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Posted on Mon Nov 12th, 2012 @ 1:35am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Tags: Ra-Morvaii, D'Traal, Dennis

Counsellor O'Reily had yet to retire. Although the newly dubbed senior officer wanted nothing more than to sleep in a darkened corner, he blinked wearily at the console before him.

He rubbed the slightly bloodshot dark eyes, momentarily unsure if what he'd just witnessed on the monitor was actually accurate. The discrepancy didn't budge, in fact, it had drawn closer.

Nicholas cursed lowly a fraction before the station's sirens sounded, causing him to yelp in surprise. There was a large unidentified vessel approaching on a direct course - so direct it was in line to collide with the station!

"Captain T’Rena to Op's immediately," the counsellor heard someone call, a redundant process since the blaring cry of the alert would have been enough to stir the dead.

Despite his lack of sleep, O’Reily knew that was wrong. Captain T’Rena hadn’t returned from whatever mission she’d gone off on.

“Commander Harrison, report to Ops immediately,” O’Reily correcting with a swift tap to his commbadge.

Harrison rose from the table where he had been chatting with the Romulan, D'Traal. Why me especially? he thought. Yes, alarms have gone off and I have a duty to fulfil but I know that. Why specifically request me?

Haqtaj glanced up as the alarms began. Technically she was not one of the senior staff, but every time those alarms sounded she seemed to end up involved. She decided to save herself some time.

She got up and moved out of her office past the embassy main desk, "Vartog, hold any meetings, I have to..."

She stopped and turned, looking at the empty seat in which Vartog had once sat.

"... have to find myself a new aide," she finished.

Leaving the embassy locked behind her she made her way to Operations by the lift just near by.

Stepping from the lift she looked at the young O'Reily. He seemed to be trying to decide who to call on among the senior staff and treading water in the process.

Haqtaj nodded to him, letting him know she was there if he needed her help. She would not step in and undermine him though. She took up a position where she could watch and listen without getting in the way.

Harrison entered Ops at a brisk but unhurried pace. His back was straight, his shoulders back, his eyes alert. He moved straight to the Tactical station and prepared the weapons system. So far, his actions were automatic. Then he noticed something was missing.

He was the senior officer. Responsibility was his.

He cast a quick glance around Ops. Everyone was looking to him for orders; everyone but one person. There was a Klingon in full battle armour taking in everything happening around him. No, make that around her. Well, it never hurts to have a Klingon standing guard. Then he did a double-take when he noticed she bore no rank insignia. What the hell is a civilian...? No, make that what the hell is an member of the diplomatic corps doing in Ops? He thrust the thought aside.

“Report,” he snapped.

"Unidentified vessel closing fast." O'Reily heard his voice answer the command with more confidence than he actually felt. "It’s on an collision course and hasn't yet responded to our hails."

At the Science station, Jrez rose from his knees to a standing position, he had been re-routing several of the data relays within the monstrous circuit boards. He began looking over the external sensor reports. He blinked in disbelief at their content.

“Report, Chief!”

“I can’t find anything on our databases which match this vessel. I’ll send a message to Starfleet Command to enquire of the Klingons and Romulans.”

“Thank you, Chief. Proceed. Meanwhile, please keep monitoring the vessel.”

Haqtaj noted the newcomer was giving orders, and everyone seemed happy with that. Interesting. "That is not a Klingon make ship, nor is it one I recognise."

She passed her eyes over the various screens, unable to clearly make out information about the approaching ship. She could however see some of the other ships in the area.

“The Honshu is cued for docking,” she reminded O'Riely in a hushed tone. “She could be redirected to intercept. If the approaching ship is un-powered, it might even be able to tow it off a collision course.”

"Thank you Ambassador," Nicholas acknowledged the suggestion. "However the next moves rests with Commander Harrison, not I."

"Of course," Haqtaj couldn't suppress a smile. She liked this new person everyone seemed to be following. First response was to ready weapons, even before he had found out all the details. She secretly hoped this might be the new security officer they had been waiting for. It would be good to have him in the command structure somewhere.

The door opened and D'Traal entered. He took one look at the display screen and stated quietly

"I can also assure you Commander Harrison that the vessel, whatever it maybe, is not associated with the Romulan Star Empire either."

Harrison looked round to where this new voice had come from. He frowned. That made two civilians in Ops, and neither of them Federation citizens. How they had found their way to Operations was an intriguing question but one, he decided, that must wait until later.

"Thank you, Mister D'Traal but you will excuse me if I wait until official word comes in from the Romulan Senate," he answered curtly.

D'Traal went and stood next to Matlh. "Anyway, it's far to ungainly to be one of ours. Are you quite sure its not Klingon?" He commented out of the side of his mouth.

Haqtaj sniffed, "We are not exactly known for our smooth lines and curves. Besides, if we were to build something that size it would have reinforced hull plates in evidence. I make sure to keep up to date on recent fleet developments. You never know..."

“Update please, Mr O’Reily,” Harrison requested loudly before this little spat developed along lines he'd rather avoid right now.

“The Honshu is nearby and standing on alert as are other ships,” O’Riely replied.

"Thank you. Have them prepare for evacuation of the station. Please advise them to stand ready at this stage but to be prepared for transportation of the civilian population at any point. Mr Ra-Movraii, please issue a general order for civilians to prepare to evacuate."

Whatever colour remained in the counsellor's face drained away at the order he'd been given. Dry mouthed, he nodded and hurried to begin the evacuation process.

Harrison looked to see how that order went down with the Klingon. She had invaded Ops without an invite, but he knew that she could be more than helpful if the station was boarded. There were, after all, a lot of Klingons aboard and he didn’t fancy himself, newly arrived on the base and barely known, giving them orders.

Haqtaj didn't move. Technically she was a civilian but she was not about to run away from the unknown if there was an option. Security would have their hands full convincing her people to comply as well.

Harrison’s mind was racing. The unknown vessel was on a direct heading indicating a collision. How to avoid it? A report from Deep Space Nine sparked in his mind. When they first found the Wormhole they had moved the station using the reaction control thrusters.

“Activate port side reaction control thrusters,” he ordered. “We need to move the station out of the way of the on coming vessel.”

He moved over to Helm, ready to assist if need be. He knew he could quickly shift back to Tactical if things went pear shaped.

Jar'Ho heard the order. He was glad that he had studied Roark Nor's schematics on his way to the station. He was also glad that he had read about Chief O'Brien moving Deep Space 9 using the thrusters. More important than the thrusters was his use of the subspace fields to lower the mass of Deep Space 9 so that it could be moved. He knew that whoever it was that had issued the order wasn't an engineer or he would have known how complicated the task was. Last, he remembered J'Rax's order to him before he was sent on this mission to do whatever they wanted. He answered back quickly, "luq." Then remembered that whoever was giving the order probably didn't know Klingon, so he made a quick translation. "It will be done." He set to working to get the station moving.

USS Honshu

Captain Barr strode out of his ready room on the USS Honshu, "Mr Bell, Recall all staff. Security and medical, stand by to receive civilian refugees. Helm get us clearance to leave. I want to wait till the last moment, but I don't want to get stuck when that moment comes."

"Captain," The Chief Engineer called from his station, "We still haven't completed even half of the repairs after the battle. Our hull is barely 20% if we loose SIF, and I don't think our atmospheric systems can support our full evacuation compliment."

Barr glanced at the Engineer, "Then we will have to see how long 9,000 people can hold their breath."

Turning to his Science officer he said, "Serge, see if you can get our sensors back up to full and give the station a window on what is approaching."

Ops – DS12

“Sir,” Jrez said, “the Ambassador mentioned the Honshu. With respect, it is a science vessel with a full panoply of equipment. It's sensors are probably better than ours.”

“Thank you, Chief. Get a link to the Honshu. I want its sensors synced with ours.”

“Aye, Sir.” Jrez snapped to carry out the order. “Honshu is bringing its sensors into sync with ours.”


“Nothing yet, Sir. We have a clearer visual despite the distance but that is all so far. Sir, it would be better if I put you in contact with Lieutenant Maschnost aboard the Honshu. He knows its systems and capabilities far better than I. It would also be better getting the information and analysis first hand.”

“Do so.”

Maschnost nearly jumped out of his seat when the page from the station came through. It had been a long time since he had served on the station. Surely no one there would remember him, or that incident where he cooked the Computers to get rid of nanites. Or bent time in the temporal research laboratory.

He carefully, and hesitantly, reached out and pressed the comms buttons, "Hel...hello? I mean, USS Honshu readink, over."

"Mister Maschnost, what is the current position of the unknown vessel? Has it changed course to match us? Has it changed speed?"

Serge groaned internally. Akina Jrez was bound to remember him. He checked the sensors.

"Er... slowink? No, it is being maintainink... No, wait. There is beink a power wave in the fore section. Not a weapon. Adjustink frequencies. She is slowing, and exponentially. She is also makink minor course corrections. Not exactly matchink yours."


“I can't see that, Sir, but if Mister Maschnost says it's so, then it is. I trust him on this.”

“Very well. Mister Ra-Movraii, we might get out of this yet. Civilians should stay on alert but we might not have to evacuate. That being the case, the Discovery can stand down from evacuation duties. I believe you command her. Kindly take her out to meet our visitor and get a closer look. I would ask that Lieutenant Delrisa remain here though. We might still have need of a doctor.” And that will get you off my station while I establish myself, Harrison added to himself while watching Ra-Movraii's retreating back. He was careful to keep any trace of that thought off his face but he doubted Ra-Movraii would be fooled. He looks the type to do exactly the same thing if he was in my position.

The Efrosian XO gave a curt nod, his white and well-shaped moustachios seeming darker as he regarded the station's newest commanding officer. "Aye, sir." And he decided nothing more was needed to be said as he pointed to a couple of officers to join with him, quickly hopping into the lift that would take them from operations.

Lissan th'Zarath, Chief ops and currently at the helm of DS12 had never felt so much pressure on her since sitting the entrance exam for Starfleet. She was new to the station and so far had carried out her duties to the best of her abilities so far. Never the less she felt out of her depth here, nothing had prepared her for this, moving a station the size of DS12 was going to take some doing.

She had checked and rechecked the panels and controls of the helm. She stretched her fingers as if she was going to play a piano concerto and the audience were hanging on and waiting for her to start.

"Helm checks out. Ready when you are, Sir" she said. "It might get a bit bumpy but will adjust the IDF manually as we go."

"I'll have a First Responder Medical Team ready and set up a triage. Just in case," Soraya said.


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