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Changing of the guard

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Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7
Location: Captain's office DS12 & USS Columbia
Timeline: Current

[USS Columbia - Captain's Ready Room]

Bradley had been sitting in his ready room, as the Columbia got closer to Roosevelt Station and closer to another piece of the puzzle into the Vice President's disappearance when his computer terminal chirped up to life, indicating that something, or someone wanted to speak or have Bradley read something, he tapped a few buttons and up popped a message, it was from Deep Space 12. He wondered if this was his Executive Officer; Commodore Armfield requesting something from him again. He started to read the message

From: Lieutenant Commander Nelson Harrison, DS12
To: Rear Admiral Bradley Harrison
Priority: Urgent

As you are aware, Commander T'Rena has been ordered to return to Starfleet HQ pending re-assignment. A large, alien vessel was picked up on our sensors headed on a collision course with the station. In the absence of Commander T'Rena and as senior officer on board by virtue of rank previously held, I took command.

The USS Discovery has been dispatched to investigate the vessel which is now standing off 5000 kilometres from DS12. Lieutenant Commander Ra-Movraii is in command of the Discovery.
Request permission to assume all captaincy duties aboard DS12 pending a replacement for Commander T'Rena being sent by Starfleet Command.

Bradley reviewed the message a couple of times, was he seriously; was this guy serious that he had taken command over the control of Commodore Armfield, and where was she when something like this. It wasn't a good look for Bradley, he tapped his commbadge

=^= Harrison to Wescott. Can you get me a secure commlink with Deep Space 12, and this Lieutenant Commander Nelson Harrison, and find Commodore Armfield for me, right away =^=

=^= Yes, Sir =^= came the reply from his Executive Assistant

Deep Space 12

Harrison was relieved to see his message being responded to so promptly.

"Lieutenant Commander Nelson Harrison, acting Captain DS12," he said smartly.

"I don't know who you are, but where is Commodore Dorothy Armfield?" scolded Bradley, he wasn't in the mood for a mutiny on a starbase that was under his Task Force command.

"I do not know precise details but I believe that Commodore Armfield has resigned her commission. Speculation has it that it was something to do with family matters but that is probably just scuttlebutt."

~ Without even telling me, looks like another Task Force Executive is needed ~ thought Bradley to himself as he composed himself, and as he was about to speak; Nelson spoke again

"I took command in the absence of anyone else, Sir. The station faced an emergency and someone needed to take command. I am the ranking officer by virtue of a previously held captaincy. I did what was necessary, Sir.

"Alright; I am going to invest in you temporary command until such time as I can get the Columbia near Deep Space 12 to meet you in person; you will have all the powers of a full-time Commanding Officer, but I won't confirm anything with Starfleet until I am sure you are not planning, or executing, a mutiny against Commander T'Rena. And I thought Captain William Lynch was meant to be taking command of Deep Space 12, what happened there?" asked Bradley, now even more confused.

"With respect, Sir, I would like an answer to that as well. Captain Lynch is long overdue. Had this emergency not come up, I would have been putting out an alert for him. If I hear anything I will let you know but I fear the worst...."

"Alright; I will confirm you as the new Commanding Officer; with all the duties and rights that any normal Commanding Officer would have, and have Starfleet find out what is keeping Captain Lynch. I don't seem to have any orders; so update me on what is going on there?" he said.

"Rest assured I will do so, Sir. Discovery will be reporting back shortly."

"Thank You. Harrison Out" he said, as the screen turned to blank. Bradley sat back in his chair, and drafted a communication to Starfleet to send him a new Task Force Executive Officer


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