded may have been more accurate.

Whipping off the skirt that had draped across her Carrie looked around with fleeting panic and horror as the crowd that had stopped to stare were also impromptu decorated with an assortment of clothing, most were not the type you'd willing display...

Something things, Carrie grimaced, clearly wouldn't change no matter what she did.


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