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A new Chief?

Posted on Thu Oct 18th, 2012 @ 12:21pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Captain's office

“Ah, Madame Ambassador. You didn't waste any time presenting yourself.”

Haqtaj frowned at the man. That was an alarmingly political statement. It could be read as very offensive, and yet may not have been at all. She felt like she had whenever she had listened to Matlh talking about the council meetings. It made her teeth hurt.

"I don't see any reason to wait. I won't be any less the Ambassador for the Klingon people in an hour, and you are not going to be more in charge of the station. Besides, I had a gap in my schedule, what with everyone else dealing with he recent evacuation."

Harrison inspected Malth's credentials. “Yes, everything appears to be in order. Now, what can I do for you?

Haqtaj ground her teeth at this obvious red tape, "You may have noticed the disgrace that ensued during the evacuation. It was chaos. This station's security were capable under Mason but have become lax and disorganised. There are even fights happening between my Deputies and the Federation officers."

She began to raise her voice, becoming more animated, "Now, when they need guidance and stability, instead of providing a strong leader of Security, they remove the only leader of this station that I haven't felt the need to physically assault!"

She finally turned and thumped her fists onto Harrison's table, "When are Starfleet going to put someone competent into the role of Chief of Security? Someone I can trust with the security of myself and the one third Klingon population of this station?"

“I suppose you’re going to tell me that only a Klingon is capable of restoring order to this station. I suppose you’re then going to go on and nominate yourself, given your position as de facto head of House Matlh here.”

"Hardly," Haqtaj snorted. "Though I admit any Klingon I nominated would be a better choice than you have in position now."

“Might I remind you that this is a Federation vessel. The Cardassians want it back but it still remains in Federation hands. And might I add that the Cardassians have at least had the grace to bring their demands to the negotiating table. Your moves seem to me to be more along the lines of a coup d’etat; slowly ship in more and more Klingons until the place is overrun by them and they are the only effective power aboard. Remember, the British have a long history of colonialism: I know how it works.”

This is exactly why she had got out of politics, "Trust me Lieutenant Commander. If I wanted to take over this station then you would know about it. If you have read the logs you will see I have recently lead an assault force to take this station from alien possession. From my perspective, it still IS in alien control.

"My people came here because they heard of the danger and battle fought here. They come seeking glory. They come because they were wanted. If that is no longer the case I will inform the High Council that Lieutenant Commander Harrison no longer wants Klingon support for this station."

"Lieutenant Commander Harrison does not want Klingon support. Lieutenant Commander Harrison would appreciate Klingon support. There is a big difference. I need this station to maintain stability. I have not been here long and there are some who might think themselves more worthy of the position. That, ultimately, is a decision for Starfleet Command to make. In the meantime, I - by virtue of rank previously held - am the senior officer."

Haqtaj laughed aloud, mockingly, "Am I supposed to be impressed? I think half of Starfleet have been commanders of this station at some point. I've worn armour for longer than some commanders have remained in charge of this station."

"I am not asking you to support my taking command; not militarily anyway. I am only asking that you do what you have been doing already. Note that I say 'what you have been doing'. I am under no misapprehension that the Klingons answer to you, not to any Chief of Security that the Federation might nominate."

Haqtaj rubbed her head. She decided to try another approach, "Does that file tell you why I took this post? Back home there were people who felt I should be in charge of my family instead of my brother CoQ. They would come to me instead of him and, try as I might to support his decisions, even when they were stupid, it just became unmanageable."

"I don't want to see the same happen here. I don't want members of the KDF coming to me because they don't trust the Human Security Chief. It needs to be someone who can command their respect and allegiance, as well as lead the humans in their way. After three years, Mason finally got it, then she left."

She sighed heavily and leaned on the desk, "I am not here to cause you or this station trouble. I am trying to avoid it. I know what my people are like. They respect strength and honour, not words and banter. You need to appoint a strong Security Chief who will strengthen your position here. Until you do, my presence undermines you with at least a quarter of the population of this station."

“Good. I'm glad we've cleared the air over that. Madame Ambassador, I have the pleasure to offer you the position of Chief of Security on DS12."

Haqtaj did a double take. What game was he playing?

"No doubt Starfleet Command will be appalled at that decision but I'm used to them being appalled at my actions. I would have offered the position to Lieutenant Commander T'Siryik; she has the rank and I believe she has the experience. She is, however, on indefinite secondment. I do not believe Lieutenant Shire has the necessary experience.”

Haqtaj snorted, "We agree on that much. How am I supposed to become Security chief. It is not the command that bothers me. I was an Admiral in the KDF before coming here. I am just not sure how you will justify me taking the role from Lt Shire."

“I expect you to mentor Lieutenant Shire. I can think of no better person to educate her in Klingon ways and it will give her good opportunity to earn the respect of the Klingons aboard. Anyway, hers is the name Starfleet Command is likely to raise as their desired occupant. I want to have something to throw back at them and her being mentored to take over the position will sound good to them.”

Haqtaj was suspicious. This sounded like a remarkably good idea and that bothered her. "How long are you expecting me to hold this role?"

“How long?” he replied. “How long do you think it will take to mentor her? I think such questions are mere speculation at this point in time.”

Haqtaj straightened. "Then I suggest a new role, Security Coordinator. I will appoint a KDF Head of Security and you appoint your Federation Chief of Security, Lt Shire and I act as facilitator for both groups. That way your Starfleet and the KDF can not be upset about the role, since it has no precedence. I will accept the role for as long as it is required. I will also send word to the Council that they may need to send a replacement ambassador, since my impartiality may be suspected of compromise."

Harrison considered the offer. It sounded like a good compromise. Nonetheless, he decided to test just where his limits lay. "There is, I believe, a Klingon on board who is a member of Starfleet. He was, I believe, you aide at one stage. Might I suggest he continue in that role?"

"As my aide? He is not Security trained. Besides, he has taken an extended leave of absence for... personal reasons."

"It is an easy enough matter to cancel leave."

Haqtaj considered, "Well since we are each stipulating our conditions, I can hardly refuse, if you feel it necessary. One more thing," Haqtaj leaned across the desk and punched Harrison squarely in the jaw.

Harrison looked up and locked eyes with Haqtaj. Without breaking that gaze he returned the punch. "I take it we are agreed then?"

Haqtaj massaged her jaw. The dull ache had gone away. She beamed at the Human, "We are. I will move my things out of the embassy and into the Security office at once."


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