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New Faces

Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2013 @ 3:06am by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson
Edited on on Wed Jan 16th, 2013 @ 8:29am

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Engineering, USS Steadfast
Timeline: Enroute to Romulan Border


"Scanner, you got those diagnostics done yet? CPO Fraser called out from the warp systems control panel.

"'Bout three quatas, Chief." came the laconic call from somewhere in the access panels, "Keep yer kilt on...I'm a-workin' on it."

Hearing the whine of the transporter, Fraser spun around in alarm. Not necessarily unjustified alarm, considering the expression on the face of the Klingon who had just appeared in the middle of Engineering. The skipper had mentioned some TDYs from DS12 to bolster their pitiful ferry crew, but this was neither what he'd expected or how he'd expected to get it.

Still, he was here and an officer, though not a Starfleet officer by the rank and uniform, so Fraser stepped forward briskly.

"Chief Petty Officer Douglass Fraser, Sir." he said, "Chief of the Boat. Welcome aboard the Steadfast."

Jar'Ho grunted an acknowledgement at Fraser. "nuqneH." He looked around. He had not expected to be transported directly to Engineering. He realized that the chief was expecting him to introduce himself. He looked directly at Fraser. "I am Jar'Ho son of Ri'Ash of the House of TriMar. I am here to conduct repairs on this vessel. What are your problems?"

"A pleasure to meet you, Jar'Ho son of Ri'Ash." Fraser replied, "Steadfast is not in need of repairs at this time, Sir. She actually just came out of a full refit, in fact. Our main problem right now is that the current emergency required us to deploy without a proper post-refit shakedown. On a Defiant, that's a particular problem. Do you have experience with the class, Lieutenant?"

He dropped his bag on the floor. "I have read the manuals on the Defiant class. I am still new to Starfleet technology. My experience is in keeping Klingon warships functioning during combat."

Fraser smiled. "Well there is more in Defiants, Sir, than are dreamed of in the manuals. They are what used to be referred to on Terra as 'hot-rods', finely tuned machines that tend to take on individual characteristics based on who's doing the tuning. Also, sadly, individual quirks that must be compensated for. I'll compile a summary of Steadfast's maintenance logs for you. Actually, you have two advantages coming aboard now. First, we just got her back from a refit, so we have to get to know her again too. Second, she and her sisters are probably the closest ships in Starfleet to Klingon design philosophy. Seventy percent of this ship's systems are geared toward combat either directly or indirectly."

"I'll be at your disposal, of course." Fraser continued, "I'm Chief of the Boat now, but I came up through Engineering. I'm also one of only a half-dozen or so of the crew that was aboard Steadfast before the refit and was the closest thing we've had to an Engineering officer until you boarded."

"If you'd like, I'll give you the spanner-monkey's tour and bring you up to date on where we're at."

He nodded. "Perhaps that is why I was sent here. Lead the way, Chief. And then we will prepare for battle."



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