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New horizons

Posted on Wed Jan 30th, 2013 @ 10:45am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost

Mission: Part of the Team

The lift came to a stop and Serge hesitated. It was not his first time here, but he feared the consequences every time he set foot in the place. Now more so than ever.

Still, he was under orders. He approached Harrison and went to tap him on the shoulder, while all the while looking like he wished to run away. However at the last minute he pulled back his hand. He glanced around at all the people working and straightened up.

"You sent for me, Capt... Com... Lieutenant Commander."

He tried so desperately hard to get the squeek out of his voice.

“Mister Maschnost, welcome to Ops.” Harrison smiled and extended his hand. He had been warned that his new First Officer could be of a nervous disposition so he was at pains to put him at his ease. “I requested Ms Kent to arrange accommodations for the imminent arrival of our Romulan guests. She, I believe, spoke to Commander Delrisa and Chief Jrez. I would like you to follow up on that, if you would be so kind.”

Maschnost was just relaxing enough to return the handshake when he was hit with both barrels.

"I am sorry? Followink up? I am to be asking Chief Jrez for a report?"

“That is what I said, Mister Maschnost. Both Commander Delrisa and Chief Jrez. I expect them on my desk before the start of the Delta shift.” The orders given he turned to the next task. Then he remembered something else. “I have another task for you. I have approved a request from the USS Challenger to dock here. She is soon to go on her shakedown cruise and will be with us while she undergoes her final fit out and assembles the remainder of her crew. Please see to arrangements.”

"Yes sir," Serge snapped a salute, felt silly and dropped his arm. "Er... How exactly am I doink that, sir?

“Mister Maschnost, you are the First Officer; use your authority. Liaise with department heads, delegate duties; organise rosters.”

Serge nodded like a frightened animal and was about to ask where he could go to get some of this 'authority' that Harrrison spoke of when another thought struck him.

"Department heads? That is beink Lieutenant zh'Zarath over there for Operations, da? Then Doctor Delrisa for Medical. I am not beink sure of Engineerink...."

“Engineering is in a state of flux while Lieutenant TriMar is off with the Steadfast, Harrison admitted. “I’d like you to oversee the department in his absence. As for Operations and Medical, you are correct.”

A faint whiff of ammonia come from Serge, "B... bu... but you will be handlink Security details, da? I am not to be givink Madam Haqtaj orders..."

“No,” Harrison said. “You are the First Officer. I am sure Madame...sorry, Lieutenant...Haqtaj will be ready to oblige you in every way. You are, after all, her superior now that she has nailed her colours to Starfleet’s mast. I would offer a suggestion though, if I may make so bold. Keep her alive will you? There has been another assassination attempt. I have no use for a dead Chief of Security; I find they do not perform their duties very well.”

“While we are on the subject, it is usual for a First Officer to also be a Department Head. Consider yourself the new Chief Science Officer.”

Serge's brow furrowed, "I am sorry, but isn't Chief Jrez beink Chief of Sciences, da? I am answerink to him?"

Harrison was sorely tempted to copy Maschnost’s accent but he held himself in check. He was enjoying this but it was not Maschnost’s fault that his English was broken. In fact, Harrison reflected, his English is far better than my Russian. His embarrassment was a problem as was his lack of confidence but Harrison hoped to work past that. Mascnost had ability; he had shown that time and again. All he needed was the self-confidence to let that ability shine through.

“I have no doubt Chief Jrez will be more than happy to hand over the reins to you. He has his hands full right now with preparations to receive our Romulan guests. Once they are settled, he will be answering to you.”

Serge's eyes became perfectly round, "He is answerink to ME?!"

“That is, I think, what I said.” This time Harrison allowed a trace of authority to enter his voice. He was willing to allow Maschnost some latitude but knew a firm rein must be kept on him if he was to develop.

Serge answered almost breathless, "Aye sir."

He turned and walked back to the lift in a vague cloud of confusion and apprehension. It was going to be a very hard 24 hours.


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