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Posted on Mon Oct 22nd, 2012 @ 3:57am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa
Edited on on Mon Oct 22nd, 2012 @ 3:58am

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: sickbay
Timeline: Current

Soraya walked the familiar corridor leading to Sickbay. She could feel the change in the air, almost sensing it. Changes in command were never as easy as everyone wanted and no matter what had happened under a particular CO there existed a subtle bond, and this bond would now be remade with the new CO. She found herself looking forward to it.

She walked into the Medical corridor and into Sickbay, greeting her staff as she went. She saw the familiar woman watching her from a biobed as a nurse took her vital signs.

"Lieutenant Commander Lam, how are you today?" the docter asked with a warm smile.

Sara sighed, "I don't know, doctor."

Soraya checked the latest scan results, then pulled up a chair and sat next to the bed.

"The transport ship is ready, we're going to take you down now. You're being sent to Starfleet Medical in the Sol system, Mars Colony," she said carefully. "Your family can visit you there and your rehabilitation will progress much faster than here."

Sara turned her head, saying nothing.

"This will not end your career, Sara. But it will take some time to heal."

"Doctor," the nurse said. "The medics are ready to transport."

"Thank you," Soraya said. She touched the Lieutenant Commander gently on the arm, then stepped aside so the medics could stand next to the bed.

"Will I be back?" Sara asked softly.

"I don't know, but you will be missed." the doctor replied.


Soraya waited for a few moments, staring at the blank space in her Sickbay.


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