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Handing over

Posted on Wed Jan 30th, 2013 @ 10:43am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Part of the Team
Location: Science Lab 13

Serge strode up to Jrez and spun him around, "Now look here. Your rank says Chief, but you are NOT an officer any more than I am a quantifiable amalgum of temporal packets in a quasi-ether of probability. Now get you stuff out of my office before I..."

He opened his eyes and looked at the door to the Science lab for the hundredth time that minute. He closed his eyes and tried again.

"Jrez, Mate! How have you been? Looks like you are beink a bit snowed under here? Tell you what, why don't I take some of that administration nightmare of your hands and you can get back to doink..."

Serge opened his eyes. He just couldn't think of...

The door hissed open and Jrez stepped out, almost colliding with the startled Serge who did let out the smallest of screams.

"AhChiefJrezIamwantinktoseeyouabouttheprogressoffthethingthatthecaptainwastalkinktoyouaboutandalsoIamnowbeinkinchargeofsciences!" came a stream of sounds in a near indistinguishable blur and strong Russian accent.

“Serge, I can’t stop,” Jrez said, cutting across the unintelligible flow. “I have to take these duty rosters down to the mess halls for posting. I have some experiments I’m running I need to discuss with you then we can do a hand-over of responsibilities. I’d like to keep this as informal as possible if it’s all the same to you. I will have a full report on your desk by the end of the watch.”

Serge opened and closed his mouth a few times. Then called after the retreating figure, "Da! Good. I am thinking this also."

"Preferable for it to be so informal as to no one knowink," he finished to himself. He thought about stepping into Jrez's... his new office, but decided it could wait. He need to get a report from the Doctor and then... the spectre of the meeting with the Klingon loomed ever closer.


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