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Bad news

Posted on Thu Jan 31st, 2013 @ 12:50pm by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Promenade, DS12

Harrison strode purposefully along the Promenade. There was going to be a major intake of Romulan refugees arriving on his doorstep very soon and he wanted to be prepared. He could, and would, draw on Starfleet resources but first-hand knowledge of what to expect could prove invaluable.
It was, therefore, with surprise and a great deal of annoyance that he found the door to D'Traal's firmly locked and no sign of occupancy within.

He tapped his commbadge. “Computer, where is the Romulan, D'Traal?”

=^=Mister D'Traal is not aboard the base.=^=

“When did he depart?”

=^=He departed on a vessel bound for Rator II at 1435 yesterday.=^=

So much for first-hand knowledge, Harrison thought. Still, he's probably of more use on Rator right now than here.

Harrison turned and walked back to Ops. “Mister Maschnost, our resident Romulan has left us. Looks like we'll be thrown back on our own resources, once again.”

No Commanding Officer, no First Officer, Harrison thought sourly. Just two 'make-do's until the real occupants see fit to return. Now no Romulan expert. What else can go wrong?

Serge's hesitant voice came back to him.
=A= Um... are... will I be needink to get another one? =A=

“Mister Maschnost, we will soon have far more than we can handle. That is the whole point.”

=A= Oh... well.. if it is just beink for information, House Matlh has many contacts with the Romulan people. They are havink Romulan crew servink on some of their ships. =A=

“Mister Maschnost!” Harrison replied, delight evident in his voice, “whoever said you have nothing useful to say? You have just presented yourself with the ideal reason to approach Lieutenant Haqtaj. See to it, Number One.”

There was a pause at the end of the line and then a wounded voice asked, "Who is sayink I have nothing useful to be sayink?"


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