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Hurry Up!!!

Posted on Thu Nov 15th, 2012 @ 6:06pm by

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

USS Garrett

Jar'Ho was in the engine room of the Garrett working over the engines when his communicator went off. He wasn't used to the chirp of Federation communicators, so he ignored it. It kept ringing. It started to really annoy him. He was about to yell at one of the Garrett's crewmen to knock off the racket when he realized the sound was coming from his shirt. He slapped it. "nuqneH (What do you want)?"

He went back to working while he was waiting for an answer. The ensign at the console had been warned about the abruptness of the Klingon Engineer. He took in a breath before composing his answer. "SogH, DS12 has increased its alert level. There is a Romulan Fleet massing at the border. All available ships are being launched in anticipation of battle. That includes the Garrett. You need to finish your repairs and get back to the station."

Jar'Ho sighed. An engineer's work was never done. He looked at the Garret's Engineer, Lieutenant Hugh Larson. "tugh!!! (Hurry up) You have an opportunity to earn some glory today."

Hugh wrinkled his forehead. "Glory? You do realize that I'm an engineer and not a Klingon warrior."

Jar'Ho closed the panel where he had been working. He stood up and slapped Hugh on his back. It took the breath out of the engineer. "Even engineers can capture glory. Just keep your engines running and the weapons firing. I wish I could come along, but Haqtaj's orders were clear that I was not to leave the station without her approval."

Hugh forced a smile. "Pity."

Jar'Ho turned and walked out of engineering. Moments later he was back on the station and had closed the airlock. He slapped his commbadge. "The Garrett's ready to launch direct me to the next most important job."


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