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Who was it?

Posted on Thu Nov 15th, 2012 @ 2:39am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Purgatory's Shadow. Season 2 Episode 7

^Lieutenant Malth, please report to Ops.^

Haqtaj paused. She looked at the human who was bent over double and the Klingon she had suspended in the air by his throat. With her free hand she tapped her pin.

,'. Acknowledged, Ops. ,'.

She growled at the Klingon, "It seems I will not have time to continue our discussion just now. Consider your ship barred from docking until Lieutenant Jar'Ho has gone over it very carefully. And next time a member of Station security asks you for something, remember whose arm is directing them."

The Klingon Captain scowled but nodded. He dropped to his feet and glared at the human before turning on his heel. Haqtaj moved to the winded security officer.

"Straighten up," she hissed so only he could hear. "Others are watching. Do not show them you are weak."

The Vulcan gulped lungsfull of air and managed to stand at attention. Haqtaj nodded, "ToH. You stood up to HoD Grapa. That is well. You will report to my office and tell me what the incident was really about later. Now proceed with the evacuation preparations."

She strode quickly to the turbo lift and rose out of sight. When she arrived at Operations she strode quickly past Jrez who was talking to some boy and over to Harrison.

"Nuq NeQ?" she asked curtly, then remembering herself added, "Sir."

"Lieutenant, if I recall correctly, when you were an Ambassador you insisted on Klingons conversing in Federation Standard. I would appreciate the same courtesy now."

Haqtaj was taken aback. She liked this commander. No nonsense taken and no quarter given.

"Of course, Commander," Haqtaj gave a slight bow, straightened and barked her translation of the standard Klingon greeting, "What do you want?"

"Thank you," Harrison said with a polite nod of his head. "There was a Klingon vessel docked at Star Base 611 just after you took up your appointment as the Klingon ambassador on the base. There was a Science Officer on board that vessel; unusual I would have thought for a Klingon vessel. My Science Officer says he has not seen his like before or since. That person had a lot to do with Mister Mashchnost here. I need to find him."

Haqtaj tag frowned, "When I originally took the position I was only allowed a single support vessel. How far we have come since then. It was my Uncle's ship the IKC FHew, B'rel class. On a ship that small every crew is expected to be able to take on multiple rolls. If a crewman dies, who ever is next to them must take their place. Also, the positions are not quite the same as on a Federation vessel. Our closest thing to a Medic is often the Interrogation officer, because of their experience at keeping the wounded alive."

"The science officer on the FHew? They were here a while ago celebrating some victory or... Wait. Little guy? Tail? Fur?"

"Da!" interjected Serge excitedly but shut up instantly when Haqtaj whirled to face him.

"Yes, well you will not have seen his like," she allowed. "He is TiQ... er... Ancient ones. They call themselves Vetus, and most people never meet one. I believe Jared, the TiQ on the Fhew is over four billion years old.

Serge looked puzzled, "You are meanink, 4 hundred, perhaps?"

Haqtaj shook her head, "Jared was old before the Iconian world formed. Why do you want him?"

"Mister Mashchnost seems to think that this individual might help us with whatever that ship out there is. But, to be sure, he needs the assistance of whoever that was. Am I right, Mister Mashchnost?"

Serge was thrown into a completely new level of confusion. "You are askink me about this ship, not SB 611? This is not beink a hearink?"

"I will take that as a yes. Lieutenant...?"

" Well, then. I am thinkink... Ah, I am seeink now. You are thinking the propulsion is an extrapolation from the T-Flux experiments I was working on. Perhaps they have mastered the use of the expelled energy wave as a form of displacement drive. Da! I considered that, but the... Jared? He tells me of race that try and fail. They are blowink up their entire system. You are thinkink not all of them are dyink? Perhaps this Jared will recognise the ship?"

Haqtaj shrugged, "I can try and raise them. Last I heard they were in dead space looking for a lost Federation ship. Give me what telemetry you can on the vessel and I will forward it too them."

Harrison turned to the Andorian woman seated nearby. See to it," he ordered.


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