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Defencive Positions

Posted on Tue Jun 16th, 2009 @ 7:00am by Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

The runabout pulled up close to the larger Klingon vessel, power still struming through her immense engines. 'So the great bird still has power', Beverly throught to herself.
Expertly Ensign O'Brien brought the ship in, attaching itself to the dockingport, so as the ship couldn't drift off. However as Captain Jorvin had mentioned, they would be unable to move around freely on the ship. Most decks had lost enviromental control.
"Suit up everyone", she ordered.

Henk took a deep breath. He checked the systems and stood up. As he walked to the back he began to get into his suit.
"I hate these things." henk said. "Never liked them, and never shall."

Jorvin got up and headed to the back of the runabout where the environmental suits were located. He began to pull his on. "I never did like these things either." he commented to Henk "They're to restricting when your trying to shoot someone."

"When somethings go wrong with these things, you are almost done for." Henk said. "Like a friend of mine. Long life the transporters. And Klingons are not my race that I like. Give me Romulans instead."
He put on his boots and locked the seal. The same with the gloves. He picked an helm from the closet and put him on.

Jorvin had finished putting on his suit while Henk was talking. He reached for a helmet and said "Well I'm kind of attached to both races myself."

Beverly remained in her seat. She knew that the away team would start quoting regulation if she tried to suit up and join them, as much as she wanted to, she was now a Captain.
Gently she fingered the new pip that had been given to her just before departure from spacedock. "Captain Jorvin, I want you to transport over, and secure the Engine room and the Bridge. Contact me when it has been done and I'll transport over to your coordinates".

Beverly didn't anticipate too much trouble, but with a dead or dying Klingon ship you never could be too careful.

"Aye Sir" Jorvin responded, picking up his assault rifle.

T'Arjia stood up from her seat and walked through into the back, overhearing Henk and Jorvin's conversation. Taking another EV souit from the locker, she started climbing in "If anything happens to the suit, I'm sure Captain DeVour is quiet capable of transporting you back in one piece"

"I hope so." Henk saidwith a smile. "I would like to have all my limbs back if you know what I mean."
Henk stepped over to the airlock and waited until the rest was ready.

"As would we all" T'arjia fixed the last piece of her suit in place and followed the others

Leanne hadn't said anything during the exchange between the other crewman. She was trying to mentally prepare herself for going over, if there was one thing that the liked less then the runabouts, it was putting on a suit and actually going over. She locked her helmet on and grabbed the medkit and stood on the Padd.

Henk walked over and stood still. Hoping that everything went as it should be.

Beverly turned to face her crew now gathered on the transporter pad. "Jorvin, I don't want you taking any unecissary risks. Am I clear".

"Me take risks?" Jorvin said with a cheesy smile. "Don't worry about me Captain I won't do anything unnecessary. Jorvin then stepped onto the transporter pad and beamed over into the dark and silent engine room of the Vorcha (I don't think we gave the ship a class or a name so I chose one of the larger vessels) class ships engine room. He was slightly unfamiliar with the design, the last Klingon ship he had been on was from the last century, fortunately the Klingons didn't do much design changing. Jorvin took a minute to get his bearings and then found the emergency power switch.

She nodded her acceptance, and as she turned back to her console she called, "Energising".
The blue/white shimmer enveloped her team and dissolved them into nothingness before recombining themon the Klingon ship. Her heart deeply wished she had gone with them.


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